Fondant Garden: Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Fondant Garden

Episode 1 & 2


I had no idea that Park Jungmin had decided to do a drama in Taiwan, so I gave it a try when I saw information about it, and it has made me giggle so much! I’m glad I decided to watch it. However I’m also worried about where it’s going on the whole “business and inheritance” issue but I’m liking the romantic side of this show. It’s fun and it’s a breezy watch!


Jian Man Shu is Mi En

Kingone Wang is Yan Han Xiang

Lia Lee  is Chen Ai Lin

Park Jungmin is Pu Xi Huan


Episode 1

The show starts with a young woman working in a pastry shop called Fondant Garden. This scene seriously made me jealous of the cast who got to be surrounded by such pretty and probably really yummy pastries!

Then we cut to another young woman wheeling in a cart with a birthday cake on top. It’s her mother’s birthday and she’s baked it filled with love and respect; or so she says! but in a cut scene we see how the girl in the pastry shop is describing the cake word for word so that our party girl Chen Ai Lin can repeat to her parents.

Her father who’s a renowned cake “king” applauds her efforts and tells her that he wants her to enter the Asia cake contest that’s being held in Korea soon. She freaks out and hurriedly calls our cute pastry chef Mi En to help her out.

When Ai Lin arrives at Fondant Garden she tries to convince Mi En to go with her and pose as her assistant and (do all the actual work) in the competition in Korea. Mi En is reluctant but when Ai Lin threatens to take away the money she invested in Fondant Garden (which used to be Mi En’s father’s business that started going south at his death) Mi En gives in and accepts to go with her to Korea.  All the Fondant Garden workers cheer when they hear that while Mi En is away in Korea they’ll receive a paid holiday.

In Korea there’s a Chaebol family of Taiwanese descent having breakfast together, but the heir to the company is missing. Pu Xi Huan didn’t go to breakfast because he was upset at the excessive amount of body guards he now has to deal with.

Dad is not happy with Xi Huan and grandma tries to placate both men and smooth the sharp edged relationship they have with each other but to no avail. Chaebol Daddy tells Xi Huan to accompany him to the company building where he will be tutored in business protocol while daddy attends important meetings.

Xi Huan goes to his tutoring session but spends it playing around on his computor instead of listening to the instructor. Then when the instructor blows up and tells him that the lessons will be discontinued since it’s obvious that Xi Huan doesn’t care about learning anything from him. Xi Huan gets up and appears to be about to apologize but instead he wants to tell the instructor that his tie doesn’t match his suit and that it’s very out of fashion. heh.. the cheek on this boy.

 The angry instructor storms into the meeting that Chaebol daddy is in with the GM of the Taiwanese branch of their company Yan Xiang Han, and tells him that the deal for the lessons is off since Xi Huan clearly doesn’t know how to listen and isn’t in the least bit interested in even trying.

Daddy hurriedly adjourns the meeting and hurries to the room where Xi Huan was having his lessons. When daddy finds Xi Huan there he rips him a new one and tells him that since Xi Huan doesn’t want to mature, then he’ll be FORCED to mature by attending a marriage meeting with Hae Company’s daughter who he will marry soon.

Xi Huan is indignant, because dad has already made him go to 1 million other meetings (his father tells him not to exaggerate there were only 19) and none of them worked out, so couldn’t he just leave him alone. Xi Huan even tells his dad that it would be better if daddy focused his attention on his other older, and more capable son Xiang Han! Dad doesn’t acknowledge this and by the awkward face Xiang Han pulls it’s probably because Xiang Han is an illegitimate son.

Ai Lin and Mi En arrive in Korea and check in with the competition organizers (who happen to be Xi Huan’s daddy’s company) and receive the rules and regulations of the competition. Ai Lin is taken by surprise that no assistants are allowed in the competition so Mi En won’t be able to help… unless… Mi En poses as Ai Lin!! Mi En is extremely reluctant to do so but ends up capitulating under Ai Lin’s puppy eyes.

On the other hand the brothers are having a conversation that they’ve probably had a million other times, except that Xi Huan is now feeling the weight of being only 24 and the successor to a company who’ll probably have to marry soon when all he wants is to follow his own choices and enjoy the freedom. Xiang Han looks at him as though he understands but when Xi Huan asks if he does he says he doesn’t and tells Xi Huan that he should learn to control himself more if he wants freedom and less guards.

