SITH #2: King 2 Hearts

I have a major Lee Seung Gi shaped area in my heart so I usually watch his dramas with  avid interest. I don’t know how it came to be since objectively he’s not the hottest guy in the world but to me he’s definitely the most adorable. My heart melts and is ready to accept his projects with affection and so far he hasn’t disappointed, and King 2 Hearts despite the weird title might just be my favourite… beating out even MGIAG (where he was just sooo cute with SMA). 

So after saying all that about Seung Gi… I have to confess that in K2H the guy I came out loving the most was not Lee Jae Ha… Mianhe Seung Gi-ah! the honor goes to my robo-guard Shi Kyung played by Jo Jung Suk.

Shikyung’s earnestness, his integrity and his faith in the leader he chose to follow were  incredible and something that set him apart and gave strength for those who were around him.  His faith gave Jae Ha the strength and the will to try his best despite feeling inadequate despite feeling weak.

And not just Jae Ha benefited from knowing him and receiving his friendship, but also Jae Shin, flighty,  care free princess who learned about pain and suffering the hard way and almost gave way to bitterness and self pity. She became stronger and able to overcome it because Shikyung was there behind her giving her tough love when she most needed it, not letting her wallow but pushing her and when helping her pick herself up at the critical moment. Their love was very beautiful, and had me crying like no tomorrow at the fact that death thwarted it.

That’s why this clip with the video message from Shi Kyung to Jae Shin  with many of their sweetest moments is quite possibly my favourite.

also this one where the fan let us hear some of Jae Shin’s words for Shi Kyung

Of course Jae Ha and Kim Hang Ah also had many beautiful moments and among those the proposal ranks high among my favourite moments

Jae Ha and Shi Kyung had many awesome scenes together and though I can’t find the exact scenes, this fan-made MV has the highlights and at it’s center is my favourite moment: When Shi Kyung told Jae Ha that to him, Jae Ha is aready a powerful King and one he’s willing to follow, all Jae Ha has to do is believe in himself.

In this next scene which features Hang Ah and Jae Ha kissing the best part is actually the King’s reaction… lol Jae Kang, your little brother does have a love life 😛

One of the funnier moments was when strong man Ri Kang Suk tried to hide his growing obsession with SNSD… heh… Jae Shin of course got a sneaky look. I think it’s hilarious and appropriate to use SNSD because even in the SK army SNSD have reigned as the queens of men’s desires 😛 they all want the girls to call them oppa XDDD


One thought on “SITH #2: King 2 Hearts

  1. soojoona says:

    I loved this drama,the romance was so beautiful and the script was rather original (from my point of vue). I also loved the moment with the clip of the SNSD,i found Kang Suk very fun at this moment and that pretty well explained the difference between the two Koreas.

    ps: Sorry for the mistakes,i don’t speak well english.

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