Secret Love Affair- Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5

There’s a lot to think about in this episode but not a whole lot happened which is an interesting detail about this drama. This drama is like eating at a high class restaurant, the meal might not be the most abundant, but it is the richest in flavour. 

Joon Hyung has returned with Sun Jae in tow and he’s very gung-ho about having Sun Jae live with them and getting to know him, and being all “mentor-like.”  He shoos Sun Jae into changing clothes. I would love Joon Hyung if I felt that he had more substance to him than a favoured child who finally recieved the toy he’d pestered his parents for. But if I liked them I would feel even harder the betrayal he’ll recieve, and still even as he is I pity him, because his world wil be turned on it’s axis.

Sun Jae is changing into some of Joon Hyung’s clothes when Hye Won knocks and walks into the room. She tells him to hurry up since his professor is waiting to tell him all the plans he has for Sun Jae’s future in the piano room, and she warns him not to accept any alcohol from Joon Hyung so he’ll avoid  making mistakes.

Just as she turns away Sun Jae asks her why she was mad at him that day. Hye Won does an abrupt about face and closes the door. She asks him how he could asks her those things, why does he speak without thinking, just like a kid. Sun Jae replies that he did think, in fact he researched how to say everything he wanted to say, he wanted to be able to say it without stuttering, say it smartly.

He continues to tell her that when he was floundering, when he didn’t know what to do she appeared, and she gave him a push to return to piano, she saved him when he was weak and tired, and that’s a strong moment. That’s a moment when men kiss, and it’s a moment that he can’t forget, so he was blind sided and distressed and baffled about why she could say that she didn’t remember. He wondered if that’s something that all married people do.

Hye Won looks at him intently and then comments on how he has a lot to say and deliberately refuses to answer him and just tells him to follow her to the piano room where Joon Hyung is waiting.

Hye Won tells Joon Hyung that Sun Jae fits well in his clothes and Joon Hyung smiles and laughs in delight commenting on how they really do match well. He laughs remembering that first night that he made Sun Jae use his clothes to run away from the concert hall.  As he’s pouring wine for Sun Jae Hye Won iintercuts and offers juice and tells them not to drink too much, she’ll be off in her office setting up for tommorrow’s schedule for Lily.

Sun Jae’s male friend… who I now know is called Son Jang Ho, gets Joon Hyung’s number through the rich fortuneteller’s daughter who is Joon Hyung’s student, and he gives it to Dami. Dami sends texts and Hye Won’s the one who reads it. Hye Won is about to answer it but refrains and turns it over to Joon Hyung. Funnily enough Joon Hyung deletes it and goes back to Sun Jae and tells him that he should think about music only and avoid having complicated relationships with women, because if he gets distracted it could be the end for him. Joon Hung gets sleepy after all the wine and goes off to his room he shares with Hye Won where they sleep I Love Lucy style (each one has their own full size bed).

Hye Won tries to sneak around and go to bed but Sun Jae intercepts her and practically begs that she just listen to him play since she already said he talks too much. She goes in rationalizing that since she’s his teacher she should hear him play.

As she’s settling down on the sofa, he tells her that he’s sorry that his girlfriend called, and to make matters stranger he tells her that he hasn’t slept with his girlfriend, and Hye Won’s answer is all like and that’s important why? Sun Jae tells her that he’s telling her beause when Joon Hyung called Hye Won’s name all intimately and the fact that he goes to bed with Hye Won made Sun Jae jealous. Hye Won goes up to Sun Jae and full on kisses him forcefully and asks if that’s what he wanted? She tells him that it was a punishment and that he shouldn’t cross anymore lines and stop messing with her.

She starts to leave the room but he asks her to stay and hear his piano playing. Hye Won sits at the sofa intently listening to his playing. However as if his piano was the pied piper of Hamelin’s call she ends up at the piano playing a joyful song as a duet with him. This time it’s not as charged, this time it’s a playful teasing as they play the piano, his hands lingering over hers as he reaches for the lower octaves, hers passing over his softly yet quickly as she reaches for the higher ones. At the end they’re not exhausted like their first intense playing, it’s like they rejuvenated as they played and all they’re left with his the joy and euphoria of their musical flirting.  They hug excitedly but soon break apart as the giddiness wears away.

Long after Hye Won leaves the piano room, Sun Jae continues his piano playing, only turning in when it’s morning. Joon Hyung tells the housekeeper that she let him sleep and not to let anybody in to see him. Hye Won tells him that he’s exaggerating when he even hides Sun Jae’s sneakers, but Joon Hyung is adamant, he doesn’t want to “lose” Sun Jae again.

As Hye Won drives away in her car she sees Dami walking up to the house so she lowers her car’s visor to hide her face. Dami reaches the house and she’s soon pounding on the door,  and begging to be leet  in to talk to Sun Jae but the housekeeper remembers that Joon Hyung had prohibited her from letting anyone in to see Sun Jae. The housekeeper feels that it’s awkward  to keep ignoring Da Mi so she calls Hye Won and asks what she thinks she should do about Da Mi. Hye Won tells her to let Dami in and if Sun Jae wakes up to let him eat with Dami, and she tells her to make sure to keep Sun Jae’s room open so that there won’t be any shenanigans between the the youngin’s.