Ai Lin is such a silly twit who instead of worrying about the upcoming contest decides to shop!! Mi En is left to figure out what to do about the contest. When Mi En tells her that they should look around at Korean pastry shops for inspiration, Ai Lin tells her not to worry since she has complete faith in Mi En’s prowess!

Somehow Mi En ends up going to a bustling korean restaurant alone, which is not a good idea since she knows zilch of korean and is very dependant on Ai Lin’s knowledge of the language. Xiang Han also ends up entering the bustling restaurant, but as he’s about to leave, the restaurant ahjumma, grabs ahold of him and goes to ask Mi En if she minds sharing a table with the gentleman. Mi En doesn’t quite understand what the woman’s saying but she smiles and nods in acceptance.

After she’s ordered her food by copying what Xiang Han says, Mi En receives a call from Ai Lin, who apologizes at leaving her alone to fend for herself. Mi En tells her not to worry because she’ll figure it out and! she’s been seated with a very handsome man, who reminds her of a korean actor… Lee Byung Hun? no… ah! Song Seung Hoon! yeah he looks just as handsome as the actor! Mi En laments that there aren’t any such handsome men in Taiwan like there are in Korea. While Mi En is describing him Han Xiang  pretends to not be hearing it, though he’s probably innerly pleased as punch to be found attractive… lol

Ai Lin mischieviously suggests that Mi En faces the guy and looking square into the handsome man’s face say “Oppa, Saranghae!” oh noes… hehehehehe. Mi En actually does as Ai Lin tells her (she’s so gullible!) and Xiang Han chokes on his drink and spits out some of it all over himself.

It’s an awkward moment after Mi En realizes what it is that Ai Lin had her say so she looks around at everything but at Xiang Han. When the food and side dishes arrive Mi En copies Xiang Han’s way of eating and ends up eating the hot pepper and needing to drink a lot of water, much to Xiang Han’s amusement.

When it’s time to pay, Xiang Han goes ahead of Mi En and pays for both of them.  Mi En follows him to ask that he let her repay him for her part of the meal, but he surprises her and answers in Taiwan, that he treated her since it was nice to meet a fellow Taiwanese abroad.

Mi En’s face falls as she realizes that he heard and understood everything she said about his looks too. She hurries to apologize and tells him that she didn’t do it on purpose to make him pay for her dinner. He tells her not to worry since thanks to her he had a fun dinner instead of a lonely one.

He offers to call a taxi for her but Mi En tells him that she doesn’t need one since the hotel she’s staying at is near so she’ll walk to it. He tells her it’s unsafe for a woman to walk alone, so he walks her to the hotel.

Before Mi En enters the Hotel she asks for his name and he tells her it’s Yan Xiang Han, but when she asks him if he wants her name, he tells her that he doesn’t since he’ll be one of the judges of the Cake competition she told him she’s competing in. She’s surprised, but accepts his reasoning.

The next day Xi Huan wakes up to find that it’s the day that he’ll meet the woman who’s been decided will be his wife. He tries to wiggle out of it, but grandma tells him that as successor it’s his role to accept the corporate marriage, like his father did and like his grandparents did too.

When he goes to the meeting place, it’s a hotel’s café (aren’t all meetings of this type in this kind of setting)  and sees two women’s backs, one is the girl he’s supposed to meet and who’s thicker than the photo he has of her and the other’s Mi En who’s looking through cake catalogues and picking out elements for her design. He goes towards Mi En but is immediately corrected by his bodyguards and directed toward Hae Yoon.

He puts on his cheerful game face and goes to meet Hae Yoon (who’s already eating). He asks her what her type of man is and when she says that she likes mature men who are capable of caring for those around him. He lights up (because he’s precisely the opposite as his dad already told him- he’s immature) and tells Hae Yoon that he has just the guy for her: his brother Han Xiang.

Then to wrap it up he tells her that he has a girlfriend who’s upset at his having to go to a marriage meeting and points towards Mi En. Hae Yoon tells him to go and talk to Mi En and put things right and he does just that. When he gets to Mi En he starts talking to her but Mi En doesn’t understand and tells him so, luckily he understands chinese thanks to his taiwanese grandmother and switches languages and asks her to play along with him and smile.

Mi En does it for a moment before she’s called by Ai Lin who asks that she come with a taxi because she has a lot of bags weighing her down. Mi En leaves Si Huan hanging and goes for a taxi, ever quick to see an escape route, Xi Huan hurries after her and jumps into the taxi just as his bodyguards reach him.

