Music Highlight- E2RE

E2RE is a rookie group, that recently released an MV starring my favourite oppa/ahjusshi Lee Sun-Kyun A.K.A The Voice and the actress Oh Yeon Seo who I’ve only recently come to know through her ongoing work as MBLAQ Lee Joon’s scary wifey.

the song’s official translation title is Deep Night Sad Song which in English just sounds to me like a whole bunch of words strung together to sound meaningful, but the song is actually quite good. 

To say the truth the MC is cliche  we have gangsters hiring The Voice to kill her and then have that killer fall in love with the girl and decide to protect her instead.

The fighting scenes were badly edited and honestly the sound and visual effects seemed like early 90’s movie effects, the girl sniper is perhaps the worst sniper in the history of MV snipers. On a purely materialistic and superficial level I had a moment of shoe envy when LSK was choosing a pair for the girl… but dude you’re on the run, it’d be better to get her sneakers so you can both run when the bad guys come after you… and seriously how could one single bullet from a gun make a car explode like that when a sniper rifle didn’t??  But it had The Voice so I watched all 18+ minuted just because of him.

This pop ballad was actually a pretty good showcase song that allowed the group’s vocals to shine. The voices are pretty clear and expressive and easy to listen to. My favourite parts of the song is when the voice blended with the guitar and the electronic sound kind of took a backseat. I also liked the piano instrumental interludes.

All in all they’re a group that I’ll keep in mind for the future.


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