Extravagant Challenge- Episode 9 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 9


He Lian really shone in this episode, and I was really glad that we could see Gong Xi and him interact for longer than two minutes!


After seeing Gong Xi be carted off by the security guards for losing it and trying to destroy Shang’s poster they enter the car in complete silence.

Unable to bear it anymore Gong Xi apologizes and He Lian asks her if she understands why he’s upset. She tells him that she does… because of what she did people are going to be saying that he ordered her to destroy Shang’s poster and that’ll make He Lian look bad.

He sighs because that’s not why at all, she hasn’t gotten it yet. He’s upset because her job as manager was to put him first and foremost. She doesn’t understand and he tells her that he doesn’t care about what other people think, but what he does care about is being first priority to his manager- but she didn’t instead her revenge against Shang was first to her.

They continue the drive in silence until He Lian notices that Gong Xi’s hungry. She tries to deflect but he gets annoyed and so she outright says that she wants steak.

At the restaurant He Lian just watches her eat until she “threatens” to eat his. Then it’s her turn to watch him eat. She remembers how when he didn’t know she was under the chicken costume he toldher that he can forgive anything if the person is sincere in the apology. So she begins to apologize- dipping her hair in her food. He Lian is surprised and as he catches a glimpse of her face he cracks up since her mouth is full of gravy.

As they’re walking off their heavy meal they pass by a poster of Shang and He Lian tells her that even if she isn’t working at the moment she can’t go and rip off posters. she answers quite seriously that the poster they passed by is taped on the inside so it wouldn’t be easy to rip up. He Lian’s surprised at having thought of that in the second that it took for them to pass the poster by.

He looks at her and tells her that he never thought that she would hate the guy so much. She doesn’t really understand where he’s coming from but he’s actually remembering of a time that Gong Xi would play and make stone hearts and talk about the “Prince” Xiao Shang who she couldn’t wait to marry.

She tells him that she hates being the way she is but that she can’t help but feel anger and act crazy when she sees Shang’s face, because it reminds her of how she wasted her time serving him and he ended up just kicking her to the curb when he made it big. So that’s why she wants to act and make it bigger and get her revenge that way. He Lian looks at her in a mixture of dismay, anger and disappointment and tells her that as an actor he can’t acknowledge her reason for entering the entertainment business.

Once they arrive in the car Gong Xi receives a call from LME’s chairman who tells her that he found a high school in which she can study, she’s so excited that she hits her head with the car’s roof.

The next day she’s studying hard for the entrance exam as they’re styling He Lian’s hair. He Lian looks at her studying and remembers how she hated getting anything lower than 100- because her mother only liked her when she got a 100. The present day Gong Xi stops studying for a minute and remembers the same thing as He Lian, but she’s still not aware that it’s him who told her that getting and 80 isn’t bad at all.

He Lian’s coughing and Gong Xi witnesses it and starts putting two and two together. Except that He on’t accept it. He CANNOT be sick because he has NEVER been sick. He only relents when his temperature ends up being 38.2.

As luck would have it that day He Lian has a scene which requires that he get wet, and then it so happens that the actress can’t say the dialogue correctly and they have to repeat the scene over and over. Gong Xi gets annoyed with the actress but He Lian calmly and kindly helps the actress through the lines and coaches her to say them correctly.

Gong Xi is a little sad that He Lian “hates” her because of her reason for entering the entertainment world, while he’s okay with everybody else.

And then cut to an imaginary scene where Biker Chick Gong Xi rides after a running Shang. until they’re both facing each other in anger… and that’s it…. pointless scene if I do say so myself… except that it had Shang in it…

When He Lian’s scene is over they walk over to the tent but as soon as he’s inside he collapses and Gong Xi tries to catch him but ends up under him on the floor.

She tries to get him to stand up to make it to the couch but his fever is high and he’s unconscious. Then she overhears the actress complaining about her NG’s and Gong XI gets annoyed again and repeats the lines to point out how easy they are and that gets He Lian up, he answers her with his own lines automatically.

When he notices that it’s Gong Xi and he’s on top of her, he asks “Why are you on the floor” and Gong Xi just covers her face in answer.

The filming continues despite his cold. On seeing his determination Gong Xi runs off. When a scene is done he Lian goes to his tent and is about to black out again when Gong Xi appears bearing all sorts of cold remedies.

In the car she places a cold compress sticky strip and then makes him a special mix o radish and syrup to cool his throat. As he’s eating she tells him that she’ll cure him and if he feels faint to faint on her because she’ll support him.

As he looks at her he remembers the old Gong Xi again. He wonders if he’s worried too much about her feelings of revenge, because at her core Gong Xi is still the same. She was kind and her joys and sorrows revolved around the people she liked – crying because of her mom and brightening up because of Shang. He remembers how shed helped him when he’d felt bad

He opens his eyes as she’s changing his ice pack. He smiles at her and says “thank you Xiao Xi” with a gentle voice and face. It shocks her so much that from that moment until the morning she stares off into space and doesn’t study a whit. She wonders why he’s being so gentle with her and tells herself that it’s impossible, as long as she is after revenge she doesn’t deserve his kindness.

The next morning when He Lian wakes up Gong Xi’s making breakfast as she studies. At the breakfast table he asks her if she was the one who placed the ice pack and she answers yes… and the pjs? no! She tells him that she only had to repeat part of the dialogue for his movie and he woke up, opened the apartment door and changed his clothes and then promptly fainted again. He doesn’t remember it… and she’s a little sad since he probably wouldn’t remember how gently he called her “Xiao Xi” (Little Xi?)