Xi Huan doesn’t get out of the taxi until Mi En does and then tags along on the girls tea break. Ai Lin takes a quick liking to him and starts telling him stuff about them despite Mi En’s warning that they don’t know him and he’s a weirdo that hopped onto her taxi for no reason. But Ai Lin’s argument to trust him is that he’s handsome and therefore not a bad person! hehehe…  Si Huan puffs up at the handsome bit.

Ai Lin shares their names with him and he takes a liking to Mi En’s name and starts repeating several times, saying that it sound cute! just like a puppy’s. Ai Lin starts to laugh and Mi En gets put out because despite the language barrier (Ai Lin and Xi Huan are speaking in Korean) she gets the gist of it and understands that they’re poking fun at her. They both deny it with twin “innocent” smiles and change the topic. Si Huan asks about interesting places to see in Taiwan and Ai Lin starts to run with the topic and tells him of a place that will make him feel complete freedom: Tai Lu Ge.

At that moment Xi Huan’s bodyguards show up and scare Mi En and Ai Lin a bit. He stands up and mutters at them that they’ve surprised the pretty girls so they better not grab him and just let him go with them quietly. Before leaving with his bodyguards he leans towards Mi En and tells her that he’d like to see her smile more because she’s really pretty when she smiles.

When Xi Huan’s out of the way Mi En turns on Ai Ling and tells her that she better not make any more fun of her or she’ll get revenge by telling the senior that Ai Lin has had a crush on since her college days all the embarassing things about her. Ai Lin asks for forgiveness, but refuses to divulge the senior’s name, since if she utters it the Fate Devil may never let her meet him again.

Chaebol Daddy scolds Xi Huan for his bad behaviour and for leaving his future wife hanging. Xi  Huan complains that Hae Yoon tricked them by sending in a picture of when she was 20 kilos lighter. His dad tells him that that’s nothing she could always lose those kilos. Xi Huan changes tactics and tells daddy that she doesn’t even like him because her ideal type is a mature guy and he’s immature! Dad just looks at him and tells him that that’s the reason why he’s getting married off so that he can become mature… man I don’t know about that all I can see is Xi Huan becoming a petty bitter man if he’s forced into something against his will.

Hae Yoon however ruins his idea to convince his dad that she doesn’t like him because the first words are about how satisfied she is with Xi Huan (and I see an image in my mind of a trophy husband hanging on Hae Yoon’s arms…lol)

Once his daddy leaves, Xi Huan (which sort of sound like Si Won… anyways…) calls his brother to present him to Hae Yoon. As soon as his brother appears he “translates” or more like “interprets” for his own convenience, his brother’s and Hae Yoon’s words, and as soon as he can makes his escape good. Xiang Han apologizes for him to Hae Yoon and Hae Yoon just smiles and says that she knows that Xi Huan has a girlfriend but that she’ll wait for him, because she WILL marry him. Xiang Han looks in direction of his younger bro’s hasty retreat and mutters that it’ll be hard for Xi Huan to escape from the marriage.

At his house, Xi Huan gets into a discussion with his grandma about Xiang Han. She calls Xiang Han a bastard who’s only thought is to usurp Xi Huan’s rightful place as the heir of the company. Xi Huan says that if that’s true that Xiang Huan wants to take over, it’s all for the best since Xi Huan was just about to beg him to take over for him.

Xi Huan gets even more upset when grandma tells him that Xi Huan is the only one who can take over since he’s the legitimate son, born in the marriage arranged by his father’s parents. That’s why he must continue their tradition of marrying for the good of the business… Geez grandma, please continue to sell your grandson to the highest bidder!

 Xi Huan is not completely alone since he has a friend who is ready with a plan  to free “Prince Xi Huan.” But first he must lull his father and grandmother into feeling safe and stop suspecting him. So the next morning he surprises them by waking up early and having roses prepared for Hae Yoon, who as it turns out is also one of the contestants in the Cake competition.

At the company Xiang Han meets them and informs daddy and Xi Huan about how smooth things are going with the competition. Chaebol Daddy smiles in relief and tells him that the winner is already decided: Hae Yoon, since that’ll give her family’s company the limelight and will then come back to their own company because she’ll be married to Xi Huan. Xi Huan and Xiang Han aren’t so happy with the blatant fraud that’s going on, but it’s only Xi Huan who vocally protests it, even if he backs down quickly.

