Padam Padam- Episode 15

Padam Padam: The sound of his and her heartbeats

Episode 15


I was shocked, upset, and pissed off at Show for a lot of this episode, not because it was a lame episode, no al contrario, it was possibly one of the most heart wrenching, gut punching episodes that I’ve seen of this drama yet, and I have an awfully sneaking suspicion that it won’t be just this one but the rest of the ones that follow. 


After crashing through the window Kang Chil runs and makes it to the meeting with Detective Jack-ass Punk Father Jung.

Before they leave the pojangmacha Jerk Jung makes sure that Kang Chil sees the gun he has hidden in his pants… eew. not THAT one. you perverts.
While they talk they are observed by Chang Gul’s drug dealer lackeys.

While this all happening, Mi Ja is being awesome. I love mom, while Jina is outside moping about what her father did to the workshop, Mi Ja is lovingly picking things up and trying to clean up her son’s work area.

Meanwhile the Craven pot bellied dolt-head Jung is being a bigger jerkwad by commenting on how Kang Chil must have hated him all this time, and then proceeded to ignore Kang CHil’s comment that he hadn’t because he too had suffered a horrible loss(his brother). He swears having met Jina by coincidence not by intention.

Kang Chil also tries to tell him about trying to get justice by having the real murderer serve for the murder but Jung isn’t a Villianous lily livered jug head for nothing he doesn’t listen to Kang Chil and instead goes on a little monologue in which he basically demonstrates a pot calling the kettle black.

I know people like you You’ve got nothing except your stuborness. They think that hate is everything. They think the wounds that they carry is everything! Why should Jina have to see someone like you!?

then he proceeds to knock Kang Chil down and ask why Kang Chil can’t give up on anything when he’s had to give up on his brother, wife and even his daughter. the old fart head even tells him that he plans to kill Kang Chil and then kill himself, so if he doesn’t want to die he should leave tongyeong and leave Jina…

The jerk gets snatched by a man hidden behind the pillars and dragged towards the restroom. Kang Chil sees this and runs after him to try and save him, as he opens the door he gets hit by one of the men sent by Chang Gul.
After dispatching the first line of offense Kang Chil manages to grab the guy who’s strangling the caitiff bull headed knave Jung. Kang Chil, Kang Chil you ain’t going to receive any thanks for your trouble! of course you don’t care and that’s what makes you the hero of the story.

And then we get the most exciting, dirtiest fighting ever which ends with Kang Chil getting hit by a friggin’ extinguisher and a stabbed in the gut Jung. and then bam! we’re back in the moment where he flew out through the windshield and onto the pavement and Gook Soo runs up to him again his wings disappearing as he nears Kang Chil.

Kang Chil tells Gook Soo about what happened, but he already knows. They start running together towards the pojangmacha that Kang Chil met Jina’s father at. Gook Soo doesn’t understand why his vision was wrong and instead of shooting Kang Chil,  the detective got stabbed, even stranger is that Kang Chil didn’t die but the miracle was activated.

Suddenly they’re both  transported to the pojangmacha. As they’re standing there, Kang Chil tells Gook Soo that he knows who the attackers were since he recognized one of them as the one who keeps following him- he’s a lackey of Chang Gul’s. Gook Soo advises that Kang Chil not meet Detective Jung and instead run away…. and just as they are about to do that they’re transported back to the crash scene… so running the other way isn’t an option.

Gook Soo tells Kang Chil that he will have to save Detective Jung even if it means stabbing the guy who keeps killing detective Jung. Kang Chil loses it, he can’t even think about stabbing someone after what he’s had to go through for the stabbing that he didn’t commit.

Just as he’s railing against Gook Soo a tinkling of bells is heard and Gook Soo vanishes from Kang Chil’s grasp.

After Gook Soo is taken, Kang Chil is transported to the bathroom and again he starts fighting with the gangster. He evades the extinguisher, but the guy pulls out the knife and they start wrestling for it, Kang Chil gets stabbed but manages to take the knife from the guy and stab him back, as he crashes into the mirror he falls through the windshield of his car and he’s back to the beginning… so stabbing the bad guy isn’t the solution either.

