Monday Music Madness- Week 11

Week 11: Medley Night

Today it’s Medley night! this are all the songs that have this past  few weeks helped me through the days^^ 

Not all of them were  K-pop songs surprisingly! hehe… Actually I’ve been on a BOSS (Bruce Springsteen) gorging fest because of my dad’s gifting me his concert tickets!! I’m so excited to be going to his concert in April! I’ve loved him for longer than I can remember, I ruined many of my dad’s cassettes & CDs as a kid with how much I listened to them 😛 God I loved Clarence Clemens, The Big Man ruled the Sax… R.I.P.

I’m choosing my top 7 from my week- the number it’s in doesn’t denote quality!:

1) Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band- Born To Run–  man do I love the saxophone break in the song, it’s so awesome! and then of course the whole arrangement is pure raw power, it makes me want to literally jump, scream and just go and do something. This song is basically the equivalent to my morning energy drink!

2) Bruce Springsteen Working on a Dream This song sums up what I feel at times and it becomes my cheerleader. When I feel down and worried and thinking I can’t keep going this song picks me up, gives me hope. The arrangement is so wonderful, you can hear just how much though went into it down to the last little ding. 

3)This is from Trax Blind–  God I love Jungmo’s guitar and Jay’s voice…. even before I found a translation and only knew the meaning to some words I felt so in love with it… really sounds epic… and then I found a treasure! the translation is so awesome, thanks to CeilingofStars for the wonderful translation and notes! I want a love like that one day, pretty please? (oh and Kyu was just wonderful in the MV, he’s pretty…)

My wish is that Trax gets to be promoted more, but it’s not looking likely… how many years have they been together and how long has SM ignored them… only bringing out a new song every now and then? gah… why is SME a talent hog, and then just lets them sit there twiddling their thumbs? That’s why Rose (Noh Min Woo) and Attack (Kang Jung Woo) left. Thankfully we still have X-mas (Jungmo) and Typhoon (Jay) still working together. 

4) Because I love me some Celia Cruz, I always listen to this at least once a week^^  It’s one of my happy drugs 🙂 La Vida es un Carnaval  it’s a song that tells us to remember that when there’s hard times there’s soon to be good times, and that we’re never all alone, we shouldn’t cry instead life is a carnival and we should sing away our tears. I love this song, and especially when it was sung by this beautiful lady. R.I.P. 

I literally get up out of my seat and start dancing with this song… come on I dare you to not twitch in your seat as you listen. 

5) of course there’s Suju in the mix… and it’s Walkin’ that’s been on repeat a lot in my player… It makes me feel like I can get through any troubles just putting a foot down after another and keep on walking forwards.

6) Bruce Springsteen again… I’m sorry I told ya’ll I’m on a Bruce Binging fest… this time it’s Tougher than the Rest- I love the understated but deep love that this song goes for, he’s not the handsome guy or the sweet-talker but he’s tough enough to stick through the hard times.

7)Clazziquai! of course, here’s a song that I love a lot! Tell Yourself let’s look forward without forgetting the good times together being oneself around each other. 

I bet you guys never expected to see all these people to be on the same list… kekeke…


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