Extravagant Challenge- Episode 8 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 8


So basically this episode’s major flaw: No Shang- I like seeing Gong Xi and him together they’re such crazies… heh.  But otherwise it was really cute and best of all! one on one time between Gong Xi and He Lian!  


For their skit, Nan Qin slaps Gong Xi accross the face and after a tense moment when it seemed that Gong Xi’s character would slap her, Nan Qin starts crying and the one who asks forgiveness is Gong Xi. The director is surprised and everybody is amazed at the emotion that can be conveyed with one single phrase.

After the skit Nan Qin comes face to face with the girl who’s made her life miserable. When that fluff brained girl talks bad about her Nan Qin doesn’t say anything but when she started talking badly about Gong Xi Nan Qin even lifts her chair as if to hit the girl. Nan Qin realizes with surprise at her sudden urge to defend Gong Xi.

Meanwhile Gong Xi is going crazy talking to her self and imagining scenarios while acting them out by herself, however towards the end she hits on an idea to use the can of coke, unfortunately the fluff-brain material girl has seen her and decided to use it as her own idea.

Nan Qin overhears the fluff brained girl telling her partner about the can idea and telling her that it’s ok to copy since they’re going first. Whoever is the one who goes after will be considered the copycat.

After the weird singing dancing skit they use Gong Xi’s idea- which leaves Gong Xi without any idea on what to do.

However Gong Xi is a master at improvisation and quickly she starts to shake the bottle and can, though the spectators have no idea what she’s doing.

As soon as she finishes shaking her can Gong Xi sprays Nan QIn with it. Nan Qin and the spectators are surprised at the intensity until she smirks and calls it her “revenge.” Nan Qin reacts to it by trying to spray Gong Xi with her bottle but as we all know bottles are different than cans and Nan Qin ends up spraying herself. They both start laughing and effectively demonstrate that they’ve forgiven each other.

While they’re waiting for the results Nan Qin and Gong Xi unwind, though it seems like Gong Xi has more pent up energy than she knows what to do with. She even makes Nan Qin finish her sentences, which totally grosses Nan Qin out with how she’s connecting and becoming very similar to Gong Xi’s quirky character.

Nan Qin is worried about the results but Gong Xi has complete faith that Nan Qin has been chosen. Nan Qin smiles at Gong Xi’s confidence in her and then returns it by telling Gong Xi that she’s pretty certain that Gong Xi will also pass the audition.

Director Shen goes to see the LME Chairman and tell him the good news about Gong Xi and Nan Qin’s success at the auditions. Chairman Li is a tad upset about the possibility of the Love Me section being dissolved since both it’s members have debuted, but Director Shen tells him that it can continue since the girls still aren’t officially debuting as actresses. The president calls his “troops” (this time costumed as animals since chairman Li has a safari theme going on) because they will be going to look in on the girls filming.

The Shi-brows strikes again 😛

He Lian is looking over his scripts when Manager Du appears to tell him the news about Gong Xi. He Lian puts on an unaffected face and pointedly continues reading his script.

Manager Du makes a frowny face and thinks to himself that He Lian has returned to his usual “ogre” self.

But He Lian is actually just acting that way, nad once Manager Du is out of the area he thinks about the information that Gong Xi listened to his suggestion to wear the Love Me uniform., and a self satisfied smile makes it to his face.

Meanwhile Gong Xi and Nan Qin are being informed about the necessity to take care of their health and looks for the duration of the filming of the commercial. The director is such a strange one that he’s treating them like they’re in a military training camp. lol

Gong Xi and Nan Qin go to buy ice cream but Gong Xi only buys one scoop, because she wants to share it with Nan Qin, since it’s the first time she’s ever done anything with a friend. Nan Qin feels herself falling into Gong Xi’s rhythm and now even considers Gong Xi as a friend.

He Lian is on set for a job but he notices that Manager Du is feeling sick. He tells Manager Du to take a break from work to recover but Manager Du refuses and tells him that he’ll be alright since it’s not too bad yet.

