Secret Love Affair – Episode 2 Recap

Episode 2

I’ve got to admit that I have very little tolerance for corporate shenanigans and one-upmanship that keeps going on  between the ladies at the Seo Arts foundation and school. I really don’t care. like at all. Everything else I’m interested in, even in petty man-child Kang Joon Hyung (I made a mistake last time with his name, I’ve since corrected it). 

We start the episode where it left off, Sun Jae is all kinds of nervous as Hye Won stares at him and orders he play the piano for her, he’s a little reluctant to play, probably more from shyness than anything else, but she strong-arms him by threatening to call the police about the incident at the Arts foundation event if he doesn’t comply.

Before beginning, Sun Jae tries to breathe in to calm down, however he takes a while and Hye Won starts to lose her patience and threatens to leave and turn him over to the authorities. Just as she opens the door he begins to play the piece used at the event. She’s impressed but clearly doesn’t want to let him know right away so she asks him to play it again and explain why he changed certain parts, he tries to explain but becomes to nervous to do so effectively. He begins to play the piece again but stops to request she let him play the pieces he’s memorized since he didn’t hear any more of the song than what he’s already played for her. and so begins the day long piano playing, which we’re only privy to in bits and pieces.

Meanwhile in the mundane outside world we have Seung Woo facing off Madame Han for the upteenth time, accusing her of bringing in on “special” recommendation (i.e. bribery) students from rich households. Madame Han merely tells Seung Woo not to stick her nose in the college’s affairs too much or she’ll be the one who will be accused of meddling in the selection process. Seung Woo fumes at losing the battle. again.

One of the sticking points for her is that Hye Won took the day off on Madame Han’s orders but didn’t ask for her permission, so off she goes to vent some more like the bratty 40 year old child she is. She barges in like she owns Hye Won’s house (she pretty much said she did in the last episode since she’s the employer- seriously I would stick a knife in her head and sing, “if you’d have been there if you”d have seen it, betcha’you would have done the same” quite happily as I did it. ) and interrupts the session with Sun Jae hysterically yelling that she can’t trust in Hye Won because she’s also in on the rigging of the student list! Which is an accusation that Hye Won finds ridiculous and once she tells her so, shoves Seung Woo away and locks the piano room telling Sun Jae to ignore the town madwoman and continue as before.

The Music College Dean Min and professors, including Kang Joon Hyung, get together to discuss the new applicants and review them before the auditions. Kang Joon Hyung gets a call from noisy madwoman Seung Woo and he informs the dean about this. Dean Min tells him to wait a bit while he calls someone to talk about the new development. The person he calls turns out to be Madame Han who only laughs at how predictable Seung Woo is in her “scheming.” They instruct Joon Hyung to go see her and to find out as much as possible from her.

Then follows a ridiculous few minutes in where Seung Woo threatens, blackmails and gets drunk while complaining that Hye Won and Joon Hyung should be her pawns since she awas their couple’s “Queen”… ridiculous woman. I find her more repulsive than a flobberworm at the moment.

It’s the evening and Hyung Joon is excited to hear that Hye Won has kept Sun Jae playing for so long since it must mean that he’s just perfect, and the perfect pupil for him to protect and instruct.

As things wrap up in the magical music room, Sun Jae and Hye Won can almost palpably breathe easier and she tells him that he’s forgiven. He doesn’t let her leave and asks what she thinks of him. She wonders if he really doesn’t know himself. As a treat for playing for her for so long Hye Won tells him that she’ll play the complete piece that he’d overheard for him.

As she starts he joins in, and in breathtaking harmony they play the piece perfectly. So much emotion going through them as they pour out their soul and bodies to play the duet. Definitely my favourite scene for me, it’s actually the best kind of chemistry, the one of soul and talents. Age doesn’t matter in music. I think music will help them forget that it sometimes matters to others in their society.

 Before she leaves Sun Jae she pinches his cheek and tells him that that was the highest praise she could give. They each walk away from the experience with a sense of euphoria and happiness and we see them reminisce about the whole experience.

Back at his house the normally reticent Sun Jae hugs his mom and Dami (his girlfriend? his wannabe girlfriend? I have no idea what she is to him except that she seems to be playing the daughter in law role with his mom) and tells them he loves them. They both look at him like he’s gone crazy but he can’t stop smiling.

There’s some more stuff going on after this.  Mostly Hye Won goes have lunch with friends and tells them about Sun Jae’s talent while making disparaging remarks about Joon Hyung. And gossipping about Seung Woo… now I don’t like Seung Woo but to air out her laundry to others is so not cool… there’s so much backstabbing going on… So on one hand what a disfunctional group and on the other… how interesting. We do get to peer into one healthy relationship in one of the friends. She’s the one married to Joon Hyung’s rival and they’re soo sweet it’s cavity inducing, the friends get chills at their loving mushiness.

Sun Jae goes to see Joon Hyung who asks him to apply to the music school and not worry about tuition since there’s a good scholarship fund available for students. Some little nonsense at his high school where everyone is condescending towards him as he asks for a copy of his graduation certificate, they don’t believe that he can even aspire to the Music College, even Dami doesn’t want to believe him (though I think that she believes he’ll be out of her reach if he does more than anything).

