Extravagant Challenge- Episode 10 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 10

A lot of Shang-anigans today… fun times. Now he won’t be able to get her off his mind, there’s no way she’ll be “just the friend who’s more like a maid” Gong Xi to him.


Shang is still not completely sure that it’s Gong Xi, because the hair style changed… which is funny because it just goes to show how much of a self absorbed fool he is because friends aren’t thrown off by just that kind of change. But I guess her face never registered in “Prince” Shang’s mind ever.

Manager Du asks He Lian if he told Gong Xi that he’ll be filming out of the country in the next few days. He Lian tells him that there’s no need for him to tell her that since they’re not close.

Manager Du isn’t easy to shake off when he’s got an idea, and he keeps telling He Lian that his face and attitude completely changes when he’s around Gong Xi. Though he’s denied that he’s not acting differently than normal when he’s around Gong Xi, He Lian is thinking of her. He believes that Gong Xi shouldn’t meet Shang soon, because with time the hurt that she received from Shang will be erased only with time and space between the both of them.

However, he’s unaware that at that moment Gong Xi is in Shang’s agency waiting to meet up with him and the MV production team. The face off between Shang and Gong Xi is tense.

Gong Xi adopts an even more hyper airheaded version of herself complete with a Hong Kong accent so that she can throw off Shang and stop him from recognizing her. She presents herself under her aritistic name “GiGi”. And it seems to since Shang looks at her and thinks to himself that even though Gong Xi can be hyper she’s not such a “complete retard.” Gong Xi meanwhile is worried about being able to keep up the charade.’

Gong Xi’s first challenge comes in the form of the girl she met at school, who’s about to reveal her real name when she sees her. However Gong Xi react really fast and hyperly and introduces herself as Gigi, and then coerces her into shutting up by overpowering her with her evil aura.

Shang just looks on and scoffs that it’s definitely not Gong Xi because this “GiGi” appears to be a fan of idols like Mei Sen (the girl)- The Gong Xi he knew was never interested in other idols other than him.

They then go into an office were a presentation is given about the storyboard for the MV. Gong Xi immediately volunteers herself for the role that “kills the devil” since she’s always had the dream to be a devil killer… hehehe. Everybody’s taken aback by her enthusiasm for the role of the antagonist, a role that may end up giving her a lot of anti-fans due to her killing Shang’s devil character.

Mei Sen reveals what she knows of Gong Xi, who’s an LME newbie artist. This grabs Shang’s attention because that means she’s He Lian’s underling. And then he’s even more interested when he hears that Mei Sen knows GiGi’s real name. Mei Sen is reluctant in giving it to him, but he promises a kiss if she gives it to him.
However Mei Sen can’t reveal it because Gong Xi walks in at that moment and gives her the stare of death.

They have their lunch provided by Shang’s company except Shang. Mei Sen had made him lunch. Shang tries it but his face immediately changes as he taste the egg which is sweet. He’s about to spit it out but Gong Xi send him a pack of salt to prevent him from spitting it out. He takes the packet but the damage is done, he’s realized the truth.


As he’s changing he recalls that the only one who really knows his picky food habits is Gong Xi, since not even his mother gets it right. He grabs a special makeup with a swan figure on top- he also recalls that Gong Xi had a special name for that brand.

When he goes to see her fully dressed in his costume, Gong Xi stares at him entranced, though she chalks it up to his extravagant costume. He gets in her face and reminds her that since they were children she’s been into angels and demons. Gong Xi acts like she doesn’t understand and calls him “Bu Po Zai” but Shang gets in her face and asserts that she should call him “Shang.” this goes on for a while, and Gong Xi keeps backing away as he corners her.

Mei Sen sees him hovering over Gong XI and pulls Shang away jealous over his attention to Gong Xi.

He uses his secret card: the make up with the swan. Gong Xi grabs it immediately and calls it the swan princess Odette. Shang smiles self-satisfied and tells her “Got You.”

Meanwhile He Lian is also being cornered metaphorically by Manager Du. Manager Du is convinced that He Lian deducted 10 points from Gong Xi because he was disappointed that she only cared for him because of duty.

Shang is pacing outside waiting for Gong Xi to come out with her costume.

When she comes out he can’t stop staring at the pretty Gong Xi. Gong Xi actually kicks him and tells him that the pain he just felt is nothing compared to the pain she felt when he abandoned her. She tells him to watch and see how she’ll defeat him with her acting.

The producer watches on from up high and suddenly visualizes black wings sprouting from the back of the angel Gong Xi.

Shang gets asked by the director if he and Gigi knew each other before and he tells her that they were childhood sweethearts. His manager is surprised that it’s the same girl as the one she first met. Shang nods and says that though she looks like an angel she turns into a demon when she looks at him.

