Random Post Friday: The importance of -hyung..

So we’ve all heard how important it is to keep age-order when guys relate to each other… but sometimes things happen that make for funny stories..

possibly my favourite “disrespectful” maknae occurance, kekeke


5 thoughts on “Random Post Friday: The importance of -hyung..

    • hehe, i know I busted a gut laughing while watching that show two years ago, but this part was the best part of it. Kyuhyun is such an evil maknae… I think you just have to type “evil maknae” on google and you’ll see his name at the top of the search, heh.

      • hehe. I’ll look for “evil maknae” My kpop knowledge is so limited, since I started knowing about kpop with Playful Kiss and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I learn about groups or singers according to the dramas they appear into. Tho, I watch Oh My lady, and You’re Beautiful and didn’t realize those were k-pop singers.
        Moreover, I saw a video of FT Island and and I just said to myself “The singer looks like the guy in You’re Beautiful. Could it be that I’m still not able to differentiate Asians?”
        Me and my crazy brain

      • heh… don’t worry, a lot of people who are into k-drama’s learn/ become aware of K-pop the same way 🙂 actually You’re beautiful is how I found out about Yonghwa…

  1. I remember near the end of the first season of 2D1N, they had an episode where they brought their best friends to participate, and there was a lot of discussion as to who were the hyungs and who were the dongsaengs.

    In retrospect and as an american, it was amusing to see so much empasis put on the correct titling, especially since they were all going to end up hungry and cold, no matter what.

    It is an interesting part of some of the southeast asian cultures, the language and honorifics based on one’s status and age, although it makes for some confusing drama watching…

    Thanks, Min!

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