Cutely Ai Lin is communicating with the Fondant Garden staff through her cellphone video cam and showing them the competition as it progresses so that they can all cheer on Mi En together. However since she hasn’t eaten as soon as Mi En enters the baking room she goes in search of food.

Just as the door closes Xiang Han enters the elevator that has Ai Lin in it. She looks at him startled and thinks that she must be seeing things, surely she’s not lucky enough to have her college senior Xiang Han be in the same place as her. She peeks over at his name tag and sure enough it says Yan Xiang Han! She immediately decides to confess that she’s liked him for a long time and turns towards him, but just as she opens her mouth to talk, her stomach rumbles. She’s mortified into silence and his floor arrives and he leaves, his amusement at her stomach rumbling and her expression evident on his face.

When she arrives on the restaurant floor of the building she gets out, but collapses in mortification and frustration for losing her chance to confess her one sided love.

Mi En is in the room and before she begins she asks her dad to look over her and grant her luck in her endeavours.

Episode 2

Time is called and all the pastry chefs have to leave there rooms and wait for the results of the judging.

At the tasting and judging of the cakes both Han Xiang and Xi Huan like the fanciful castle cake made by “Ai Lin”. Xi Huan refuses to eat Hae Yoon’s because he feels stressed just looking at it and he’s already decided that the best one is “Ai Lin’s.” Daddy turns to Han Xiang  who says that the flavour and style of “Ai Lin’s” fill the people who eat it with imagination. Dad frowns and then declares that the winner is Hae Yoon’s, his decision is backed by all the other judges.

Xi Huan gets mad at his dad and stalks out of the room. He tries to finish his plan for his get away but is intercepted by his body guards and taken home.

Before the results of the competition are announced, Han Xiang pulls his father over to talk about Hae Yoon’s family business. He’d received important info about them just very recently.

We cut to the announcement of the winners. Ai Lin is cheering Mi En on, and funnily enough almost slips up and calls out “Mi En” instead Ai Lin though she rapidly corrects that.  Second and third place are announced and it’s neither Hae Yoon or Mi En. Then suddenly ‘Ai Lin’ is announced as the winner, and Mi En is taken completely by surprise that she failed to realize that her entry was the one that won. Hae Yoon’s face was wiped clean of it’s previously self assured smile.

Hae Yoon’s father is upset at the fact that his daughter didn’t win and orders his minions to find Ai Lin and bring her to him.

We then cut to a conversation between Han Xiang and his father, who tells him that he’s proud of Han Xiang for finding out about Hae Yoon’s family’s company going under. Han Xiang thanks him and calls him father but quickly apologizes as chaebol daddy’s face clouds over.

Chaebol Daddy tells him that he feels like Xiang Han should resent him, but Xiang Han tells him that he doesn’t and that he’s grateful to be watched over and even given the taiwanese branch to manage. Chaebol daddy looks at him and tells him that at least the way things are Han Xiang can choose his own bride instead of being forced into marriage like Xi Huan will be obligated to do. Han Xiang says that if it were him, he’d be honored to do so for the sake of the company.

Daddy Chaebol pats his arm and frowns, and says that he wishes that Xi Huan had the same kind of thoughts as Han Xiang but that he fears that to Xi Huan he must be the most hated father. Then he dangles a bone: work hard and you might be the one to sit upon my seat. But Han Xiang knows it’s not easy as all that because grandma will refuse to accept that decision.

While Ai Lin is lamenting having let the opportunity to confess to Han Xiang go, Han Xiang calls Mi En, who he thinks is Ai Lin. He tells MI EN that he wants to have a celebration meal with her, Mi En agrees but asks if her friend can go too.

Mi En invites Ai Lin to the celebratory meal, but Ai Lin refuses because she’s going to go out and find her happiness by looking for her college senior.

While Mi En waits for Han Xiang to go eat, she gets intercepted by Hae Yoon’s father’s lackeys. They push her into a car just as Han Xiang is arriving. He runs after her but is not fast enough. Luckily the kidnappers have to stop at a red light and he makes it to the car, opens it, hits the guys and tells Mi En to escape through the other door.

The would-be kidnappers don’t pursue them because one of them realizes that Han Xiang is related to CMR (Xi Huan’s and Han Xiang’s father’s company).

