Can Love Become Money- Episode 1 Recap

Can Love Become Money

Episode 1


Let’s Meet our Cast:

 Yeon Jeong Hoon is Ma In Tak

  • So far, we know that he’s an illegitimate child who was orphaned at a young age.
  • His relatives are gold diggers who want him to marry so that they can inherit half of the value of a premium piece of land his grandmother bought before her death.
  • He is a neurotic mess who doesn’t believe in anybody, doesn’t trust something he hasn’t confirmed for himself and is extremely blunt.
 Uhm Ji Won is Yoon Da Ran

  • Since childhood she learned that those with money had power and lorded it over those who didn’t
  • Her mother died of a usually curable illness because they didn’t have enough money to go to go to the doctor.
  • She puts her trust in people so she ends up a swindler’s victim
 Wang Bit-Na is Hong Mi Mi

  • She is a second rate actress who can’t find a job
  • She’s divorced and in desperate need of money
  • She’s taken on her most challenging role: to pose as Ma In Tak’s sister Hong Mi Sun- it’ll be hard going to convince the distrustful  In Tak
 Jo  Yeon Woo is Kim Sun Woo

  • Probably an old flame of Mi Mi’s
  • He’s the mastermind behind the ‘Let’s trick In Tak into believing your his sister’ plan (Kind of like Dmitri in Anastasia- I wonder if the lie will turn out to be truth)
  • He’s Mysterious with a capital M


We start the drama with Repo guys placing the dreaded red stickers all over Da Ran’s house. She tells us that she learned a life lesson- those with money had power.

A few years later we’re back with Da Ran, but this time she’s racing to the hospital, where she’s too late, her mother has passed away from a usually non-lethal disease.

The funeral for her mother is only attended by Da Ran and her father, as well as flies. The fly goes next door where there is an even sadder funeral- a boy is the sole mourner for his father.

Both teenagers visit the roof, but only the boy can see her as she cries out for her mother.

Now it’s present day, and we see car after car come up to a red carpet where the passengers alight to the flurry of camera flashes and random press questions. Among these high profile people our hero who hasn’t been introduced quite yet alights and is led inside the building for the business award ceremony.

 Da Ran on the other hand is consulting a psychic who looks into a crystal ball and tells her that she sees a lot of red and that a guy will appear who will change her status in life.

Ma In Tak wins the businessman of the year award due to his “Midas” touch with business, having raised several businesses into successes. He accepts the award and is handed a gold award statue which he’s told is pure gold, so he does what any uother person would have done: he bites into it to check if it’s true gold. He explains that he never takes anything at face value and must always question and find out for himself- and that’s his way to success.

During an interview after the ceremony he tries to get an extremely flirty reporter to move away from him but the reporter is dense and thinks that he wants her to pose sexily so he can see her {ass}ets.

While he’s trying to get the flirt to move away from him he notices something. And to the surprise/horror of everybody in the room, he touches her butt- but only to push her off the bench. He’s noticed that a stitch in the cushion has come undone- he picks at it until he comes up with the thread. He scolds his assistants for not making sure that everything was perfect- he also declares that the interview is done.

The reporter threatens to tell the world about the sexual harassment that she’s received from In Tak, so his secretary asks him if they should give her money, bags or jewelry to appease her. In Tak tells her to stop being so wasteful with his money- instead she should tells the reporter that all he touched mas a mass of silicone- so she should keep quiet if she doesn’t want her secret revealed.

Da Ran arrives at work just in time to find a classmate trying to return a bra. She asks what she found wrong with the bra after six month of using it. Da Ran realizes that the girl must have done some boob work because she didn’t have it before, etc… The girl hits Da Ran, because the customer is queen (that gives you no right to mistreat another human being).

However it doesn’t stay like that because Da Ran receives a call from her boyfriend about having passed the exams to become a prosecutor- just as she’s about to receive another slap she grabs her ex-classmate’s arm and warns her that she’s no longer working at the department store and she’s the future wife of a prosecutor so she better not slap her again or she’ll sue her for damages.

