Padam Padam: Episode 17 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of his and her Heartbeats

Episode 17


PEOPLE! STOP BEING NOBLE IDIOTS!!!! I’m talking to you Gook Soo and Kang Chul… Although thankfully Gook Soo’s NIS(noble idiot syndrome) is pretty much over by the end of the episode, still he really worried me there for a sec; on the other hand Kang Chil has apparently succumbed to NIS completely.


Jina is cooking for Kang Chil and she tells him that he better let her cook for him because she’s gone through all the trouble of going to store for him. She tells him that he should go and rest.

As he’s looking around in the room and trying to tighten a loose knob on oher dresser, he sees that she’s gotten meds for him and has a little list of things that she should do for him, including scheduling pain meds and taking him to the hospital in a month. He’s touched by her meticulous care and tears spill a little but as soon as she calls for him he wipes his eyes and goes to eat with her.

After dinner they go shopping and he sees her looking through the window store into a bridal store and gazing at the girl trying on the dress. He tells her that the dress is only so-so because the girl isn’t as pretty as Jina and she agrees saying that the tux is so-so because Kang Chil would look better in it. They excitedly decide to go try the suit and dresses.

The shop ladies are snobs, and one of them decides that she’ll go get rid of the “weird couple.” She asks them if they have a date for the wedding because if they don’t they really don’t have the time to spend on couples that are just trying on clothes. Jina looks at her and tells her that they have a date, and it’s the following Saturday, Kang Chil agrees and follows Jina’s initiative. The Lady’s not too happy.

They try on the clothes, and man is it good to look at JWS in a tux, he cuts a fine figure. Well he’s called out to look at Jina in a dress and he’s obviously smitten with how beautiful Jina looks in the dress, but he says that it’s not that great and so they lady gets another dress out for her and another tux for him and on and on they go, trying on different ones, but never quite finding the perfect one.

The lady gets frustrated and ends up screaming “Not selling! Get out! Get out!” and kicking them out. They both have a good laugh at the less than stellar sales lady.

At home Kang Chil is feeling a lot of pain and hides in the restroom, and he keeps thinking about the words that Chang Gul the evil robot said.

Gook Soo follows Chang Gul and tries to kill him, but he can’t. He tried to stab him but he simply went through Chang Gul. As soon as he noticed that he couldn’t hurt Chang Gul, he stood in front of the car, yelling at Chang Gul, telling him that if Chang Gul was to kill Kang Chil. Chang Gul might as well him too. But nothing happens, because apparently he’s invisible to Chang Gul at the moment, and even Chang Gul’s car is able to pass through him.

Gook Soo is left behind, running after the car, but Chang Gul can’t see him. Gook Soo’s wings appear but if anything they seem to be stopping him, and the god light appears, this time with a red tinge, and angry lightning.

Meanwhile Jungie is doing a little fibbing to Mi Ja. He tells her that the results for the paternity test showed that he was 100% Yang Kang Chil’s son. Mi Ja sighs in relief and scolds him for not even knowing who is real father is.

Mi Ja presses Jungie a little about the other guy who’d been claiming to be Jungie’s father, asking if he’s gone back to America yet. Jungie tells her that not yet but that he will. She looks at him and then decides not to press the issue, since she doesn’t want to know more about that guy.

Hyo sook comes in at that moment, and Mi Ja goes to the kitchen with her to make food. They get to talking and Mi Ja tells her that she knows that Kang Chil is with Jina, and though she did’nt agree, she didn’t want to argue with him either. Hyo Sook asks about Gook Soo, and Mi Ja tells her that he went off to Seoul for work, and that she hopes that he doesn’t come back because she has a lot on her hands now with Kang Chil being sick, she can’t be cooking for Gook Soo too.

Hyo Sook nags Mi Ja a bit about that and asks her when has Gook Soo ever asked for her to cook for him, Mi Ja should just let him stay, because he can be helpful if anything happens to Kang Chil. And that’s when we see that it’s Mi Ja’s old grumbly prickly heart that’s intent on pushing him away, since she feels that he’s a young man and shouldn’t be forced to help them out.