With a tinkle of bells Gook Soo is back and he’s not taking it well, he starts screaming at the powers that be.

What do you want? What the hell do you want us to do?
We saved the dying man! What more? An angel told him to kill a person. What do you want?He even killed someone to save a person. What the hell do you want?

At this point, Kang chil has given up, he believes that this will only end if he just dies, but Gook Soo doesn’t think so, if it were this wouldn’t be a miracle it’d be a punishment.

Gook Soo has cracked a bit under the pressure and he’s telling Kang Chil to let Detective Jung die, repeating this thing is 1000x better than Kang Chil dying… but this time it’s not Gook Soo that leaves first, it’s Kang Chil who slowly vanishes with black smoke curling around his fading image, and then Gook Soo is transported to a wasteland, isolated and cold. This place that Gook Soo is taken too, is a pretty good image of what I’d thought of as purgatory, that place between heaven and hell where souls repent for their misdeeds.

Kang Chil fights with the guy again with Gook Soo’s voice telling him to no try to save detective Jung,… But Kang Chil does try to save the evil bastard and gets up knifed several times and to just top it off, as if bastard Jung wasn’t a bastard enough he shoots Kang Chil while he’s bathed in blood on the brink of death already… Seriously man, he’s just saved your hiney… what more do you want?

Gook Soo is flying around in the wasteland and as he’s flying the shot that Kang Chil received appears on Gook Soo’s chest and his white shirt is filled with blood, he spirals down in a whirlwind of feathers and blood.

Detective Jung looks at what he’s done, showing no real remorse just surprise. and the police appear to see Gook Soo lying down on the floor in front of the public restroom and Detective Jung with the gun in his hand outside the bathroom. Detective Ahn can’t believe that his sunbae actually shot Kang Chil.

Jina receives a call and immediately runs out of her house followed closely by cheater Young Chul.

Detective Jung calls Prosecuter Joo and tells him that Kang Chil was shot.

At the hospital Gook Soo tries to go see Kang Chil even though he’s not that well himself, with an injury in his head. He faints just as Mi Ja and Jungie arrive. Jungie carries his uncle on his back to take him to his room.

Jina runs up to the emergency room door just as a nurse walks out but the nurse doesn’t want to say anything. Mi Ja yells at Jina to get out, what right does she the daughter of the guy who shot her son have to be there. Jina doesn’t react to any of her words and instead starts to scream at the nurse to go and find out what her father has done to Kang Chil. After her screams she breaks down and sobs so hard that Mija and Hyo Sook can’t say anything to her for a moment, they can probably sense that there’s sincerity in her cries.

But when it rains it pours, back in the operating room they’ve taken out the bullet and given it over as evidence, but now it’s the cancer that’s threatening Kang Chil’s life. The cancer has spread into other organs, which is something that surprises the doctor that’s been treating him since the scans they did the other day had showed marked improvement.

The doctor goes to tell Kang Chil’s family his condition; he breaks the news of the cancer to the unsuspecting Hyo Sook and Mi Ja, who freeze up at “cancer” but Jina latches on to the fact that it’s spread. She questions the surgeon and the doctor tells them that now even a liver transplant won’t work, because it’s also spread to his lungs.

Heartbreak everywhere…

Jina goes to see her father, and she’s beyond angry… when he tries to ask about the liver cancer she tells him to shut up, and just answer her question, “did you shoot him?” he says no, the lying bastard, and tells her that whatever he says she won’t believe him. She tells him that it’s the fact that he even took the gun to meet with an unarmed person that she can’t forgive, even if this time he hadn’t shot Kang Chil, he had the intention of doing so.

She asks him if he’s claiming self defense, and if he’s going to fabricate evidence like he did with the murder of her uncle and blame Kang Chil again? After all Kang Chil’s an ex-con it should be easy. She tells him that she can’t trust her dad because he’s completely capable of violence, he has a history of abusing his power as a policeman and she can’t trust him. She tells him that she never wants to see him again.

ARGH! how dare you cry crocodile tears you jerkwad, I won’t ever pity you! I’m glad Jina’s made the decision to ignore you from this point on… she should have done it ages ago though….

