Monday Music Madness- Week 12

Week 12

New Discoveries

I love going on a Youtube trip, clicking on side videos that lead you to other videos, that lead you to yet other videos, that are sometimes great, and most time the god-awfullest things you’ll ever see. However on a sort of recent trip I went on I found myself quite a few gems…. And I’d like to share some of them with you!

Music makes the world go round!

The Words- The Koxx– They’re an indie group that I’m so sad I hadn’t heard about before! they’re great and if you say their name how does it sound? try it, say it out loud… kekekeke… I’m definitely still junior high kekeke… it makes me laugh… any ways the song is great I love the instrumental and it’s so awesome that the  only lyrics are this:

Maybe we could express ourselves more fully
If we say it without words

I am looking at you
You are looking at me
We are looking at each other
What else do we need?

Really what else do we need? the music will speak for them!

나만의 드라마– Vanilla Acoustic– This is another k-indie song, but how can I do anything but like them whe this song is called My own drama? kekeke…. this one  has a soft, dreamy quality to the voices which I adore and I love the acoustic soft jazzy feel it has^^.

PpaPpa Pierrot- Elizabeth- they are a female duo that apparently debuted last year and I never noticed them! wow… anyways I came accross their video on youtube through a SJ one… lol… anyways the first impression was that their video was weird… weird as in Gaga weird. after all the video starts with a snake and apples and makes me think of Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis… but I liked the song… also they’re wearing Red Leather which would make them the Spear’s dongsaengs in sporting the  shiny red leather look. 

It’s all about YouG.E.M– she’s an artist from Shanghai- apparently she’s been performing since ’08. This song reminds me of 90s pop music, which I liked a lot so it brings back nice memories. Her voice is really pleasant on the ears^^  

Malhae (Tell Me)Battle– they actually debuted about a year after SJ did and they had a completely different image at their debut than they do in this song… Though I’d listened and liked their first album (mostly two songs:Step by Step, & Crash) I hadn’t listened to their second album which had this song! it’s so cute, and it reminds of SJ ’05 so it’s a nice discovery… but anyway hear this light fluffy song and become happy and relaxed!


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