The housekeeper tells Da Mi that she’s not to disturb Sun Jae and Dami agrees readily but as soon as she sees his sleeping form she violently throws her purse at him and jumps on him and starts to smack Sun Jae around. Her insistence that she’s his girlfriend for me doesn’t make it so, her insistence doesn’t automatically make her have chemistry between her and Sun Jae. and seriously there is no sizzle between them, all I can see is an especially loud little brother/sister relationship as they tussle around.

As they eat the breakfast the ahjumma had prepared for them Da Mi wonders if she could sleep over sometime with him while he’s living there, he awkwardly skives off from answering focusing on eating instead. She notices the scratch marks she’s given him and tells him to think of them as love bites, he doesn’t respond at all.

Later that day, Hye Won has to deal with her immature boss who wants to bring in the arrogant boy toy into the business because he has a “good eye” for fashion and she wants to display the luxury items he thinks will be snapped up by the rich upper crust at the Center. Hye Won disapproves and tells Young Woo that she can’t go along with it since Lily and the other members of the Seo Han Arts Foundation will have to approve before it can be set in motion. Boytoy acts indignant, and stalks off. Young Woo chases after him completely making a fool of herself in front of her employees.

Hye Won is in the middle of work when she recieves a call from Joon Hyung’s assistant that Joon Hyung will be late since some parent has delayed him, but that he’s already taken Sun Jae to get outfitted. Hye Won tells him that she’ll be right there and to get Sun Jae settled.

When she arrives she looks over at Sun Jae and asks why he changed  clothes and he tells her because it’s more comfortable to wear his own. Hye Won notices the scratch marks and asks how he got them, Sun Jae tells him that he got them when he was fighting with his girlfriend. Hye Won acknowledges that she knew that she dropped by and asks why they fought, Sun Jae just tells her that it’s because his girlfriend was glad to see him.

Hye Won tells him that Joon Hyung would rather Sun Jae didn’t have a girlfriend but that she rather prefers that he does have one since it gets tiring to have him asking her for “one more time.” The ladies at the booth accross from their’s start to titter and Hye Won has to explain that she’s talking about playing the piano.

We get a flashback to right after their euphoria filled hug and Sun Jae had asked her to play together one more time but Hye Won had refused and told him that it was enough for one day.

Sun Jae then reveals that he’s going to move out of her house since he likes it too much but doesn’t want to get caught by Joon Hyung or his girlfriend. Hye Won is laughing when Joon Hyung walks in and asks what she’s laughing about, all she can say is that Sun Jae is “fun”. Joon Hyung laughs good naturedly.

Joon Hyung has fun having Sun Jae try on various outfits but Hye Won is instead imagining a bed scene between Sun Jae and Dami. Finally Sun Jae declines all the outfits and informs Joon Hyung that he’s not going to live at their house and instead will return to his old apartment that he didn’t let go. Joon Hyung is indignant when Hye Won agrees and let’s Sun Jae go.


Well… I’m a little confused guys/gals… I thought it was only Dami being a bit of a stalker and calling Sun Jae her boyfriend, but apparently Sun Jae calls her his girlfriend… unless he’s going for the more literal meaning of girl friend, which is a friend that is a girl. hmmm

I feel sorry for Young Woo, she’s not very good at dealing with her boytoy in fact it seems like he has all the power and pulls her strings like a puppeteer to get his way and rip her off. He’s going to be a very big reason for her eventual demise. He’s so different from Sun Jae, but I think I see how he could seem like a warning for Hye Won. She wouldn’t want to end up in a similar situation like Young Woo, trailing after her lover so pathetically.

Joon Hyung is very possessive over Sun Jae. I can see that he doesn’t want to lose his greatest opportunity to gain fame as a teacher, Sun Jae is like the goose that lays the golden egg for Joon Hyung and to have him be distracted is a big no. However I think it’s quite a bit controlling to tell someone he can’t date and prohibit those around him to let people speak with him. It’s a little bit too much.

Hye Won is very right to have qualms about breaking her marriage vows and having a love affair with a young man who no matter his musical prowess is still quite timid, not very stable as he seems very emotionally driven, and doesn’t seem to consider that every thing he does or says is very life-altering for Hye Won.


2 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair- Episode 5 Recap

  1. I’m also confused about Dami and SunJae’s relationship. The previous 4 episodes there was no evidence he considered her more than a friend or sister. Even now that he is telling Hyewon Dami is his girlfriend he still did not behave as a boyfriend towards Dami. He even seemed incredulous at Dami’s suggestion that they sleep together. I wonder if this is all some scheme on his part to make Hyewoon jealous or make Hyewoon think he will not cling to her.

  2. sable says:

    Well I cant understand Yoo ah in completely, but I guess He is fond of her girlfriend, however, he doesnt feel any desire to her is a sister versus girldfriend and Kim hee is a mother versus lover…

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