Padam Padam Episode 18 Recap

Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats

Episode 18


NIS continues to run rampant in this episode in the shape of a formerly optimistic live for the moment Kang Chil.

Sorry for the late, late recaps my lovelies, it’s been a busy busy month and I barely got any drama time in, I’m behind in everything 😦


We  start the episode right when Yong Hak wakes up and Gook Soo runs back to see Yong Hak’s dad excitedly looking at the fluttering eyelids of his son.

While Gook Soo is marveling at the fact that Yong Hak finally woke up, Kang Chil is living in the City of Blues… just seeing him try to not cry as he’s shoveling his mother’s food into his mouth is making my eyes water. His mom also puts on a strong front while he tells her that she’s amazing because when she puts her mind and strength to something it always happens therefore she’ll definitely cure him because that’s what she wants. ‘

Evil Loser Chang Gul stares pensively into space and remembering Prosecutor Joo’s threat. Of course the threat just corners him and he sends a text to Kang Chil that he must go and turn himself in soon. Kang Chil receives the text as he’s looking at the form of his sleeping son.

The next morning Gook Soo goes to see Kang Chil and try to talk him into seeing Yong Hak, but Kang Chil continues to refuse. Gook Soo asks him since when has Kang Chil ever lived for money, and Kang Chil retorts that he might as well do that before he dies. Gook Soo doesn’t buy that reason and asks him what it is that Chang Gul is threatening Kang Chil with? his mom? Gook Soo? his son? or Jina? Gook Soo tells him to ignore it because none of them want Kang Chil to suffer for them, he’s not doing anybody any favours by sacrificing himself for them. After all, all they want is for Kang Chil to be happy. Kang Chil smiles at Gook Soo bitterly and leaves without saying another word.

Prosecutor Joo and Chang Gul’s abeoji have a facedown and the judge tells Joo to find more evidence because they don’t have anything on Chang Gul besides gut feeling yet.

Cheater Chul berates Jina for treating her dad badly (seriously though, despite the recent change of heart, her dad did mistreat her mom and Jina for a long time so it’s not true that her dad didn’t do anything…) He tells her that as he sees it Jina’s father reacted like any father would. Jina studiously ignores the yapping Young Chul is doing. However when her father arrives she makes it clear that she would forever choose Kang Chil above all else, and then she leaves the room to cry by herself.

Hyo Sook goes to see Kang Chil and even though he tries to make light of the situation, she cuts through his crap and tells him that he doesn’t need to hide it from her as he does for the rest of them. He lets his facade drop a bit and tells her that it hurts a lot, and she grasps his hand and tells him that that’s what he should do: talk about his pain so that other people can help him halve the weight.

She also asks him if he knows that Gook Soo is an angel, which he does admit. She starts rambling a bit and wistfully says that maybe since Gook Soo got wings when she kissed him, perhaps she should kiss him now, even if it meant that he’d leave her and go meet his mother. Kang Chil sees right through her, and tells her not to kiss Gook Soo so that he could stay with her.

Team Joo- Jung- Ah goes to see the wakened Yong Hak, but he refuses to speak to them, he tells them that he’ll speak to Kang Chil.

Kang Chil goes to take Jungie out of school and starts goofing around and teasing his friends during their lunchtime. He wants Jungie to skip out of school with him to go share a bath.

Just as Kang Chil and Jungie reached the public bath, Jina calls him and asks him to meet with her. He talks so rudely to her that Jungie scolds him for being so mean and so unlike himself. Because the father he knows is someone who cherishes his loved ones and is earnest.

After the bath Jina calls Jungie and Kang Chil scolds her for calling and tells her to go sleep. She refuses and tells him that she’ll meet him at the clinic. Jungie urges Kang Chil to go meet with her and calls Jina as soon as his dad walks towards the clinic.

The meeting doesn’t go well at all since he’s unwilling to go away with her. He tells her that he wants her to get mad at him and to forget him.