They go on set again and Gong Xi can’t study because she becomes engrossed in watching him act.

Later during a break He’s feeling sick again and he can’t seem to memorize the lines… Gong Xi contributes to his practice but he gets caught up in her acting and can’t believe that she’s improved so much just because of revenge.

He tells her that she’s improved and Gong Xi lights up going on and on about the exciting classes she’s taken… he’s surprised at her enthusiasm and asks her why she’s so excited if she did it for revenge and she quickly tells him that it’s not that! she’s learning for herself now even if the initial motivation had been revenge on Shang.She tells him that she’s doing it because everytime she acts she feels like she’s finally becoming a Gong Xi that lives for herself and not for others.

He smiles and tells her that he understands and then suddenly she’s imagining him giving her a 1000 points and a standing ovation in a palace setting.

That evening he finds her falling asleep and tells her to go to sleep in the spare bedroom. She refuses at first, but he grabs her book and tells her that it’s better to rest before the test or she’ll be so tired that she’ll fall asleep during the test.

He reminds her that she better not sleep in because they have a busy schedule. She screams at him that she won’t!!!!

The next morning they find themselves stuck in traffic and after shouting at the driveer a bit, Gong Xi gets off and finds a bike to borrow.

He Lian’s a bit skeptical at riding on the bike… He seems very uncomfortable, but he gets on since she insists. and then they are moving faster than all the cars… and he thnks to himself that if he makes it in time he’ll give her 100 points.

At school Gong Xi takes the exam and aces it because she felt so relaced.
Also at school she meets a girl who says she’s envious of Gong Xi because she can enjoy the high school life while she has to go to commercial shoots and ads and other things… Then she tells Gong Xi that it must be nice that LME made it so she can enter the school… Gong Xi gets upset at that and tries to set it straight and tells her that it’s thanks to her own talents that she got in.

As Gong Xi’s riding her commercial comes up on a huge TV on a building… people on the street talk about Nan Qin and how pretty she is but how ordinary “the short-haired” girl is- someone they wouldn’t recognize in the streets.Before Gong Xi can get really angry she receives a call from He Lian, who tells her to take off that ugly look in her face because she’s an actress now and has to take care of her image.

She looks around for him and can’t see him until he tells her to look up and finds him and Manager Du staring straight at her – she answers shyly.


They all have tea together and GOng Xi thanks He Lian for his words of wisdom that told her to relax and not worry about getting 100. He tells her that he has to thank her then for helping him keep his reputation for being on time. She deflects the thanks saying she did it because she as his temporary manager didn’t want his reputation to suffer. Manager Du smiles to himself that everything that Gong Xi did to take care of He Lian isn’t really required of substitute managers unles…. there’s feelings involved… :smirk smirk:

She smiles and says that she has to thank He Lian because of the 100 that he gave her… He Lian smiles at her his “sweet” smile and asks her if he really gave her 100. She’s incredibly shocked the next moment because the -10 hadn’t been there before- but when he turns the page over the -10 is there…

She sulks and as she looks at him she gets upset because his fake smile is back on and he apparently is enjoying toying with her.

She asks him what the -10 is for and he asks her why it’s important? hadn’t she said that she would stop striving solely for 100 and instead just do her best? She stares at him dumfounded. As he leaves her there He Lian’s face breaks into an amused smile and Manager Du also. He smiles and thinks to himself that He Lian is falling more and more.

At LME Director Shen receives a call and immediately hurries to catch Gong Xi before she leaves. He tells her to come into his office so that they can talk about the MV she’s been asked to participate in. Gong Xi excitedly jumps around.

In his office Gong Xi’s face is dark and Director Shen is fearfully looking around afraid that Gong Xi’s evil spirits start haunting him. He whimpers a bit as he tells her that he’d thought it a good opportunity since she was a fan of Shang’s (I always find it strange that he still thinks that given Gong Xi’s violent reaction to Shang’s name)

In the company locker room Gong Xi talks with Nan QIn the offer to be in Shang’s MV. But Nan Qin has rejected it in favour of being in a drama. Nan Qin seems to be down though because the role had been someone else’s until the director saw their advert and felt that Nan Qin fit the image of the role better… but that’s not the complete reason why… Nan Qin feels bad because the original owner of the role was from a small agency while she is from LME so while she would be protected in this kind of situation the others have to suck it up.

Gong Xi tells her that she shouldn’t feel bad since it’s because of her skill that she got the lucky break. Shouting she declares that she’ll take the chance to do the MV- she’ll use it to launch herself into popularity- using Shang as a stepping stone.

Meanwhile Shang is fascinated by the commercial with Gong Xi in it and can’t stop viewing it and rewinding it and then pausing it on Gong Xi’s face. He’s not certain it’s Gong XI though, so he’s interested in seeing her the day of the MV filming.


I really liked all the He Lian – gong Xi interactions… When He Lian is teasing and messing with Gong Xi’s mind, his face really lights up… I like it 😛

He Lian really thinks a lot about little Gong Xi and it’s remarkable how he can remember her so well after all these years… If I were Gong Xi I’d remember him and then never let him go! forget revenge; hot, understanding and dedicated acter He Lian is way better than jerk Shang!


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