Mei Sen can’t continue acting with Gong Xi because she can’t act like she’s friends with her when she hates her. Shang takes her aside and tells her that Gong xi is just a rival to him. Mei Sen doesn’t believe it because she saw his expression when Gong Xi first came out dressed as an angel, she says that he seemed taken with Gong Xi.

Gong Xi and Mei Sen start acting and the director sits down next Shang. She tells him to watch Gigi since she’s able to to lead Mei Sen through her acting, she warns Shang so that he won’t get trapped into GiGi’s pace.

Shang approaches Gong Xi during a small break and tells her he’s surprised that she can actually act. Gong Xi turns around and tells him that it’s thanks to his abandonment that she even thought of acting.

Mei Sen starts to question Gong Xi about her past relationship with Shang and Gong Xi becomes gloomy. Gong Xi’s spirits come out but she turns to look at Mei Sen and tells her not to worry since her past with Shang isn’t as sweet as Mei Sen is imagining. She assures Mei Sen that Shang would never consider Gong Xi as a woman since the type he likes are girls like Mei Sen. Mei Sen still feels that Gong Xi and Shang have an atmosphere that doesn’t allow anybody else in.

Shang’s manager is curious about why he didn’t call Gong Xi his maid like he had in the past. He tells her he doesn’t know, he just couldn’t say it out. His manager laughs and says maybe it’s his guilty conscience, but he smirks. He doesn’t have a guilty conscience since he still feels that Gong Xi belongs to him to treat as he pleases.

Right before they start the scene the atmosphere between Gong Xi and Shang is black, with dark sinister music as the background. However once they start Gong Xi’s actually strangling him with killer intent and instead of an angel who’s becoming a demon she’s a full fledged demon… so they have to take some time apart for her to try to find the feel for the role.

As Gong Xi is pacing around trying to figure out what’s wrong with her portrayal of the character, the director comes up to explain what she’s looking for, and Gong Xi finally understands what it is that she’s been doing wrong but still doesn’t know how to go about to fix it. The Director encourages her to find the “feel” because she’s certain Gong Xi an do it.

Shang comes in for some free ragging on the already down Gong Xi. Then just before he leaves he grabs her closer and tells her to bring out some real acting.

As she’s trying to figure out how to act out her role she calls He Lian but leaves a weird disconnected message. As soon as she hangs up on He Lian’s, her phone rings and this time it’s Nan Qin who called because of a worrying message she received from Gong Xi.

Gong Xi explains her role and asks how Nan Qin would feel if Gong Xi had to get rid of a boyfriend who would cause Nan Qin’s death. Nan Qin tells Gong Xi that if she were to die because of somebody she loves then she wouldn’t regret it… and we don’t hear the rest of the convo.

Shang and Gong Xi start filming again and this time it goes really well. Gong Xi starts crying because Nan Qin tells her that if Gong Xi killed the person she loved, she would hate Gong Xi till death. So as she’s strangling Shang and throwing him out of the tower tears are dropping from her eyes.

Shang is stiff because of Gong Xi’s tears. He remembers being just as stiff as a child when Gong Xi used to cry because of her mom. As he falls he doesn’t close his eyes and instead he just stares at her.. making it seem like the angel he’d been in love with was Gong Xi’s character and not Mei Sen’s. As Gong Xi’s staring at the fallen Shang her angel becomes a demon.

He Lian listens to Gong Xi’s message during a break and becomes intrigued with the cut off message. He tries to call her back but she doesn’t answer. Manager is surprised that He Lian would actually listen to a message, much less try to return the call during working hours.

Gong Xi meanwhile can’t get out of character and keeps crying. Shang is listening in and thinks that it’s because of her mom’s abandonment. But when he hears that it’s not because of that he’s a bit relieved though he’s surprised that he reacted to Gong Xi’s tears the same as when they were children.

The director has Shang repeat the falling scene since he’s supposed to close his eyes as he falls. Because he fell with his eyes staring at Gong Xi, the whole plot of the MV got screwed over since he’s supposed to be in love with Mei Sen’s character.

The director praises Gong Xi on her acting and tells her that Gong Xi really is a good actress since she immersed herself entirely into the role. This praise has Gong Xi dancing for joy since now that she thinks about it when she acted out the scene she’d no longer put her revenge at the forefront instead she just concentrated on acting.

It seems like only Gong Xi’s tears are the ones that make Shang freeze because when Mei Sen starts crying as she thinks about Shang and Gong Xi together, he naturally comforts her. He gives her a friendly hug and a kiss on the forehead, and tells her that there’s nothing for her to worry about.

Gong Xi walks past at that moment and witnesses Shang’s gentleness. Shang immediately stiffens and tries to extract himself from Mei Sen’s side.


I’m glad we had this episode between Shang and Gong Xi, but I’m still kind of worried where the drama is going to end, how will they make a satisfactory ending?


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