Padam Padam- Episode 16 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat

Episode 16

Today we have a lot of cute moments mixed with a lot of heartachey ones and I find myself holding my chest in fear as if it’s going to get meticulously knifed up and my heart lifted and then squeezed and beaten before being placed back in it’s rightful place.


They have some cute times with Kang Chil cutely complaining about not knowing anything of the Japanese language besides some basic words and swear words.

Jina tells him not to worry because she’ll teach him. and then proceeds to tell him in Japanese that she wants to marry him but she’s afraid since he hasn’t propeosed to her, but if he doesn’t she will so it’s all right.

Kang Chil tells her that he definitely will and proceeds to ouline his proposal plan. including the kneeling which he says he’s done for noone, but he will for her. She tears up at his words, and says that she’s looking forward to his proposal.

The mood gets dampened when she remembers that he’s going to have cross examination with er father, Kang Chil tells her not to worry because her father wasn’t the one who shot him. But of course Jina doesn’t believe this and tells him to stop explaining because even if Kang Chil says he understands she can’t. But she chose Kang Chil and that’s probably the biggest revenge they can have on her father.

Kang Chil get’s scolded by Gook Soo for covering for Jina’s dad without making a deal with them. He tells him that if he’s not going to tell the truth then at least he should make a deal that assures that he and Jina can be together since he doesn’t have anything not even health anymore.

Mom gets pissed off to see Evil Jung in Kang Chil’s hospital room and she starts to manhandle him, yay! but she gets taken out of the room by Detective Ahn.

Inside the room Gook Soo is asked to leave, but he doesn’t until Kang Chil’s the one who requests him to leave. He tells Kang Chil that he remember they must try to make a miracle for themselves before leaving the room.

Prosecutor Joo asks Kang Chil if he knew who it was that was after him. Kang Chil tells them that he didn’t know both, only the one that was outside the bathroom, because he was the one who’d framed him for assault four years before. Prosecutor Joo shows him a picture of the man, but the bad news is that the guy has already run to China the same day of the incident.

Prosecutor Joo asks who he thinks is the one who’s behind all this. Without pause Kang Chil names Prosecutor Park Chang Gul, Surprising both men a bit.
Kang Chil’s told that Detective Jung is claiming that the one who shot the gun was the guy who ran to China.

Kang Chil asks for five minutes with Detective Jung before going on with the interview.

Kang Chil tells Jung that he will give the false statement if he will leave Jina and him alone after this. However the jerk continuously denies that he was the one who shot, He fired the gone to save him, not shoot him! yeah right.

Thankfully Kang Chil has brains, and tells him that no matter how stupid he is he’s smart enough to know that even if Jung was roped into the situation by Chang Gul the one who fired was him. Before the argument escalates, he calls for Prosecutor Joo, and then he tells joo that no matter how hard he’s tried to remember he can only remember bits and pieces so he wants to wait a while as everything settles in and he can make sense of his memory.

Jina starts making arrangement with Young Chul’s hyung about medicines for Kang CHil, because she wants to leave in a week. Young Chul tells her that she shouldn’t because Kang Chil wouldn’t be able to last long without attention, so he offers her his house in Kang wando, he’s fixed it up, it’s nice and it’s near the hospital where his brother works so Kang Chil can receive medical attention whenever he feels sick. You know I’ve kind become amazed at how much a person can change, Young Chul started off so childish and petty, and a person who’s afraid of commitment, but he’s now instead chosen to commit to being Jina’s friend no more no less. 

Jina receives a call from Jungie. She’s surprised that he actually called her. It’s a little tense, but it’s cute, Jina tries to figure out how they’ll address each other, saying she’ll call him by his name and perhaps he’ll call her noona, but Jungie balks at that since she’s his father’s girlfriend so that woud be awkward… perhaps ahjumma? She’s squawks a bit at that but let’s it go with an awkward smile.

Gook Soo and Mi Ja have a talk about whether they can tell Kang Chil of the prognosis that the doctor’s given for his lifespan… one or two months… Gook Soo doesn’t know if they should tell him, since he might lose hope and give up, but Mi Ja is indignant at his mistrust on Kang Chil’s strength. She tells him that of course he won’t give up since people have recovered with the same kind of prognosis like a miracle. She says that it’s been a hard life for them and she’s never gotten a penny from anybody so she’ll have her miracle now.

Gook Soo says that he loves her for her strength and that after hearing that from her he can go to heaven now. A white light bathes him and it looks all godly to him but to Mi Ja there’s nothing. She slaps him and tells him that it’s bad enough that Kang Chil is sick she doesn’t want to have to deal with a Gook Soo with hallucinations.

Hyo Sook arrives at that moment to call them to eat together, as she’s talking to Gook Soo she sees the light streaming on him. Gook Soo smiles at her and tells her that she can see the light but Mom can’t. She asks him about his wings and asks if he can show her. He nods and takes her to the roof.

Once on the roof he tells her to stand back a bit because the wings are big. He spreads his arms and out come his wings, causing Hyo Sook to fall back in surprise.