As he leaves he crosses paths with Jina’s dad who asks him to go meet with Yong Hak. But Kang Chil ignores him.

The next day it’s Young Chul’s turn to ask Kang Chil to not give up on his relationship with Jina, but Kang Chil pats his arm and tells him not to get involved and instead take care of Jina.

Soon after Gook Soo is walking to Mi Ja’s house when he sees Jungie’s bio-dad walking the same way. He asks him if he recognizes him. Next thing you know the family lunch at Mi Ja’s is ruined by the knowledge that Kang Chil had made an arrangement to send Jungie to the US.

Mi Ja is surprised and when Kang Chil bluntly tells her that Jungie isn’t really her grandchild, and that her life is such a misfortune that she’ll lose both her son and her grandson. She rallies and says that it’s better that way since she won’t have to  cook, but she rapidly excuses herself and goes to cry in the kitchen. Kang Chil starts singing to drown out her cries and yells at her to stop crying. But the thing is, he’s also crying… Gook Soo goes to the kitchen to comfort Mi Ja.

Kang Chil goes to pick up Jungie after class, calling forward his most happy face and excitedly exclaiming Jungie! But Jungie is having none of that and asks him if Kang Chil really saw him as such a bother that he had to send him away. Kang Chil’s face falls and he tells him angrily that everybody is blaming him, he’s constantly having to apologize, but as it happens he’ll be leaving/dying.

Chang Gul and dad have a heart to heart where his dad tells him he’s resigning. Chang Gul asks him if he really doesn’t believe him and dad tells him that he believes but that has nothing to do with innocence. He believes that everything Chang Gul did was for him, just like he himself did everything for his own father. Chang Gul sheds an alligator tear.

Team Joo Jung Ahn have been hard at work and have round up the drug dealer who has a close connection to Chang Gul.

Gook Soo visits Hyo Sook but she’s asleep and even though he calls out to her softly she continues to sleep. He stands at her bedroom door and looks at her and her daughter with a complicated emotion. The next day he tells her that he’ll probably have to leave for Seoul even though his dad had warned him not to return before he was succesful.

Jina goes to Kang Chil’s house and ambushes him in the early morning. She tells him that he’s become very different from the Kang Chil she fell in love with. That Kang Chil, even though he said he had nothing in her her eyes had a lot, his will to live and work. Now he’s lost all that and he’s become truly poor, just waiting to die.

 He tells her that of course he’s not the Kang Chil she loved because now he’s just a patient. A patient who wants medicine more than her, who wakes up at night to take painkillers. He tells her she can’t imagine how hard it’ll get. Jina tells him that he’s wrong because she fell in love with him fully aware of his condition that she’s imagined it time and time again, that she’s talked to the doctor about it, learned about his medication about how his illness to progress, and even so she wants to be there with him. to watch over him as he takes his medicine, to stay together. He tells her that that won’t happen because once the pain is unbearable he’ll leave, disappear.

Jina leaves broken hearted again and Kang Chil keels over  in pain once she’s out of sight.


Well Kang Chil has gone off the deep end, taking the (N)oble (I)diot (S)yndrome to new heights.


1) Jina has already told him that she’s aware of the pain that they’ll both go through, that she’s visualized it again and again and yet she still wants to stay by his side. and yet he’s too stubborn to accept her love and care.

2) Even the Cheater and Beater pair have tried to talk him out of leaving Jina

3) Gook Soo has told him that even if Chang Gul is somehow threatening them they don’t want him to sacrifice his happiness for them

4) His son has not only asked him repeatedly not to send him away, but he’s also told him to be happy with Jina


6 thoughts on “Padam Padam Episode 18 Recap

  1. Czmych says:

    Thanks for the recap. Even if this drama is finished already, it´s not completely gone from my mind, I really liked it a lot.

  2. jara says:

    LOL “alligator tear”, “cheater and beater pair” -you were on a roll during this post,huh? :’D I couldn’t stop laughing.

    I officially love Hyo Sook. She’s awesome.

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