Padam Padam Episode 19 Recap

 Padam Padam The Sound of his and Her Heartbeats

Episode 19


So we’re in the second to last episode of Padam and it’s a cry fest, but it’s not all bad, we get to see Kang Chil take back his freedom and his happiness.


 After Jina leaves Kang Chil, Mi Ja goes to him and starts cry-yell “if you want to die let’s go drown ourselves in the ocean…you sent everyone away are you going to send the mother who waited for you 16 years for you?” There is so much emotion running rampant that it makes my eyes tear up.

Back in the police quarters we find out that Chang Gul managed to weasel out his drug dealer killer for hire from a jail sentence despite the fact that he was found at the scene of his drug dealing. Team Worst Detectives Ever (aka Joo-Jung-Ahn) are discouraged, their only hope is that Kang Chil goes to see Yong Hak.

Gook Soo and Hyo Suk have a chat in which he tells her again that he’s leaving for Seoul because he has nothing to hold him in town anymore. She timidly asks him if she couldn’t be what stops him from leaving. she even offers to kiss him a lot so he could fly as long as he stays for at least a year before leaving to his mom. He smiles at her and tells her that even though his heart beats a little faster when he’s near her, he’s not human so he can’t love a human. Then he adds that her kisses don’t let him fly since he kissed her while she slept and nothing happened. He stands up to leave and thanks her for liking him, and that she should get better taste in men.
Mi Ja takes Jungie “secret cell phone” shopping so that she can call him whenever she wants while he’s in America. He storms out because he doesn’t want to accept that he’s leaving.

Mi Ja also takes him out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and remarks on how she’d never understood why people paid so much for food, but she understands now that it’s because the ambiance is really good. 

Jungie entreats her not to let Kang Chil send him away, but she tells him that Kang Chil only wants the best for him and he’s trying to hold himself together and not let Jungie see him get really sick. Jungie starts crying and grandma wonders why it’s not snowing when her heart hurts so much. She tells Jungie that Kang Chil can’t bear to see him head off to America so he should sleep at Hyo Suk’s house and head to the airport from there.

Meanwhile Kang Chil is preparing Jungie’s suitcase while Gook Soo broods by himself in the corner. Kang Chil looks at the small amount that Jungie has to take with him and he’s sorry that he came and is leaving with nothing much.

The next morning Jungie keeps sending Kang Chil messages asking him to take care, but Kang Chil refuses to answer.

As Kang Chil is walking out of his house he sees Young Chul huffing and puffing his way up the hill with heavy boxes. Young Chul asks for Kang Chil’s help and when safely inside the vet clinic he offers Kang Chil a cup of tea. He cheerily tells Kang Chil that he’s decided to stay in the town instead of going to Seoul since Jina is leaving and he’s discovered his sense of duty to the animals. Kang Chil grumps that he doesn’t want to know what he does, but Young Chul insists on sharing and tries to convince him to stay with Jina. Kang Chil says he won’t and stands to leave. Young chul says that only a thug would leave now, and Kang Chil smiles bitterly and tells him that it’s what he is. Young Chul determinedly points out that Kang Chil isn’t a thug he’s his friend and he wishes his friend wisdom and happiness.

Before heading to the airport Jungie has one last conversation with Jina. He tells her that he trieed to get in touch with his father but Kang Chil has studiously ignored his messages asking him to reconsider sending him to the US. Jungie breaks down crying that he must be a bad son because he wants Kang Chil to be the one to tell him not to go, because if he really didn’t want to go he could decide to stay even when everyone tells him to go.

Jina holds his hand and tells him that Kang Chil has been lucky in having such a great son like him. She tells him not to think of his leaving as choosing one dad over another, it’s just that he’s already been a great son to Kang Chil and now he’ll be a great son to his other one. He doesn’t have to choose between them since he’s lucky to have two fathers.

Gook Soo is also packing to leave, or more like shoving his clothes into his duffel (that’s my packing style too…heh) Mija scolds him and starts to neatly fold and pack for him. She tells him to take care of himself and eat well, and he nods, he also tells her that he’s considered her a “real” mom to him and he asks if she can continue to be in the future. She smiles and agrees.

Gook Soo runs into Kang Chil moping, sitting on a wall and he joins him. He tells Kang Chil that it’s his fault that he’s not an angel but a mutant. He also tells him that he had wanted to create a miracle even if there wasn’t none for Kang Chil. He beseeches Kang Chil to do what makes him happy, because none of them want him to sacrifice himself for them.

