SITH #1 – You’re Beautiful

So  this is the Beginning of a new little segment in my blog and I’ve titled it Scenes   I Totally Heart, aka SITH… So what is this little segment? It’s where I talk about the scenes I loved in different shows from the past. It’ll feature one drama at a time with several scenes  to gush about 🙂

To kick off the segment it’s You’re Beautiful!

This drama ranks quite high on my Hong Sister faves (actually it’s tied with MGIAG for first place) … and it reminds me why I loved them… and at the same times makes me sad that I didn’t even like Best Love or Big… 

1) This scene tickles my funny bone because trying to recite Suju’s names as fast as possible is funnily enough something I was wont to do when I was trying to memorize their names. LOL oh to be 19 again.

2) It’s one thing to think that your mother doesn’t love you (that’s bad enough), and it’s quite another for her to boldly tell you that she resents you because you were (in her twisted mind) the reason for her losing a guy (who loved another woman anyways.) I wanted to hug Hwang Tae Kyung’s prickly self so much right then.

3) This one’s purely because Hongki is adorable with his little prayer hands and cute “annyeong”

4) This scene made me LOL because Minam was being so oblivious to how she affects Jeremy and Jeremy was still playing the denial round… lol but he was too weak agaisnt her puppy eyes.

5) This is quite possibly the funniest Tae Kyung moment… he was so far out of his element that he basically went all crazy and started dancing out in the wild grass… And just when he’s all relaxed and happy with the world he mistakes an ahjussi’s RUN!!! hand movements for a greeting. lol… And then we get to see him scream like a little girl and run for his life as a wild hog chases him… hehehehehe

6) Jeremy is such a sweetie and he knew just how to cheer Mi Nam up even when the other two failed. And it’s super awesome because he knows and accepts he loves Mi Nam despite still believing that she’s a boy. Awesome.

7) Jeremy is a sweetie who loved Minam despite thinking he was a guy, he continued to like her when he found out she lied and was a girl, but unfortunately she didn’t love him back. Seriously I cried for him, because he’d been such a sweetheart with her and because he’s usually such a cheerful person that to see him so brokenhearted is quite a shock to the system. I love the fact that he always was sincere with Mi Nam/Mi Nyeo and even when he’s heartbroken he puts on a brave face so that she won’t feel so bad.


4 thoughts on “SITH #1 – You’re Beautiful

  1. Ahhh, all good scenes. Overall, I’m not a huge fan of You’re Beautiful, but what made it bearable upon first watching it, and what still makes it so memorable, are all the little moments like these. 🙂

  2. The Bus Scene is basically Pavlov’s Bell for me; I see it or hear the first few bars of the song, and I start tearing up. If I were an actress, I would watch that scene right before a crying scene and I would knock them dead.
    You’re Beautiful is my fav kdrama; and these are some of my fav. scenes – well almost any scene involving Jeremy is my fav. 🙂
    Big was Meh (ending was a copout); but I like Greatest Love – once I got over my general annoyance at him.

    • Your Beautiful is one of my fave dramas, it’s so cute and punny and full of inside jokes and yet it also reaches the heart. as for Best Love- I couldn’t get over the fact that personality and age didn’t seem congruent so I had to stop watching.

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