How I hate this Monster-in-Law- one hundred year’s inheritance


So I started watching One Hundred Years Inheritance and though I’m digging Chae Won’s (Eugene) blood related family I totally abhor the in-law’s she lives with. Starting off with her husband who is a total and complete mama’s boy  who probably can’t take a step towards the bathroom for a piss without telling mommy as well as a complete and utter douche, the sis-in-law is a bi-yotch who enjoys someone else’s pain, and the main crazy in that household the Mother in law.


So it’s not enough for her to torment Chaewonnie through the three years she tried to hold her marriage together, but this Monster in Law decided to throw her into the deepest despair, messing with her mind, memories and feelings in one fell swoop. How the hell does she do this and get away with it? Her son believes everything, or at least does a fairly good imitation since he knows what side his bread is buttered on and lets the abuse continue to rain down on the wife he’s supposed to love and protect.

The act that I find the most appalling, perhaps even worse than the Monster in law’s evil deeds, is the acquiescence of the doctors in the scheme to forcefully place Chaewon into the psychiatric ward against her will. How is it possible for the doctor to go against the most fundamental teachings, the most integral part of their formation as doctors: Never do anything to cause harm to those under your care. How the hell dare they violate their responsibility to the patients in their care like that? Just for the paltry call of money? damn. they piss me off. They made a completely sane person into a mentally unstable one and dared to hide the misdeeds by limiting access to her?? God it reminds me of the dark ages of psychiatric wards in the states, when many people were institutionalized wrongly.

Anyways this drama for some reason keeps drawing me back in, despite my trying to avoid it, it’s so interesting in a morbidly fascinating way. How will Chae won win over that monster? How will she be able to get even and somehow get that  devil to concede that what she’s done to Chaewon is something you don’t do to another human being.  Chae won knows that the only way to hurt that devil is by getting the son to side with her against his mother, but I don’t want her to tie herself forever with that no good mama’s alcoholic cheater boy. I’m not even sure that she has it in her to go through that revenge plan with a steel heart, I feel that she’d break down and cry in the middle of it somewhat regretting it.

This drama is for those who find screwed relationships to have a morbid pull, and watch it despite their better judgement warns them to ignore it and safely get away from it’s orbital pull before it destroys their mental health.


3 thoughts on “How I hate this Monster-in-Law- one hundred year’s inheritance

  1. Among all the in-law’s I’ve seen in dramas, she is the #1 most evil. To some point I do understand her, she worked her way from bottom to top (well….using different methods…..mostly bad methods) and now somehow she’s trying to protect (?) or at least that’s what she thinks…!! To be honest, in this drama, the character that I hate the most isn’t the mother in law, but her son. He -apparently- loves Chae Won but he’s afraid of his mom, or maybe not actually afraid but rather…..a mama’s boy.

    • I do get that she’s protecting what she believes is hers but I don’t understand how she could possibly consider her son to be a: husband and a friend… gah, that’s just disgusting, so maybe I shouldn’t hate her, and just find her pathetic, but she’s so conniving and evil!! I can’t help it, the hate and abhorrence I feel towards her is my knee-jerk reaction to her actions.
      As for her son,i find him just pathetic.

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