The episode ends with Joon Hyung and Hye Won meeting Sun Jae at his home. Sun Jae is taken aback to see them together and they laugh at his confusion and confess that they’re a married couple. Sun Jae looks a tad bit disappointed there but leads them to his room and as they settle down to listen to him play piano Hye Won steps on a powerful rat glue trap which sends Joon Hyung running away  because he’s scared of rats without helping Hye Won get the rat trap off her foot.  Sun Jae takes it off and carries her princess style and boom end of episode.


Honestly I’ve taken many years of piano lessons from the time I was seven till I turned 21 and I continue to play for myself and yet I have nowhere near the skills to play a duet with someone I’ve never practiced with in one sitting. It’s just not easy, one has to adjust to the other or the song becomes a jumble of discordant notes if each person plays their own way. It’s a talent of melding and molding to each other;s playing style that I have never mastered and that they seemed to instinctively do. Seriously Awesome. For me playing the piano together like they did was sexier and more intimate than him holding her foot to take the rat trap off and then carrying her princess style. 

I’m still not quite comfortable with the future adulterous relationship that’ll develop between Hye Won and Sun Jae. Honestly I can understand how frustrating Joon Hyung can be, he’s insecure, a little petty and definitely a coward, BUT if you can’t love him in spite of that then why stay married? Honestly. I  don’t think she loves him, if she did she wouldn’t have spoken disparagingly of him towards her friends and former college classmates. It’s unfair to the both of them, I think.

One complaint I have about timing and overall feel is that I think for me the after the hard core piano session stopped everything seemed anemic and the ending was just not strong enough, it’s not like he’s carrying her off to run away together.

Seung Woo is just ridiculous.


18 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair – Episode 2 Recap

  1. Omg! I can’t believe you recapped the 2nd episode so soon! Thanks for satisfying your readers with the speed of your recaps!

    You’re right, all the corporate discussion parts & rivals are utterly boring but I believe their scenes will decrease once our OTP are more or less given more ‘air time’ on their hmm…. I wouldn’t call it relationship yet, I see it more of a collaboration/mentorship at the moment. lol

    The ending was really abrupt but it makes one wanna know what happen next and we can only wait till next Mon 😦 The boy is just so shy and it’s so cute *squee*

    • You’re welcome 🙂 I don’t want to let you guys down, just sometimes school gets in the way, but I’ll try to plan my schedule to give me time for reviewing/recapping the two weekly episodes.

      I’m not very good at slogging through business backstabbing unpleasantries, which is why sometimes I’m glad I’ll have a job that isn’t so corporate.

    • I love musically talented guys, and then when a couple can be musically talented together I feel like I’m watching paradise. I love how sexy the scenes can be while being completely chaste.

  2. skelly says:

    I actually find the corporate shenanigans stuff interesting – maybe because I also work with a bunch of backstabby children – and also nerve-wracking because there are all these people who will just be delighted to pounce on Hye Won as soon as she shows any hint of weakness…and her affection for Sun Jae is going to be one huge weapon they will use against her. It’s like watching someone walk across a raging river – filled with ice floes – and with sharks underneath – and a blizzard on the horizon.

    • chistarr says:

      I absolutely agree. Normally I don’t like all the office shenanigans (get a lot of it in my office and can’t stand it) but I feel scared for her because she is surrounded by so many vicious climbers who will step on her if given the chance.

    • I don’t think she’s weak though, there’s a reason why bratty woman’s father calls her little fox. She’s also pretty savvy in corporate shenanigans. Somehow I feel that the brat is actually more naive than Hye Won, which is why she always loses against her step-mom.

  3. sable says:

    Yes I have watched two episodes and I think its far from perfect I am not hooked like in Credential,s wife since minute zero..But yoo ah in and kim hee hin pay the bill.

  4. Jenn says:

    Does anyone know if they can rally play that piano or if their are players standing in…it’s hard for me to tell and I find it fascinating!

      • skelly says:

        They learned enough to mimic for the closeups, but stand-ins are called in to do the heavy lifting. After all, this is Olympic caliber talent required.

        • No actually the PD said they didn’t use stand-ins. They learned the scores first and hit the black an white keys like playing the scores for real. But the music was recorded by professional pianist first. Read here: “While the sound was recorded by professional pianists, they did not use substitute actors for their pictures (filming). Pianist Kim So-Hyung, who coached the actors, said that Yoo Ah-In is a “genius” to be able to memorized all songs.” Source:

          And more about how they learned playing the piano here:

        • No actually the PD said they didn’t use stand-ins. They learned the scores first and hit the black an white keys like playing the scores for real. But the music was recorded by professional pianist first. Read here: “While the sound was recorded by professional pianists, they did not use substitute actors for their pictures (filming). Pianist Kim So-Hyung, who coached the actors, said that Yoo Ah-In is a “genius” to be able to memorized all songs.” Source: www(dot)getitk(dot)com/will-it-bring-a-new-trend-secret-love-affair/?lang=en

          And more about how they learned playing the piano here: yooahinsikseekland(dot)wordpress(dot)com/2014/03/14/photos-full-interviews-adorable-overloads-in-secret-love-affair-press-conference/

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