Music Highlight: UV

Ok so I knew I liked comedian Yoo Se Yun BUT DANG I LOVE him now. He is part of a band called UV together with Muzie who started out as a producer for several hip hop groups and has now released his own album (with an 80s feel – it’s actually very good).  They actually have a few other songs that are hilarious and actually musically solid and fun. 

So back to the reason why I LOVE Seyun-sshi. UV  has released about a week and a half a ago a video called  I’m sorry I want to live with her and oh my god it’s like a makjang drama met gag artists and had a baby. lol. It’s awesome please watch 🙂 Who knew that Makjang and 80’s Big Hair Band looks went so well together lol.

Last year they came up with  Itaewon Freedom that featured JYP. It’s awesome I love the sets they are completely retro as well as their clothing and hair styles… keke… and it has a very catchy disco/80s mix feel to it that makes me want to get up and dance to it.

Now to throw you all for a loop.. Here’s their song Who Am I which is  a very Beatle-ish song with the hairstyles and clothing to go with the feel! lol It’s another good song though… Their videos are so hilarious but the songs are definitely a showcase for Yoo Se Yun who is a comedian but actually has a pretty good voice.


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