Mi Ja tells Hyo Sook that if she’s so intent on having Gook Soo stay around she should have him live with her. Hyo Sook looks away and says that Gook Soo can’t live with her, and Mi Ja misunderstands that it’s because he doesn’t like the fact that Hyo Sook has a child, but Hyo Sook just says that it’s because “he’s not human”.

After Kang Chil and Jina take a bath, he’s set up candles and wineglasses. She doesn’t let him drink wine and instead makes him drink water. He starts making fun at how fast she’s drinking her wine and she ends up spitting out some of it as she sort of laughs.

Kang Chil cleans her mouth, and then they’re kissing each other, softly and tenderly. And then they’re in bed kissing even more tenderly, and he begins to undress her. And so they share themselves with each other.

Hyo Sook hurries to see Gook Soo at Kang Chil’s workshop, and as she reaches him she asks him what’s wrong that he called her the night before crying. She sees a part of his wings that’s sticking up through his skin, and Gook Soo says that it’s like a mutant chicken without wings. Story of his life.

He tells Hyo Sook that since he’d turned into a chicken he’d decided to be a dog and kill the guy he hated the most, and then he share’s his experience of being invisible and immaterial in front of Chang Gul.

 Hyo Sook looks at him in shock as he rants about his being unable to do any good, and do any bad either. She looks at him and asks what’s wrong and he’s like why? “do I look like the son of the devil?”

He takes out a piece of bread, and starts crying as he’s eating it. He feels awful because Kang Chil is dying and here he is unable to do good and eating.

Young Chil and Detective Jung are getting ready to eat when a plate falls and this seems to jolt Jung. He calls his ex-partner Detective Ahn, and tells him that he’s remembered, Kang Chil wasn’t lying after all, he really did shoot.

Kang Chil and Jina have a walk through the mountain forest, and Jina tries to disuade him, but Kang Chil tells her that he has to reach the top now, today, because for him there is no future, no tomorrow and no next month… all he has is now.

They reach the top, and enjoy the view, with Kang Chil back hugging her and holding her close.

As they’re standing there, A shot rings out accross the mountain, and Kang Chil stiffens. he starts reliving what happened in the restroom, and he sees how the guy had gotten behind Detective Jung and pulled the trigger and Detective Jung had shot a second time at the guy as he ran away- that’s what Kang Chil had seen.

Meanwhile Jina had walked away and gone in search of the people who were shooting. She comes accross a couple who are practicing riflery and she freaks out on them… though it’s true, why are they shooting in a hiking area?(can some of those stray bullets be magicked at Chang Gul, pretty please Mr. Time and Space  Master?)  Kang Chil ends up comforting her and calming her as she cries.

Such a group of dunces thank God they exist only in dramaland

Team Joo – Jung- Ahn, have finally realized that Chang Gul may stop at nothing if he realizes that they’re on Kang Chil’s side, so they have to proceed carefully and continue investigating. Jung realizes that the deal that Chang Gul offered Kang Chil may actually involve Jina.

After the hike Jina gets a call to go attend a surgery for a baby bear cub that got trapped in a bear-claw. She tries to wheedle Kang Chil to go with her, aegyo on full force, but he declines, claiming that he’d only get in her way.

After she leaves, he goes back to the house they were sharing together and packs his stuff. Crying he leaves her a message and sends Detective Jung a text message that he remembers everything that happened and that it’s best if they end their bad relationship now. He’ll leave Jina and never see her again. [ JWS really makes my heart ache seeing his character Kang Chil cry and scream and just feel despair even as he’s trying so hard to smile for those who love him]

When he arrives home, his mom immediately wakes up despite his light footsteps. He tries to lay down quietly nexxt to his mom but he ends up crying and his mom hugging him close.

Jina stayed in the same position the whole night from the moment she read the letter he’d written her.

Kang Chil goes to see Young Chul with Tenggie as an excuse. Young Chul passes on a message from Detective Jung asking Kang Chil to go see him, but Kang Chil doesn’t want to. Instead Kang Chil reminds Young Chul of the conversation they had once, in which Kang Chil told Young Chul to take care of Jina if Kang Chil died of the cancer, dusting off Young Chul’s shoulder, Kang Chil tells him “it’s your turn.” (What’s with the turns? Jina is not luggage to be shuttled between her suitors!)

