Random Vid Fridays: Pachelbel’s Canon on Gayageum & Hip-hop

 Pachelbel’s Canon on Gayageum & Hip-hop

My favourite music when I am studying comes from the baroque and romantic musical periods. So as I was looking for Johann Pachelbel’s Canon ( A canon for the most part consists of  three voices playing the same melody in sequential form;  Pachelbel’s has an underlying bass voice playing an independent part as a harmony-  it’s incredibly awesome).

Anyways as I was searching for this piece I came across a version played with the Gayageum combined with Hip-Hop – and this becomes a whole ‘nother kind of incredible. I loved it.  

It’s amazing how talented people are and how they can find different ways to express a song while still expressing it’s beauty. I’m in love,  I tell you!

P.S. this might become a new weekly post ^^


5 thoughts on “Random Vid Fridays: Pachelbel’s Canon on Gayageum & Hip-hop

  1. I have to sadly admit that the cellist in me wanted to boycott this post. (Don’t Kill me!!!! I’m your fan!) But here is the reason why:

    The story of my life:

    I’ve played Pachelbel 2-4 times a month for nearly 15 years. I don’t even pay attention to it now. Somehow I just magically stop playing my 8 notes every time. It’s a glorified round with a bass line meant to kill the cellist of boredom.

    That said, I don’t only have a cellist in me, but a musician too and I couldn’t resist the gayageum aspect. The one hit wonder (Pachelbel) is quite pretty and there’s a reason for it’s popularity. I’ve required a few hip hop versions, which is awesome. But putting it on the gayageum is even more awesome. I think they should’ve used it more! The percussive sound of the instrument really adds to the beat.

    • He’s hilarious^^
      Well I can’t really comment on the whole aspect of how boring it is to be the cellist playing the piece since unfortunately I can’t play the cello… I can only play the piano >_< And I haven't really looked at the score, but if I think about it, it's really just the same notes over and over, but I guess that's what makes it the best study music for me, because I don't' have to think too much about it, it's just really pretty to listen to.

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