Though they’ve managed to escape, Mi En is extremely shaken and falters as she tries to stand up again. Han Xiang offers his back and gives her a piggy back ride. Because it’s embarassing they both wrap their faces with Han Xiang’s scarf.

They go back to eat Ginseng Chicken soup where they first met. When Han Xiang asks Mi En about her friend, she tells him that she’s gone to find her happiness, he asks her if she’s found her own happiness. She looks at him shyly and tells him that she’s still searching. He asks for her cell phone and inserts his own number there, telling her that she should call him up when they’re both in Taiwan and he’ll help her search for her happiness.

Xi Huan goes through an elaborate ordeal to escape from his house, but it’s ruined when his cell phone starts ringing alerting the guards and his grandmother to his whereabouts. The call is from Hae Yoon who tells him that she’s going to throw herself from a bridge.

Xi Huan groans and runs, tellling his guards to follow him so that he can save a life. They arrive and Hae Yoon is not any where near killing herself, but as soon as Xi Huan gets down from the car she starts to climb the bridges fence. He wrestles her down and then is squashed beneath her for a good amount of time. Xi Huan uses the distraction of his guards who are restraining Hae Yoon to get into a taxi.

Han Xiang meets up with Hae Yoon’s father and warns him that he better not do anything to his friend Ai Lin, or he’ll divulge all the shady dealings to the press.

Xi Huan manages to leave the taxi and get into his friend’s car and thereby eluding his guards. His friend takes him to the airport- he’d packed Xi Huan’s luggage, his ticket and his passport. Xi Huan tells his friend that if he (the friend) were a woman he’d have fallen in love with him a long time ago. The friend laughs and tells him thanks but no thanks

 Xi Huan eludes his bodyguards and is happily getting ready to board the plane to Taiwan (the same one Ai Lin and Mi En are in) but he gets stopped by Han Xiang. Xi Huan begs his brother to just go about his business and pretend that he didn’t see Xi Huan. He even hands over a postcard from Paris,  that he was going to send. Xi Huan tells Han Xiang that in it he informs his dad and grandma that the best candidate for successor is actually Han Xiang. Han Xiang let’s him go.

In Taiwan Ai Lin is greeted by a huge group of people to celebrate her win in the cake competition. Mi En goes her own way after watching with a wistful face…

Xi Huan on the other hand secures a rental car and starts to drive towards the place Ai Lin had previously mentioned as a place to get away and feel free. However things start to go wrong. Apparently he didn’t close the SUV’s trunk door well and as he runs over a piece of log, the door opens up. Soon after the door is open his luggage goes bye bye. Just as he looks back at the open door, he crosses over to the other lane and has to swerve to avoid crashing into another car, then he swerves again to avoid crashing over the mountain ledge. So that leaves him with a ruined car, no clothes, no id and no money. He begins his long trek to civilization.

Mi En arrives at Fondant Garden and just as she opens the door the lights turn on and streamers are launched in the air. The Staff had waited around so that they can celebrate with her. She’s surprised that they already know that she won, and they tell her that it’s because Ai Lin was filming it and streaming with them at the same time.

Mi En tells the staff that she’s going to get started on work, and the Manager warns her that there’s been a pervert sighted in the neighborhood so it might not be a good idea for Mi En to work in the kitchen so late at night. As Mi En is preparing her work station she hears noises outside.

Of course it’s Xi Huan who has after much difficulty managed to arrive at a place with lights on.  Mi En goes around the back and sneaks up on Xi Huan who’s looking in through the windows and asking if anybody is there. Just as he’s standing there Mi En slams him a good one on his head with her frying pan.

After the blow, Xi Huan slowly turns around to face his attacker and when he sees her he grits out “it’s you!” before passing out and falling on top of Mi En.

Mi En calls Ai Lin, and she arrives quickly and confirms that it’s the guy they had tea with in Korea. Her fanciful mind has created a whole story in which Xi Huan has arrived in Taiwan to search for Mi En because he fell deeply in love with her in Korea.

When Xi Huan wakes up he’s completely disoriented and though right before fainting he’d seemed to recognize Mi En, he can no longer remember his own name. They tell him that he’s in Taiwan because he liked Mi En and he approaches Mi En to look at her and says that she’s ugly! why would he follow her around? He tries to walk out the door but he faints yet again.