He Lian’s Co-star brings over Du’s and He Lian’s lunches, but Mary interrupts. She tells the Co-start that she made lunch for her and gives her the lunch box, but when the actress opens it there are big furry (fake) spiders inside, which freaks the girl out and sends her running.

He Lian apologizes and then mildly scolds Mary asking if she’s jealous. Which Mary frankly tells him she is since he’s always with that actress and he hasn’t been to see her in a long while and she misses him.

He Lian asks her if she’s there to see him alone, cue marching music and Chairman Li riding a human camel.

Chairman Li tells He Lian and Du that they’re actually going to see Gong Xi but that Mary asked him to go see He Lian first. Manager Du is surprised to hear that the Mary who’s obsessed with He Lian can also care about Gong Xi.

Mary convinces He Lian to go see the filiming and they come upon the girls filming as if they’re frolicking in a field of flowers. He Lian remembers their childhood, the moment when he’d had to leave to go to his parents. He remembers that Gong Xi had told him that she’d always remember “Corn” and that he should remember her too.

During the break Chairman Li comes closer to the set surprising the director who at first was upset at so much noise. Mary runs to Gong Xi and they have a small chat where Mary tells her that He Lian was there a little while ago.

He Lian regrets having gone to the set and he and Manager Du leave before Gong Xi realized he was there. Manager Du asks him why he came if he wasn’t going to talk to Gong Xi, but He Lian avoids giving a direct answer. 

Gong Xi goes after him and sees Manager Du and He Lian drive off. She tries to run after the SUV but He Lian pretends to not see her and drives off. He tells her in voice over that he’ll keep working hard so that she won’t beat him.

When Gong Xi arrives back at the set she’s informed by Nan Qin that theyr’e done with the school uniform scene and have to return it. Gong Xi’s upset is evident and she stomps away to give the uniform back.

Mary and Chairman Li overheard the small argument, Mary asks Nan Qin about it and Nan Qin supposes that it’s because Gong Xi probably wishes she could go to school. Chairman Li looks thoughtful at that.

He Lian goes to see Manager Du at his office, and finds Du with a mask on and a piece of tissue stuck in his nose, drinking warm tea. He Lian tells him not to worry because he can do fine without a manager for a couple of days. Manager Du informs him that he’s already contacted the LME offices and was told that they’d send someone over to fulfill his duties.

Just as He lian and Du are wondering about who would be sent, Gong Xi appears and tells them that she was sent by Director Shen to help out. He Lian freezes in his half sitting half standing position and Manager Du almost chokes on his tea.

He Lian walks away from Gong Xi telling her that he doesn’t need a manager but she tells him that since a mission that she has to accept it. He tells her that he doesn’t want to be her lab rat as she learns about what a Manager’s job is.

This gets her determination level up and she continues to follow him even plastering herself to his windshield and going on and on about how she’ll never give up.

He Lian reluctantly agrees and they’re off driving to his next gig. She’s surprised at everything that Manager Du does for He Lian and her excitement makes He Lian smile for a second.

However things don’t go smoothly, he ends up protecting her from fans (holding her close to him and walking with his arms over her shoulders), getting her out of problems with the filming staff, and then comforting her when she made a mistake with reporters. Overall he’s extremely sweet with her and he accepts her as his temporary manager.

However on an errand for water she ends up seeing Shang’s face on a poster and going mad… she ends up getting carried away and it’s witnessed by He Lian.


Siwon’s He Lian has gotten much much better, the stiffness from the first two episodes are gone and in his place is a very awesome version of SB’s Ren. I love the insecurities that He Lian has and that we can feel through his expressions. It’s exciting to watch because I look forward to seeing what new stuff we’ll learn about He Lian in each episode, what facet of his character will appear, it’s really great fun to watch!

Like Raine  mentioned in a tweet convo we had, if Siwon were to film the first couple of episodes again, we’d see a much less stiff He Lian, because he does play off well from Gong Xi and Manager Du.


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