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Hi folks, this is just your resident noise maker wanting to apologize for letting a lot of dust gather here in her closet. I’m sorry folks. Really I am.

I also wanted to update you all on what I’m doing now and what’s been put on hold and what’s been dropped forevaaah.


Can love Become Money… yes I luff this show, I haven’t finished it though, and I’m very extremely busy with med school right now so I don’t think I’ll continue watching it until I have more time.

Extravagant Challenge– I will write the last couple of eps, eventually, but not quite right now, maybe as a 1 yr anniversary celebration of it’s airing? I just don’t have the time, there’s so much to do, so much to see, and even the Shi-brows can’t give me more hours in the day.


Alice in Wonder City: Folks I actually had episodes 5-8 written up and ready to put on the blog when my computer’s hard drive decided to blow (and guyz I really don’t know how I do it, I ruined two hard drives for my vaio… then I changed to HP about five months ago and blew that less than a month ago, I’m cursed I tell you… that was three friggin’ Hard Drives in less than a year… )... yep so I lost a lot of things and unfortunately some of those things were blog posts for AiWC… I tried, I really did to write them up again, but I no longer felt that it had my honest to goodness impressions on it because I was re-watching everything and it was becoming tedious to go over everything again… so I’m sorry, but I can’t do it…

Fondant Garden: Yes it was cute and that’s all I have to say about my 13hrs of watching… It was cute enough to watch all the way through but it didn’t hold me enough to want to write extensively about it… sorry.


I’m loving Arang and the Magistrate, it’s actually the only drama that I’ve left time for on my plate so be on the lookout for mega recaps with several episodes at a time… I think that’ll be more efficient for me.


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