Gook Soo joins Jungie in Hyo Sook’s car and they ride together to the airport.

Kang Chil goes to see his mom one last time before he goes and turns himself in. He starts scolding her about skimming on the ice for the fish, but she starts to scold him instead. She yells at him asking why he never listens to her not even once. Kang Chil drives off.

On his way he passes Jina who’s picking up trash with other volunteers off the side of the road. He starts crying as he recalls the many happy faces of Jina, Gook Soo, Jungie, his mom, Hyo Sook, and himself. As he recalls the happy times, he recalls Gook Soo’s entreaty to be happy and Jina’s pleading him to return to her.

Quickly he makes a U-turn and slows down to talk to Jina.He asks her if she really does want to live with him in Kang Wan Do. Jina cries and smiles as she nods and he tells her okay, they’ll do that, wait for his call.

As he drives off he calls Prosecutor Joo to tell him that he’ll go see Yong Hak. Once he’s with Yong Hak, he tells him that just this once more he wants to believe in humanity. Yong Hak tells him that there really is evidence and the clue is in the pictures of the cell phone he gave Kang Chil. Kang Chil flips through them again, still not understanding, until he recognizes one. Yong Hak tells him that he hid the knife in the grate under the bridge where Minho was killed.

In a flashback we see young Minho stab Kang Chil several times and while Kang Chil manages to get up and try to hit him with a coke bottle, Chang Gul stabs Minho from the back. Minho stumbles and falls ontop of Kang Chil. Chang Gul gets scared and shoves the knife into Kang Chil’s hands and runs. Yong Hak who saw it all grabs a smaller knife and wraps it in his clothes and stabs Minho again, and then shoves that knife into Kang Chil’s hands and romoves the one that Chang Gul had left behind. And then he too runs away from the scene of the crime, asking Kang Chil to forgive him as he too betrays him.  Kang Chil stood up and the knife he had clattered into a grate where he couldn’t reach it no matter how much he tried.

Through this flashback we see that none of Minho’s stab wounds were caused by Kang Chil in fact Kang Chil was almost killed by the “victim” himself.

Chang Gul is impatient and tells Kang Chil to go turn himself in now, but Kang Chil tells him that he won’t turn himself in anymore and that the evidence is where they had the fight with Minho. Despite scoffing at the idea of there being evidence Chang Gul makes a run to the place to see if he could find the evidence before the police.

Kang Chil tells Detective Jung that he’s already told Chang Gul and that he should be headed for the bridge. He also tells him that he’ll be going to Jina now. Detective Jung tells him that it’s unnecessary to tell him these things since it’s their decision to see or not see each other.

Chang Gul gets caught red handed trying to get the knife back and the investigative trio finally catch their murderer.

Kang Chil and Jina reunite. Kang Chil says that they’ll be together for as long as he has, and that he’ll live for the moment, but if the moment comes when he stops breathing, she shouldn’t reanimate him, just let him go because he’ll be with Minho, his brother and her mom, so such a place isn’t something to be scared of.


I’m glad that Kang Chil’s NIS was cured by the end of this episode but honestly I wanted it to end that a long time before now. But four episodes of NIS in a twenty episode drama can be forgiven. At least I can, especially when it gave us Jung Woo Sung’s masterful crying scenes… ah JWS I’m in love.


3 thoughts on “Padam Padam Episode 19 Recap

  1. bruisedlee says:

    I’m still quite confused about the Minho incident, and which evidence is which. Why would Yong Hak stab Minho again and keep the knife Chang Gul used…I know he said something about protecting his father? But as far as I know it was Chang Gul who caused the fatal stab wound, and not Yong Hak. But why would they still look for the knife that Yong Hak used?….Ah, questions, questions…

    • Yong Hak switched the knives, so he took the one Chang Gul used to stab Minho and gave Kang Chul the one he used. This way the police won’t search for the other knife and instead take it as a given that both stabs were caused by Kang Chul, however by keeping the other knife with Chang Gul’s prints on it Yong Hak can blackmail him.

      • bruisedlee says:

        Ah. It all makes sense now. Funny how quick-witted Yong Hak was amidst the situation, looking far ahead into the future about blackmailing Chang Gul and maybe getting some money for him and his dad.

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