Can Love Become Money- Episode 2 Recap

Can Love Become Money

Episode 2 Recap


This drama is really cute in moments and for now it can ride on it- I for one will continue to watch. This drama is my happy. oh and let me fangirl about Hwangbo!! I recognized her from the get go when she appeared as the single mom friend, yay!!


Hong Mimi takes to even stalking In Tak at the gym and he totally calls her out on it. She denies it saying that it’s obvious that she needs to go to the gym to maintain her body. In Tak is about to leave the gym to stop being in her presence but she blurts out that she has proof of her claims.

They go to the café and she hands over a picture of a young In Tak and Misun. Because he admits that the picture is real MiMi thinks he’ll take her at her word now, but she’s in for a rude awakening as he asks her to give him her ID number so that he can do a background check on her. She’s surprised but he tells her that she should be willing to do this so that she can find her oppa. She forces a smile and acquiesces.

Once in his hotel In Tak looks up information about Mimi and takes out a picture that is exactly like the one she had showed him. In Tak becomes antsy and scolds his dog for watching tv and takes him out for a walk.

In Tak and Da Ran cross paths again and he takes in her disheveled figure with mild interest and general disdain. She’s completely oblivious and trying to wrap her head around having been swindled by her boyfriend and stood up by her dad.

In Tak goes out on a boat to brood, because you know, you can’t brood effectively indoors- it must be outdoors in a boat and with sunglasses on, so that you cut a pretty melancholy picture from afar. In Tak’s moodiness is a result of his remembering the day that his mother left him behind. He’d chased after her but lost sight of her quickly in the crowd, that day he’d cried out for his mother again and again and she hadn’t looked back even once.

After his brooding session is over in the boat he walks back to the hotel and wouldn’t you know it- Da Ran is there by the pool. She’d thrown the engagement ring in a fit of pique while on her second bottle of soju, but was sorry now she had done that since she could sell the ring for money. As she stared out at the ring that was in the middle of the pool, In Tak’s dog gets loose from him and ends up throwing her into the pool.

She starts acting out as if she were drowning and asking In Tak to save her. He looks like he’s reluctant to do so, and he looks around and notices that she’d been drinking and that she was actually at the shallow end of the pool. So she barks out an order to stand still which Da Ran instinctively  responds to- making her realize that she was actually not going to drown.

In Tak tries to leave but Da Ran calls out to him and ends up attacking him. They have a weird tussle where Da Ran yells at him for dismissing her so lightly and mistreating her like that, etc. In Tak pushes her away but after one such push he notices that Da Ran is unconscious so he ends up taking her to the hospital.

She wakes up at the hospital and is alarmed to see just how much the charge for the emergency care she received.

 She tries to go to the police to accuse the gangster jerks but she overhears them discussing how loan shark jerks uploaded nude pics and videos of women in revenge when they’re caught by the police. This made her change her mind and she made a quick exit from the police department.

When she’s at her home trying to plan her next move, men in suits come in and once again her house is covered in little red repo tags. She starts feeling and starts to think that it may be better to die when the loan shark jerk come in and tell her she better not because he wants his money- maybe she might want to make use of her body. Da Ran screams at him to not even come close to her because she’ll never become their prostitute. Next thing she knows she’s hanging upside down courtesy of the goons, she ends up swearing that she’ll pay him.

She begs to the loan shark that he let her pay in installments instead of lump sums. The loan shark tells her that she better be kidding because he’s not going to waste thirty years of his life for that money. He does tell her of the opportunity to make money and he’ll even postpone her payment’s for the week it’ll take to find out.

Next thing that we know she’s sitting with several women outside of the audition room for In Tak’s uncle wife or die plan. She manages to convince all of them to screw the audition by outlining nefarious plans that they may be used if they pass the audition- she tells the that she at least will do her utmost to blow the audition. Heh. She’s good, she’s quite manipulative when she wants to be. And Uncle and Secretary are happy to find the perfect candidate.

In Tak goes about his day like usual, being a princess because the meal isn’t balanced just right. Then he complains of being without an assistant and asks if the secretary did that on purpose so that she could get paid the overtime. She  gets offended by his attitude and tells him so and he’s surprised by her vehemence and almost a little scared… ooh… interesting. She gives uncle a call that they must move up their plan because In Tak is becoming even more insufferable and whiny…

Da Ran goes to live with her friend but it’s not a free ride because her friend is struggling to make ends meet as a working single mother. oh hi Hwangbo! Missing daddy turns up  finally though Da Ran doesn’t get to rail at him for his disappearance because he keeps himself hidden from her.

In Tak is getting briefed by his lackey on Hong Mimi’s past when Da Ran gives him a call and requests that they meet up/ She’s actually there to ask that he help her cover her hospital expenses since it was his fault that she fell into the pool. In Tak sets down enough to foot the hospital bill and to geive her a little extra. She takes it and thanks him for recognizing his fault and he straightens her out by informing her that he’s just doing this so that he doesn’t have to keep stepping into a pile of shit. or something to that effect.

It takes a while for Da Ran to process his comments and when she does she’s brilliant… in a rude and hilarious way. She follows him to his elevator calls him a rude guy who has nothing besides money going for him  and if he thinks she’s going to return the money he’s got another think coming because she’ll take it and use it and then she ends it with an “up yours” gesture… She turns around to make her grand exit BUT her heel gets stuck and In Tak takes petty pleasure in kicking it out of the way and breaking the heel in the process.  oooh this whole thing is going to end up biting Da Ran in the ass… lol 

She receives the call from Uncle who hands over the first half of the agreed upon sum- and he tells her that she’ll be sent away to learn to become the perfect wife for Chairman Ma. She’s so happy she’s imagining petals falling all around her.

In Tak asks his lackey what he thinks of the secretary’s sudden decision to take a vacation. He finds it petty that she got so offended by his comment about the overtime pay, but he also finds it very suspicious since she’s never ever taken a holiday for the seven yars she’s worked with him.

Meanwhile the secretary is taking care of the instruction of the perfect bride. She has Da Ran exercise, learn more about fashion, and learn about cooking, quoting that a man may leave a woman who sews well but he’ll never leave one who cooks well.


I have to say that In Tak is annoying as hell and I want him to fall on his arse. God, he’s everything an entitles self righteous disgustingly rich guy can be, and it’s obnoxious. I want to see him fall in love with Da Ran and fall hard.

Lol and I love the secretary, she has an attitude of her own and despite being in on the plan to screw her employer over, I can’t help but enjoy her character.


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