Bromance: Ho Dong – Seung Gi

In light of the news of possible Seung Gi variety world comeback, and Girlfriday’s hope for more Hodong-SeungGi  bromance, I will dedicate a short post of HD-SG bromantic moments! or just plain funny moments

1) In this first one SHINee’s Minho divulges during a Strong Heart episode that Ho Dong once said that maybe in two years when Minho is more mature he’ll take over Seung Gi’s spot next to him. Ho Dong has to then basically grovel and flatter Seung Gi into forgiving him. lol

2) This next one is during Seung Gi’s filming of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and he and Ho Dong reenact the Hoi Hoi song (the Piggy version)

3) Seunggi Really REALLY wanted the Jajangmyun so he punishes his hyung

4) Ho Dong is never going to win against Seung Gi and the 1n2d brothers proved… heh, even while Jiwon agreed with Ho Dong he voted in favour of Seung Gi! kekeke.

5) Seung Gi takes a ride on the Ho Dong roller coaster… lol

6) because how can you not do the Titanic pose while on a boat?

7) Seunggi making lame jokes and Ho Dong teasing him about saying them to Shin Mina



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