Jungie keeps watch by Kang Chil’s bed.. T___T

Mi Ja tries to ask a nurse if she or Jungie can donate a piece of their livers, and if that’s not possible is there a way to pay for a liver?, she’s saved money for her son, and she wants to do everything possible for her son… but the nurse tells her that it’s impossible since there are more things damaged by the cancer than just the liver.

Mi Ja breaks down crying yet again, and it’s really hard to see a woman who’s so tough most of the time fall to the ground and seem so small as she cries for her son.

look at this jerk i want to poke his eyes out and cut his tongue off

Detective Jung is going to be an evil bastard till the end… he says that he didn’t shoot Kang Chil, that there was someone else who did, which is completely incongruent with what we saw…

Prosecutor Joo goes to the crime scene and even he can’t take the sight of all the blood that’s spilled all around. (lol his hair looks like he got into a cat fight)

Jungie is being harassed by Lee Jung who’s telling him to go with him. But Jungie tells him that he doesn’t care what the results say, no matter what anyone says he only has one father and that’s Yang Kang Chil… He’s Yang Kang Chil’s son no matter what…  as he’s shouting this tears start to fall, he walks off crying.

Gook Soo is also not off the hook, health-wise. He has Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which can be caused by a head trauma or by accumulation of debris (usually made of Calcium Carbonate- a.k.a canalithiasis) in the semicircular canals of the inner ear.

This is not a lifethreatening issue, though there is nausea, dizzy spells and hallucinations… though not of the type of things that Gook Soo has been living through… the hallucinations that are caused by BPPV are those linked to Vertigo –  basically that the world is spinning around them. Usually the debris will dissolve and the symptoms will go away though there’s no set time for how long that’ll take it could be weeks, months or years.

Cutely Hyo Sook asks the doctor who’s telling her about Gook Soo’s condition if those with BPPV get wings? because she’s seen these red wing like things on his back… she looks at the doctor’s clueless face and changes her mind on continueing that line of thought.

Gook Soo walks past Jina and Young Chul without even registering their presence. Mi Ja is there washing his feet. She asks Gook Soo if he’s eaten and he tells her that he’s been given the hospital food. He asks Mi Ja to leave and let him stay and change Kang Chil’s clothes.

When Mi Ja goes home she eats while Jungie asks why he can’t donate his liver for his dad, she tells him it’s too late. She’s being more upbeat and strong in front of him and tells Jungie that instead of crying he should believe in his father’s strength, he’s lived through what many other’s would have killed themselves in despair. She tells him that she wouldn’t be human if she doesn’t cure her son, she’ll get him all the herbs and bring him to life!

Gook Soo sits down after turning off the machines and unhooking Kang Chil from his respirator… Gook soo-yah… what are you thinking?

He raises his head and the room is filled with angelic light, his wings appear… he can now have them appear on will, but he’s not happy, because they’re no use- he can’t save Kang Chil.

[…]there’s no such thing as guardian angels. I’m just an angel and you’re just living your life. I guess we’re separate entities. It’s like you said, life flows not like a beatiful river but like crap. I guess that’s life.”

And then he friggin’ procedes to rip my heart to shreds by begging Kang Chil to fight for his life and return because there’s a lot of people that care for him. Gook Soo also gives up his desire to go to heaven as long as he can stay beside Kang Chil… wow that’s a lot of change for Gook Soo who’s been looking forward to leaving to heaven.

I don’t think I can bring you back to life, If I follow that light it’ll probably be over for you and me. But… I’m not going to go. I’m going to stay here with you. I still owe you. I can’t leave without making up my debt to you. It’s not fair… but hyung! I can’t save you. I remember having to let go of my mother without being able to do anything . I think the same rules apply in this world and in heaven. We’re all on our own. So… hyung… you should bring yourself back.! […] Please! think of a reason why you can’t die. You already know the reason why your mom, Jung, Hyo Sook, Jina or I can’t let you go… Find the reason for you to live… please, please!

and finally there’s a reaction… a tear slips form Kang Chil’s eyes, and the  monitor turns back on by itself as Kang Chil grasps Gook Soo’s hands in return. Hyo Sook walks in at that moment and sees the respirator is gone, but that Kang Chil is breathing on his own and she cries for the doctor.

