Extravagant Challenge- Episode 11 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 11


An ending is a new beginning, Gong Xi finished her MV with Shang succesfully and is immediately requested for a drama. 


Gong Xi wonders at Shang’s ability to comfort crying girls, since he’d never been able to comfort her.

He asks her if she’s talking about those days in their childhood where she would cry after her mom treated her unfairly. He tells her that it wasn’t because he didn’t want to, he’d wanted to comfort her but he’d felt that coming from him, who’s parents doted on him would seem like bragging and make her feel worse. And then she stopped crying so he thought it wasn’t needed anymore. Gong Xi tells him that she knows how he felt and that was why he never saw her cry again, instead she would go off alone to cry.

Gong Xi walks off reminiscing about those days that she’d gone off to cry and had ended up meeting “Corn.”

Shang stares at her walk away, but can’t stop himself from going after her and pulling her aside again to ask if those days he saw her disappear were the days she cried away from him. She pouts and tells him not to ruin her beautiful memories.

Shang not knowing about “Corn” asks how beautiful a memory of crying can be. She doesn’t explain, but tells him that she did it so that he wouldn’t worry, and he interrupts her asking why she decided what he should worry about or not. He’s about to say more but Gong Xi’s cell starts ringing. It’s He Lian returning her call. Shang can’t stand being interrupted and having Gong Xi’s attention away from him so he grabs her cell phone, surriptitiously looks at the caller ID and tells him that Gong Xi was only going to share the news that she would appear in his MV. And then he hangs up on He Lian. He Lian and Gong Xi are NOT happy.

Gong Xi yells at Shang telling him that it must have been hard for He Lian to find time to call and he ruined it. Shang asks, “didn’t you hate He Lian?” and she tells him that the one she hates is him as she stalk off, leaving Shang shocked.

We cut to gratuitously half naked He Lian as he broods about the phone call. 😛

Gong Xi is working on paperwork at the office when Mari comes to see her. Mari reprimands her for sighing, since Gong Xi’s happiness will escape with each sigh. G0ong Xi shows her with animal pencils how every happy thing in her life lined up and left her.

They are looking through files when Mari comes accross Nan Qin’s files and suggests they throw a party for Nan Qin’s debut in a drama. This leads to Gong Xi wondering what Nan Qin likes. And off they go to find out.

However before their little detective adventure begin they run into He Lian and Gong Xi tries to apologize for Shang’s behaviour, without mentioning that it was Shang. But He Lian asks her how her revenge went telling her that he recognized Shang’s voice. She laughs awkwardly and assures him that she didn’t do it for revenge. He Lian lets slip a small smile and walks away.

Later he takes out his frustration on the director and the scriptwriter of a new movie, and tells them rather rudely (as Manager Du pointed out) that they better change it for him to agree.

Gong Xi and Mari follow Nan Qin around. They see her go out with a guy who might be her boyfriend, then enter the car of an older gentleman who Gong Xi reckons must be her dad, but Mari thought was evidence of Compensated dating. which shocks GOng Xi making her wonder how the small child was raised.

Later that evening she sees Nan Qin yet again in the restaurant she works at with yet another older man. They’re both shocked but they pretend to not know each other.

In the morning Gong Xi asks Nan Qin about the older man at the restaurant only since she doesn’t want Nan Qin to know that she was followed the whole day. Nan Qin tells her coldly that it’s none of her business.

However her cold attitude towards Gong Xi is eating away at Nan Qin and after work she goes to see her and then takes her to her house. Gong Xi is super excited at finally being invited to a friends house. As they are about to go to sleep Gong Xi asks that they share secrets. Nan Qin tells her about her job “roleplaying” which is what Gong Xi saw her doing the whole day, it’s a way for Nan Qin to make money and to practice her acting since she thouroughly investigates the role she’s playing for each person. Gong Xi’s beyond happy that Nan Qin shared her secret with her but she can’t let herself reciprocate, and offers no secret in return.

He Lian gets scolded by the President for having never truly fallen in love. He tells him that he covers his lack of romantic understanding with his skill but he predicts that there will come a time when He Lian won’t be able to cover his lack of romantic love and everything will come crashing down around him.

Gong Xi gets offered the role of a rich young lady but she’s afraid of accepting because she’ll be acting alongside of He Lian who she feels is angry with her. She grabs ahold of Nan Qin for advice via evil spirits.

In He Lian’s car, Manager Du tells him that his moodiness the past few days is probably rooted in his feelings for Gong Xi. He Lian denies having any such feelings after all Gong Xi is just a young girl. Manager Du warns him that while he treats Gong Xi as just a little girl she’ll grow up and be someone else’s girlfriend. He Lian’s face tightens.

Gong Xi ends up spilling her guts to Nan Qin. Nan Qin is taken aback with the information about Gong Xi’s and Shang’s previous relationship. She understands why it could drive Gong Xi to revenge but she advises that it be only the result of Gong Xi’s hard work in acting, and not the drive. As she’s thinking on the situation, she feels that He Lian’s anger towards the situation is more in line with Jealousy, this supposition causes Gong Xi to spit in her face.

At LME GOng XI starts thinking of He Lian and how she should apologize to him. As she’s thinking of him, the doors of the elevator open and he appears before her. Gong Xi screams and shuts the elevator door before realizing that he probably had needed the elevator. She berates herself for being so dumb. ahw hurries up the stairs to catch He Lian before he leaves.

Gong XI goes to the office and sees Manager Du talking with the director of Dark Moon… the project Gong Xi is also working on. She overhears them talking about the LME President’s misgivings of having He Lian star in it. Because it’s rude to eavesdrop she invites herself into the meeting citing her participation in the project as reason enough for her to sit in on the meeting.

He Lian meets up with President Luo again to rehash the same conversation over He Lian’s shallowness in his love scenes.

Gong Xi starts freaking out and screaming and flailing around when she realizes that her character is a dark sinister kind of person. She only calms down when He Lian appears and confirms his participation in the drama.

this is the first time that I think Gong Xi was obnoxious, perhaps because I’ve seen kids throw the very same tantrum several times, but I seriously wanted to smack her.

From that we fast forward a bit and it’s press time. Gong Xi meets the actress who played her part 20 years ago and is dissed by her. Manager Du tells her not to worry because the lady is a diva like that (my words but same meaning).

The Dark Moon director is worrying about being in front of the camera and Gong Xi tries to comfort him, but it doesn’t seems to work, his nervousness is almost palpable.

Before the conference begins Gong Xi gets reprimanded by He Lian and she starts to think harder about her interpretation of Wei Xu.


I’ll leave it till the last episode^^


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