Young Chul calls Gook Soo to tell him about Kang Chil. Gook Soo finds Kang Chil putting his things in order and he asks him if Kang Chil is really going to give up.
Kang Chil has learned a lesson from the three miracles and it’s not will, truth, or hope but that they must disappear from the world as dust. That they must shut up and go away. He goes back to his philosophy of life being a river of shit.

However Gook Soo is now more than ever determined to make things go right for Kang Chil. He’s decided that if the heavens won’t give them the miracle, he’ll make it.

Meanwhile Detective Jung keeps calling Kang Chil and Kang Chil keeps hanging up. Detective Ahn comes running up to Jung and tells him that he’s found the “kid” who created the fake bank account for Kang Chil.

Kang Chil is meeting with Jungie’s blood related father, telling him that he has to wait six days to see Jungie. The guy’s impatient since he has to leave in two days for a seminar, but Kang Chil tells him that he has to decide what is more important the seminar or Jungie. Finally the guy agrees to wait the six days and Kang Chil leaves, barely holding up from the pain he’s in.

He puts in a call to Chang Gul, telling him that he’ll turn himself the following week on wednesday, but first Chang Gul has to send the money to Lim Jung Hee’s bank account. Chang Gul is not happy with the delay to his plans… but Kang Chil tells him that it’s that or nothing.

Jina sees him just as he’s falling down in front of the restaurant.

I'm so slick, uh huh, yeah!

Prosecutor Joo knocks on Chang Gul’s door and tells him that he was going to go see Chang Gul’s father, because he’d said he’d resign, and it’s time he did. Then he tells Chang Gul that actually, more urgent than his father’s resignation is that Chang Gul turn himself in.

Gook Soo goes to see Yong Hak at the hospital and finds him with his life support back on. The nurse is feeding him at the moment and tells him that he’d gotten worse and so it had to go back on. Gook Soo asks if he can feed Yong Hak and the nurse happily delegates her duty to a NON-RELATED person… seriously bad idea…

Gook Soo looks at Yong Hak and tells him that he doesn’t know if what he’s about to do is good or bad, but it’s the only thing he can do. Gook Soo unplugs everything and starts talking to Yong Hak. He urges him to return to the side of the living because neither he nor Gook Soo have the right to die without paying back and helping Kang Chil.

Yong Hak’s dad walks in and Gook Soo tells him that Yong Hak is dead and he better call the cops because he killed him while trying to make a miracle.  Yong Hak’s dad throws himself at his son and Gook Soo starts walking away.

Gook Soo is walking out to the waiting area, and remarking that Kang Chil actually got something right, miracles didn’t exist. However just then he hears a frantic “Gook Soo!! Gook Soo! Yong Hak’s Alive!” and angel boy goes running back disbelief written all over his face.

Jina asks him that if what he’d written on the paper, asking her that they go their seperate ways was what he truly wanted. He tells her that he does. and that before he has to say things like: he had fun, it was all an act… etc.

She looks at him and asks him how long he had to prepare and get ready to tell her all this. He tells her that before he went to Kang Wan Do to see her. She asks him even before they slept together. He tells her yes.

She tells him that she was so excited that he’d go see her that she had decorated the house, prepared the food, wine, everything so she could be with him happily. He wavers a bit, but tells her that they’d better break up. She takes a deep breath and tells him that they’ll talk the next day because today he must really be heartbroken to be acting like this.

Before she leaves he tells her Jung Jina thank you, really! She turns back and slaps him and screams at him that she’d told him that they would talk more the next day!


Prosecutor Joo has all the discretion of an entire army troop camping out in plain sight of the enemy, showing off all their new gadgets and allowing the enemy to plan for each of them.

Yeah, hey Kang Chil! why did you go and have sex with Jina if you were set to break up with her? You’re being unnecessarily cruel! well since I know you’re just a misguided well-meaning but desperate care bear I can’t be too angry with you, but I seriously think we need to have words!


2 thoughts on “Padam Padam: Episode 17 Recap

  1. May says:

    I seriously LOVE your sarcasm 😀 it’s delicious
    btw padam is by far one of the best works ever produced in south korea!

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