Gook Soo leaves the ICU and tells Jina and Young Chul that Kang Chil is alive and breathing on his own and warns them to leave before Kang Chil’s mother arrives…

The next day Kang Chil’s awake and ready to eat breakfast, the doctor is about to tell him about the cancer but Mi Ja interrupts and tells the doctor to leave because her son needs to eat. I get why she wants to delay the news of his cancer since he’s just recovering from being shot, but I hope she doesn’t keep hiding it from him.

Mi Ja tries to prevent Kang Chil from meeting Jina, but Gook Soo is playing cupid now and he’s already called Jina over. He makes sure that Kang Chil looks presentable.

Before taking him to meet Jina, Gook Soo hands over a new set of wooden wings to replace the one that broke and then he tells Kang Chil to make a deal with detective Jung, since the heinous black bellied puttock is claiming innocence. Gook soo tells him that Kang Chil should agree and go along with him with Jina as the reward… but Kang Chil is not comfortable with that idea.

When Jina and Kang Chil meet it’s of course in a beautiful scenic bridge that has many twists and turns… Kang Chil is so happy he’s even dancing in his wheel chair. He asks for a kiss, but she tells him that she will after they do something.

She takes him to go take a picture… He asks her why… and she tells him that it’s for a passport… He asks if they’re leaving the country… she kisses him and tells him that they have to leave this place.


WTF… that was my reaction, WTF… seriously show, if you’ve created a miracle don’t flippin revoke it! What’s with taking away the cancer (for the most part) and then bringing it back! Especially since it’s become even worse! at least at first he could make it through this ordeal with a liver transplant… you better create another miracle soon, or I’m going go all gangsta’ on you and pull yo’ hair out and knock yo’ teeth from yo’ face show!

Oh god seeing Jungie and Mi Ja react to the news was one of the most heartbreaking things I’ve witnessed. Why? well first of all Mi Ja has seen her son suffer so much, and it’s obvious that her crying is not about her suffering his loss, but at the fact that he’s lost so much of his life in jail and now he’s losing the rest of it to cancer.

And Jungie, he’s shown through out the whole drama that all he’s really wanted was to love and be loved by his father, and just when it’s in his grasp, it’s about to be ripped away from him.

And then OMG the scene where Gook Soo just vents everything and basically begs for Kang Chil to find enough of a reason to come back to them because they can’t lose him… ooomph….. direct hit to my heart… ‘


5 thoughts on “Padam Padam- Episode 15

    • hi Shukmeister, Thanks for the compliment!
      It’s ridiculous how much of a jerk he’s being..Kang Chil saved his ass and he repays it by shooting at him? seriously- I really want him to get his comeuppance.
      The jerk inspired me to serve him a serious smackdown Shakespeare style^^

  1. May says:

    yeah this was one of the most heartbreaking episodes ever, and I found jina’s reaction quite realistic, for an extreme introvert that she is. gook soo managed to melt my heart too! kim bum is beyond gorgeous 🙂

  2. jara says:

    My biggest and mostly only problem with this drama is Jina. She’s the type of person that’s there when all is well, but abandons you at the first hint of trouble. She’s a “saint” on paper with all her love for animals, but she’s a selfish, sanctimonious bitch when it comes to humans. Whenever it counts, she always fails to step up (all the running away from Kang Chil, giving pity parties to herself instead of being a support for Kang Chil etc. always taking the easy way out; the scene with Kang Chil’s mom, Jina and the destroyed woodroom says it all) I honestly have no idea what evil Kang Chil has done to deserve having her as his “fated love”. But I can totally believe that she’s related to her scum of the earth father.

    Gah, I’m probably being mean here, but after having to endure her fickle sh** for 15 episodes and only liking her in one scene (scene above where she FINALLY verbally chews out her dad) I feel really frustrated.

    But thanks for recapping this drama. 🙂 You’re doing an amazing job.

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