Ai Lin and Mi En take him to hospital and submit him to an MRI, which discloses that he’s received a big shock to the area of the brain that is considered the part that codes for memory and that’s why he has amnesia.

They take him back to Fondant Garden and everybody tries to pool in their ideas for what to do with him. But they all come up with nothing, since they don’t know his name and he doesn’t have a passport. Ai Lin votes that Mi En keep him since she’s the one who slammed him with a pan and caused his amnesia.

Grudgingly Mi En agrees and she and Fondant Garden’s manager get to work clearing a bit of space in a storage room. Prince Xi Huan isn’t happy with the room because it smells but they tell him that there’s no where else to put him in for the time being.

Mi En looks around and finds the case where she has extra bedding packed in, but it’s very high up. Xi Huan sees her jumping up and down and decides to carry her despite her protests so that she can bring it down. However it’s heavier than expected and Mi En loses her grip on it and it sends her and Xi Huan into the couch, with her snuggly on top of him.

They’re both surprised by their proximity, and Mi En more so than Xi Huan because she remembers that the first time he fainted right on top of her, they’d fallen with their lips pressed together. She asks him if he remembers but he says he doesn’t so she tells him that it’s better forgotten.

The Manager – Mei Ying- starts teasing Mi En about the accidental kiss and starts to go on and on about kisses and how happy Mi En must be to lose her first kiss to a stranger… Mi En looks at her pointedly and she grimaces, actually that’s her own dream… Mi En must be devastated at having it stolen by a stranger.

Back in Korea, XI Huan’s dad and grandma are arguing with each other and blaming each other as the reason for Xi Huan’s decision to run away. They have a shouting match with each other.

The next day in Taiwan, Xi Huan is given some cake that Mi En has made and he’s told that Mi En is the best pastry chef and that she’s even won a contest in Korea! they show him the picture that Ai Lin took of Mi En with his father. He   can’t stop looking at that picture, and it almost seems like it triggers some kind of reaction from him.


At first I was a bit confused with the Korean-Taiwanese back and forth, but they’ve actually done a good job, even the dubbing was done and it doesn’t seem very noticeable.

Park Jung Min is doing really well as the flighty chaebol son who resents the responsibility that’s been forced upon him since early childhood. I like his expressive face, which is a riot to see as he interacts with everybody- especially with his brother and with Mi En.

LOL and as I sat there watching Park Jung Min’s character argue against the marriage an interview on SJ’s Sukira comes to mind where Hyun Joong says that he thought that Jung Min’s wedding would be scary since he would walk into a church where a mirror would be standing and Jung Min would then proceed to marry himself… because he’s that narcissistic… lol

I like Mi En’s character, she’s serious, down to earth, but she’s also clumsy and has an earnest cute side to her. Right now she’s feeling attraction for Han Xiang and annoyance more than anything towards Xi Huan and I want to see how his cohabitation with her will affect and change their relationship! bring on the cute!

I guess that on paper a person that convinces another to take her place in a competition and then claims the glory for herself, is a despicable and hateable character, but I can’t find myself hating Ai Lin. She’s such a cute and endearing twit… hating her would be like hating a harmless bunny at this point… maybe later she’ll turn into a mutant killer bunny.

I also don’t have any experience with Kingone Wang, and can’t say if he’s better here than in some other drama but! he’s doing very well here and I can feel that he’s conflicted between his desire to be the successor, and the fact that he doesn’t dislike his younger brother. So it’s going to be great to see when he finds out that his younger brother is now not only his competition for the position of heir but also for the love of the girl he likes.

I do have one little problem… I think sometimes the musical score is a tad too dramatic at times… but this is just me nitpicking, so ignore that if you choose.


4 thoughts on “Fondant Garden: Episode 1 & 2 Recap

  1. Thanks for the extensive recap! I love that you took the time to include so many awesome screencaps of the show. I just watched both episodes, and right now i like the show, but i really wish that the story couldve been more original. Like the plot is developing dangerously close to kdrama Save the Last Dance and Prince turns into frog. Heirs to a large company, amesia, living with a plucky heroine who owns a family business… I just hope we could get something original later on in this story becauae i really love the whole idea of fondant garden. It could really be sonething if it can manage to deviate from the cliches

    • Yes it does have many similarities to those dramas, but, if it’s told well, and keeps on being entertaining I think it’ll be an enjoyable watch.

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