Kang Chil get’s called by Mr. Rich Pants from America about the paternity test. I can’t tell much from Kang Chil’s face though.

Then we cut to the reason for Jungie calling Jina out. He’s there because of the results… She asks if he’s told Kang Chil, and he tells her that he hasn’t told him yet. That he was thinking of who Knag Chil would most likely listen to. Jungie, scrunches up as he tries not to cry… to hold it in, but he’s too cut up about this issue and he’s not completely successful.

He continues speaking and he tells her that even if he isn’t Kang Chil’s son he doesn’t want to be sent to the US, so could she please tell Kang Chil not to send him to America? He says that he wants to live with his grandma and dad, He looks at her questioning, searching her face for an answer.

Jina looks at him and puts her hand over his hand and tells him that his hands are just like Kang Chil’s. She smiles at him comfortingly, and tells him that of course she will.

Jung takes the opportunity to ask her not to leave Kang Chil. ever. She tells him that she won’t leave since she’s waiting for him to propose, and continues in a teasing tone, but isn’t it her loss since once they marry she’ll be a mom to Jungie? Jungie smiles at her and tells her that it isn’t since Kang Chil is the best man he’s ever known, and she’s really lucky to have him.

Kang Chil flips through the papers American Dad has given him and then just throws them away, and says “You’re not taking Jungie to America” The jerk threatens to take him to court, and Kang Chil throws water on his face and tells him to go ahead since he can (that was so satisfying…)

American Dad thanks Kang Chil for taking care of Jungie to this point but now he can give Jung a better future. He can give him the best! Kang Chil ask him if the best is money? because He’s worked, didn’t drink, smoke or buy clothes, and he’s sent Jungie to school like that.

Let me get this clear to you. Go to court. I know a bit about the law. If you a file lawsuit the court will call me and Jung. But we will just runaway and never show up. Until a marshall comes to get us, we will not go. Staying low is very easy for me. What that means is that, by the time Jung stands on the court he will be an adult already. An adult that can live without a parent’s consent. You have money! But I’m still Jung’s father! do it! Do what you want to!

The next day his mom comes in with his food while he’s looking out at a mom and a son in crutches. As he sits down to eat, he tells her that Detective Jung didn’t actually shoot him and that he can’t lie and say he did because it would be wrong. Especially since Detective Jung is Minho’s hyung. She tells him that then he shouldn’t see Jina or she’ll go crazy.

Mi Ja gives him an expensive Ginseng drink, but he doesn’t want to drink it because it costs of lot of money and he wants to save for Jungie’s college fund. Mi Ja shouts on it that he has to drink it to live! But he still hasn’t been told the doctor’s latest comments on his cancer so he’s still unaware of the new danger to his health as he tells her that it’s not a problem since he can’t die before being a good son to her and especially not before sending Jung to college.

Later that day he goes to pick up Jungie from school (boy he must be the best escapist patient) and hides behind the wall as he spies Jungie coming out of school. He completely surprises Jung by jumping out at him (this is totally awesome, because that’s something my dad does to me all the time too! is it in the dad handbook?). After a short scream and lots of laughter Jungie hugs Kang Chil in joy at seeing him, “Appa!” and my insides melt… one day I want a son like Jungie^^’

They go eat at a restaurant with Mi Ja and Gook Soo. At the restaurant Kang Chil can’t help but look at Jungie and even cleans his mouth which leaves a huge smile in Jungie’s face. Gook Soo however seems to be in a funk and doesn’t react much to them and doesn’t eat even when Kang Chil nudges him.

Kang Chil receives a video call from Jina who’s at Kang Wan Do, she’s called to show him the house that Young Chul has fixed up and is lending them (though she doesn’t say that). She goes through the front door and then like a tease she tells him that there’s something that he’ll want to see more, and she goes to the bedroom, where she tells him that his side is left and her is right… and! it’s the spot where she slept naked the night before! lol god what a tease. Kang Chil can’t stop saying “어떡해 ! 설마! ” Basically  “What?! no way!” kekeke… Kang Chil was surprised but when she says that it’s her habit he tells her thank you! lol. And then she continues teasing him, and as she shows him the shower she tells him that she also took a bath there “Just thinking about it makes you happy doesn’t it?” she’s a professional tease, hehehe, but it’s cute too.

She tells him that she has also found a place just five minutes away from them for Jungie, Mi Ja and Gook Soo, because the house is too small for all of them.

Gook Soo goes to see Kang Chil and tells him that he should enjoy his time with Jina and be happy since his family will be happy if he is.

Prosecutor Joo just can’t keep quiet with his thoughts can he? He’s continuously tipping off the bad guy… I mean seriously man, investigate, get the facts and get him prison time, that’ll be more effective than taunting him. Chang Gul smoothly tells him to stop accusing him with mere conjectures.

Chang Gul apparently asks to meet Kang CHil and Kang Chil actually goes! why? why why? you don’t just go to meet your enemy without back-up!

