Review: Wonderful Radio

Wonderful Radio Review

Wonderful Radio

a.k.a Love On-Air


Cast:Lee Min-jeong, Lee Jung-jin, Kwang Soo and Kim Jung-tae


Just coming out of a coma after watching the makjang scream fest that was 100 Years Inheritance, I decided I needed to wash my palate and see Jung Jin in something that was  less frustrating. Thus I took up this movie.

First let me come out and say that this gets a 2.5 stars from me. In Roger Ebert style this makes it a thumbs down for me.

So let´s start off the basic plot, Shin Jina (Lee Min Jeong) is a has been pop starlet whose popularity is flagging even in her only outlet, the radio. She´s supposedly bitter, here I say supposedly because I didn´t feel her bitterness, in fact I found her rather sweet. However, she is a little petty in that whenever she can she uses the radio to play her old singles instead of playing the requests from the viewers. It gets to be a problem and leads to lowered ratings.  Cue introduction to succesful PD Lee Jae Hyuk who gets transfered to Jina´s radio program to raise it´s ratings while the current ´Wonderful Radio´PD  takes a maternity leave.

During the course of the movie it{s uncovered that Jina broke up her pop group PURPLE, and this resulted in some backlash on her popularity, and a broken relationship with one of her group members. However the reason for the breakup points out that she´s actually an unselfish and kind friend, so her supposed bitterness loses much of it´s bite. She is not so much bitter as she is childish, ragging on her poor manager (Lee Kwang-soo)  that is actually a former fan of hers from her days in PURPLE and who continues to idolize her.

During the movie I didn´t learn much about Jae-hyuk during the course of the movie besides the fact that he goes into a rage if the radio DJ does not match the singers with the song correctly and that he of course falls in love with Jina as he learns about her sincerity towards music and radio.

I felt that this movie was very  slow, in fact painfully so as it tried to move me to tears with stories about people going through different kinds of hardships or disappointments, but which I felt didn´t really move the story forward, it just stagnated to  a point when I wondered if I should just skip over some of it to get to some forward movement. And when something did happen, mainly some higher ups replacing Jina by creating a plagiaarism hoax and threatening Jaehyuk for siding with JIna, I didn´t buy the ¨high¨ stakes that the movie tried to place on the characters. It just lacked the tension of a possibility of a follow through. I immediately knew that even if Jaehyuk lost the PD position he would probably find another position, because this drama wasn’t really about him losing him going against big name people, maybe it should have been. But unforturnately the big bad lecherous talent agent was just pathetic (I say unfortunately since I like Kim Jung Tae). I would have liked this movie to do something about the fact that the guy was sleeping with his talent and was doing crooked things and then the talent was the one that had to carry the sole weight of the blame. The fact that they just glossed it over made me lose more interest in the movie.

All these characters were well acted, but that´s just it. I felt that they were acted and I knew that they didn´t exist, which is exactly what I don´t want in a movie or drama for that matter. I want to believe in these characters so much that I have to double up and remind myself ¨hey these characters don´t exist why are you so involved in their story!¨ If it doesn’t stick to my heart then they don’t really engage my attention and it becomes that bit more tedious to watch.

So if you have watched it, what would you guys and gals rate it as? 


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