Da Ran walks away and proudly buys clothes and the handbag she’d coveted at the department store she worked at. Uh-oh, she’s counting her chickens before they hatch! Nothing good ever comes of quitting your job because your boyfriend has a better one! She happily walks away thinking on how much better off she’ll be now despite having failed multiple times to pass the civil servant exams- at least her future husband will bring her up many steps in life. (if she weren’t so cute and definitely in love I’d be MORE horrified by these monetary calculations of worth)

In Tak receives a call from the family lawyer calling him over for a meeting to discuss the inheritance. He asks his newly hired lawyer to get him to his meeting place in under 20 minutes for a bones. The driver used to be a professional racer so he makes it in 16.4 minutes- however those 16+ minutes had been harrowing for In Tak who worries that his life has been shortened by the crazy driving, so he gives him the bonus and his severance pay for being a killer not a driver…


The meeting about the inheritance informs us that In Tak has a year left to marry before the land is sold and the money donated to several charities. In Tak fakes concern and then laughs at his relatives faces as they realize that they may never see their half of the inheritance.

The aunt informs him that he should marry as soon as possible because there have been studies that showed that single men smelled bad and they had their lifespans greatly reduced compared to married men. In Tak laughed at everything else his aunt threw his way but once he heard that his longevity would be affected he began to think over his choice of singledom.

The aunt grabs the interest he has and presents him with a potential wife. In Tak is no dummy and he asks her how much will her commission be for setting up this marriage. She tries to avoid answering but ends up showing three fingers- $3ooo would be her commission. In Tak decides to go ahead and meet the woman his aunt had in mind because after all “he should help relatives in need so that they don’t become enemies.” He smirks at her before leaving. His aunt has a fit after he leaves- growling that she hates him!

Da Ran and her boyfriend meet up for a congratulatory dinner and do just about the most disgustingly sweet displays ever. Da Ran becomes a veritable little mine of aegyo, and her boyfriendly cutely blows her nose as she cries in happiness at his proposal of marriage. God with how cute and disgusting they are I believe that there’s something very fishing going on and I don’t think it’s Da Ran or the food they ordered. Especially when she hands over a small money folder so that he can pay the interest on his loans.

Da Ran and her boyfriend plan on meeting his parents in Jeju, and he asks forgiveness for making it so out of the way for her and her dad. She’s very understanding and says that it’s ok since his father can’t travel long distances. oooh I have a VERY bad feeling about this- it’s like he wants her out of the way.


In Tak walks into the restaurant that Da Ran and BF are flooding with sugar. He’s there to meet the girl his aunt recommended. She starts to talk about how she’s researched him a little, enough to know that he’s capable because he even won that business award. He smiles and tells her that he also looked into her and he pulls out a file where he has all kinds of info on her- like the fact that her family bought her way into college, or that she has had several upwardly mobile boyfriend, she’s had surgeries and she has an inferiority complex while at the same time thinking she should be treated like a princess- basically she’s a gold-digger.

He looks over to Da Ran’s table and smirks to see her expensive bag on the table. He tells her that even such a boorish person as that who puts her expensive bag on the table so that everyone can know it’s expensive is many times preferable to her, because he finds that girl’s attitude to be cute and innocent in comparison to hers.

The would be girlfriend glares at Daran- sending shivers in Da Ran’s spine and feeling like an evil aura passed through her. After glaring is done she stands up and throws water on In Tak’s face as well as slapping him for good measure.

Da Ran thinks that the woman has been swindled by that “pathetic loser” and she makes her boyfriend promise to catch swindlers like that guy when he’s a prosecutor. They do a cutesy cheer together.

In Tak’s uncle thinks about a conversation he had with his mother before she died. She had told him before hand that she’d bought land but they’d only be able to sell and divide the money once In Tak married. She says that all she wants is for In Tak, who hasn’t had much luck with his family, have a good wife who loves him and takes care of him- so as his uncle he should be the one to ensure that In Tak marry a good woman.

In Tak’s uncle and his secretary form a plan to find In Tak a wife. The most important quality is that the girl must be in desperate need- probably have her life in danger- so that she’ll cling to In Tak and not give up in trying to win his favour despite his rudeness. The secretary lays out several such women, but is shot down by the uncle because the second criterion must be her beauty because In Tak is really picky.

Da Ran meets up with her unemployed dad and asks that he go with her to meet her boyfriend’s family. Dad tells her that she must say that he’s an executive at a good company so that she’s not looked down on- but Da Ran doesn’t want to lie any more to her boyfriend since she already has him thinking that she’s an art major. Dad continues to insist despite her refusal and her admonishment to not do anything, especially since he always gets cheated.