So basically Chang Gul asks that Kang Chil take the guilt for the Yong Hak’s case and go to jail in his stead again. He shows Kang Chil pictures of his family and tells him if he doesn’t they’ll be in danger. Kang Chil starts beating on him and Chang Gul doesn’t fight back because he’s having his drug pushing lackeys tape the encounter and now it looks like Kang Chil’s assaulting him for no reason.

He gives Kang Chil a bank account and phone numbers and receipts that are related to the Yong Hak thing…. and then he tells him, that since He (kang Chil) has only one or two months or so left to live, why not let his family live well for a long time after him. Kang Chil’s shocked at the news about his cancer… and can’t even answer back, just takes the things Chang Gul hands him and watches him walk away…

Kang Chil goes to see his mom and cry and think about what to do, even ignoring calls from Prosecutor Joo.

Right before they have to take Detective Jung to prison, Kang Chil pulls through and comes to make his statement. He asks to talk to Detective Jung again, before he does speak to Prosecutor Joo.

Once he’s facing Detective Jung he starts telling him about what Chang Gul told him, about how he’s planned for Kang CHil to take the fall for the Oh Yong Hak case. and Kang Chil tells him that since he has only one month and no idea how to solve the issue, he will go to jail again, and accept it. But before that happens he wants to ask him, if he really didn’t shoot him. and I’m actually starting to believe Detective Jung as he tells him that it wasn’t him, that the guy got behind him and shot at Kang Chil. However Kang Chil still doesn’t believe and tells him so, but that he’ll say that it was the other guy because of Jina, because he loves Jina.

When Prosecutor Joo comes in to ask for the statement, Kang Chil says that it wasn’t Detective Jung but that that’s all he knows.

After Kang Chil leaves, detective Jung tells prosecutor Joo and Detective Ahn what Kang Chil said about not having seen the man shoot him, and that he believes that Kang Chil truly believes that it’s the truth and that even now he can’t trust himself.

The next day Kang Chil talks to Gook Soo and asks him to take care of his mom, jung and Jina for him. But Gook Soo is beyond upset and drags up out of the car and tells him that they’re his to protect not Gook Soo’s. He asks Kang Chil why he’s being asked to care for them? and Kang Chil tells him that it’s because he’s the guardian angel.

However Gook Soo has been having a crisis, and anger issues of his own because of all the injustices that have been piling on Kang Chil. and he tells Kang Chil that he’s not a guardian angel and just having wings doesn’t make him one, it makes him a bat, and so he’ll break off his own wings.

Gook Soo leaves Kang Chil at the train station and drives off. As he’s driving God’s light illuminates his truck, and he angrily asks him if he’s going to start appearing to him even during the day? but that he won’t go to him because as of today he will go and kill Chang Gul and quit as an angel.


Jina is giving herself a peptalk in front of her mirror, and practicing the face shell make in front of Kang Chil. “Jung Jina don’t be sad, not even for a second. Live every moment happily. Only think about this moment and live happily”. So very different from the Jina that would think too mcuh and fear too much, this Jina is even stronger!

She picks him up at the train station and they drive to the mountains, where tehy spend some happy couple times spraying each other with snow.

Meanwhile Kang Chil is thinking about Gook Soo and what he’d said.

Gook Soo- What I told you… I think I was wrong for saying that it was alright to “die here or prison” I shouldn’t go to a prison even for a second and this is way to beautiful for me to die.


ok well I’d thought that Chang Gul was as low as he could get but then he went and broke my expectations. He’s worse than trash- he’s the trash trash doesn’t want near it. Seriously he’s so effed up, how can he think that it’s better for Kang Chil to just give up his two months because he (chang gul) will have more time to live and can’t have his life ruined, while Kang Chil just has two months so he shouldn’t care how he ends up dying… seriously man, I want to strangle him, throw him in a ditch full of crows so that they can pick out his eyes, and leave the rest of his carcass to the rats.

This whole episode Gook Soo has seemed so inaccessible, like he’s not really there. He’s suddenly looking into the God-Light and then talking like he’s half dreaming. And then his outburst about just killing Chang Gul and leaving his position as an angel to do this and help Kang Chil, it’s so friggin’ awesome… it’s way better than even the idea of an angel falling from heaven for love (City of Angels) because Gook Soo is doing it not to gain anything from it, he won’t gain love that he doesn’t already have, he’s doing it because he wants to do something for the friend who’s closer than a brother.

It’s also interesting to see that what used to give Gook Soo hope, and comfort, his wings, is exactly what’s torturing him now. He feels as if everything he’s believed in is bull and he can’t find a corner to hide in because the light keeps following him wherever he goes.

One thing though, I didn’t like the fact that Kang Chil wasn’t told about his cancer from the people who love him. I think that would have been better than being thrown that information with all the subtlety of a machine gun by the guy who’s ruined his life at every turn.

I also like that we’ve now seen Jungie and Jina interact, and come to a type of agreement and respect for each other. I was worried how that part of the family dynamic would play out, but they’re awesome and I’m glad that Jina’s being supportive of Jungie’s decision. And Jungie, how much more adorable can you be? I love his great love and respect that he has now for his father, because really, it’s just too cute to see him look out for Kang Chil and warn Jina that she better not leave Kang Chil.


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