Dad doesn’t pay attention and instead goes to an investment place and is conned into investing in a diamond mine in Africa in which “Midas” Tak has also invested. It’s such an obvious con that I have no idea how Daran’s father buys it.

Hong Mimi is introduced to us in the middle of her pleading for a job- which she’s denied by the director until she gets on her knees for it. However it’s not a free card the slimeball wants her to either pay him money or pay with her body. Mimi rejects both propositions and ends up crying.

She is approached by Kim Sun Woo who saw the exchange very clearly. He tells her that he has a job for her: She will be In Tak’s long lost sister. Mimi laughs that can’t be possible since she doesn’t even know who her parents are how can she have an oppa. Sun Woo tells her that obviously In Tak will be her oppa though not by blood, she just needs to act the part no matter what In Tak throws at her. Mimi is skeptical of this, but she needs money because she’s in debt since she divorced so she accepts.

She is groomed in preparation for the meeting which will be easily orchestrated since In Tak invested in a movie she cameo’d in and will be present during the press conference. She’ll ask him then to meet with her.

Turns out the day of the conference is in Jeju the same day as Da Ran’s engagement dinner. Da Ran alights from the same flight and ends up standing next to In Tak as she waits for a taxi. (This is their Third coincidental meeting- 1) funeral 2) dinner where In Tak got water thrown at him and 3) the airport. )

  During the conferance Mimi has an assistant send a message to In Tak requesting they meet. He reluctantly agrees to 10 minutes of his time. 

After the conference In Tak is entering the elevator when Da Ran’s father rushes in looking all spiffed up. In Tak looks with disdain at Da Ran’s dad, and is about to dismiss him from his mind when dad recognizes him as the man who also invested in diamonds. In Tak doesn’t have to expend much energy in correcting him since the tv news station has breaking news about a swindling investment group who was uncovered just recently.

Da Ran’s father becomes speechless and In Tak just comments on how trusting blindly will affect the wealth of generations. In Tak leaves the elevator as Da Ran’s father has what could be a heart attack.

In Tak arrives to his meeting with Mimi and unsettles her from the get go. When Mimi insists that he knows her from somewhere, In Tak snaps his fingers. 0he was the very sexy actress in the porn movie Beast Woman! He’d never forget the mole  on her breast  and that the worst part of the movie was the main actress’s acting.


In Tak stands up to leave because he’d only agreed to the meeting because she’d been a part of the movie he invested in, but other than that he had no interest in continuing the meeting. Mimi immediately grabs his hand and reveals that she’s Hong Mi Sun… In Tak repeats her name several times as if in surprise, but then scoffs that there must be thousands of Hong Mi Sun’s in korea and he didn’t have a connection to all of those. Besides he has no interested in an old porn actress. Without further ado he leaves.

Da Ran is pacing in a meeting room, wondering where her father,  her fiancee and his family could be because it was already fifty minutes past the agreed meeting time. She tries calling her father’s cell phone and it goes unanswered. From behind her a door opens up so she excitedly looks around in hopes of seeing her boyfriend but instead it’s a group of gangsters.

She’s taken to a pool bar and they try to make her talk about her fiancee’s location. She tells them that this must be a misunderstanding since her fiancee has already paid the interest on those loans and will soon start paying the capital. The gangster boss tells her that her fiancee has in fact skipped out on him without paying back so much as a cent.

Da Ran starts to fight with the minions but the leader gets exasperated and shoots her, with what’s probably something to sedate her. She wakes up to find her shirt out of her skirt and looking very taken advantage of. She tries to fight against the gangsters but they threaten her with internet humiliation because they’ll upload pictures that could ruin her. If she wants the pictures to be erased she has to come up with the sum of money her fiancee owes since he’d taken it out with her name.


This drama is cute despite the pretty predictable storyline, but that’s okay, I can disregard that if they can add a special touch to it that will make me remember that it’s this drama’s difference to others with somewhat similar storylines.

One other comment: I’m a sucker for Yeon Jeong Hoon’s dimples! so cute!


3 thoughts on “Can Love Become Money- Episode 1 Recap

  1. miley says:

    i’ve just started this drama and i was instantly compelled to watch more.i love all the actors and the drama itself.thanks for the recap.

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