Secret Love Affair- Episode 6 Recap

Episode 6

I really feel conflicted and excited about what’s to come. something happened that I didn’t think would occur until we were at least two-thirds into the drama, and having it happen now has made it all the more intriguing. 

So we arrive on the scene right after Sun Jae leaves for his own home and Hye Won and Joon Hyung are in their own car. Joon Hyung is upset that Hye Won allowed Sun Jae to leave but then retracts it saying that HE probably did good in allowing Sun Jae to leave since if you try to put a stopper on people’s feelings or desires especially at Sun Jae’s age the person might end up going against what was intended for him.

He wonders if maybe he should even let Sun Jae’s girlfriend socialize with them and invite her over for dinner so that Sun Jae will be more at ease. Joon Hyung wonders why Sun Jae seems to gravitate more towards Hye Won when he’s the teacher, he doesn’t understand Sun Jae at all since he’s so tight lipped and quiet about everything, is Sun Jae rejecting him as a teacher? he also doesn’t get him since he hasn’t ever met anyone from “that kind of environment.” Hye Won looks upset with the wording but bites back a retort and just tells him to treat Sun Jae with sincerity.

She asks Joon Hyung to drop her off at the next corner since she had agreed to go with Ji Soo and Jeong. He complains about why she has to go there (probably pouty since Jeong is his rival’s wife) and pouts and refuses to go with her when she invites him to go with her to the get together.

As soon as Joon Hyung drops her off and drives away she calls Ji Soo and tells her to be her alibi if Joon Hyung calls her.

Next thing we know is she’s waiting for Sun Jae at his house which surprises him as he swiftly and adeptly escapes the would be grabby ahjumma who now runs the restaurant his mother used to have.

They go to his house and he apologizes for the dirt and starts to wipe everything so that she can sit on a clean surface. She just watches him with an inscrutable gaze, watching on in silence.

When he finally stops puttering around the house he sits next to her on one of the packing boxes. Hye Won starts to talk before Sun Jae and tells him that he should aim high, to thing of Hye Won and the Seo Han music school as a stepping stone to the international stage. She starts rattling off names of international competitions until he finally interrupts her asking her to just stop. Stop trying to act so grown up. Stop trying to build a distance between them. He reminds her that she told him that he was different, special, so in front of her he isn’t just some young punk kid.

He doesn’t feel afraid here in his own room. Here he can tell her without cowering, in fact he’s confident that he can be completely honest 100% about what he feels for her. Of course he will hide it, too protect her, all she has to do is love him which shoulndn’t scare her since his love for her is greater than hers. She starts to laugh a little to loud, a little too forced, a little too brittle. He gets frustrated and tells her to look through the box while he connects his computer.

Menwhile Joon Hyung paces in his house and dashes off after their live-in housemaid hands him a bag of food and other goodies. She asks what she’s supposed to tell Hye Won if she calls and Joon Hyung  tells her to just tell her that he’s gone to see a student. She’ll understand who he means.

As Sun Jae boots up his computer Hye Won reads one of his school primers where he mentions playing only Mozart all day and how his mom complained about the noise, but that strangely despite the overt happiness in Mozart’s music their is an intrinsic sadness, and young Sun Jae wonders how it is that the Major chords in Mozart’s music sound like minor chords and the vice versa. Hye Won asks  Sun Jae what his mom was like, since it seems that perhaps his sensitivity to music may have come from her. He proudly shows off a picture of his mom and tells her in a glaringly obvious present tense that his mom is kind and easily duped but that he loves her a lot.

Hye Won comments on how pretty his mom was, and quietly tells him that if he loves his mom he wouldn’t chase her. He acts like he doesn’t understand, she tells him that no mom would allow what’s happening to happen, it’s most probable that his mom would have been chasing her out and publically shaming her. Sun Jae acts like he has no ears and just pushes play on the music he had recorded.

Of course the song he selected was chosen on purpose it’s a song to swoon over, indeed who can hear and not fall in love with the music and in turn with the pianist? Choosing a Liszt song to play is showing your confidence in your technique. I consider Liszt pieces the hardest to learn to interpret, so many layers, so many textures, and the level of technique needed to play is beyond a mere average player like myself can even hope to acquire. So it is no surprise that as Hye Won is listening to the Rhapsodie Espagnola she loses herself to it, because the interpretation is beautiful, soulful and somehow seems to seep into her soul. That’s why as soon as it is over she is eager to give him a hug and declares that he should play that piece for the audition.

But oh no! Joon Hyung is right outside the door, he’s heard the song and he’s heard her request for a hug and he’s definitely heard Sun Jae’s answer that he’ll hug her instead. He just leaves quietly with a weird gleam in his look.

Sun Jae and Hye Won hug like there’s no tomorrow, Sun Jae gripping her so tightly it looks painful, it’s like he’s trying to meld their bodies to make one body one soul between them.

Dami interrupts their hug  when she makes a call threatening Sun Jae’s life for not telling her that he’s back in his apartment. Sun Jae and Hye Won make a break for her home on a schooter he borrows from the restaurant ahjumma.

In one episode we have two very different vehicle rides for Hye Won in the first one she’s in the luxury car with Joon Hyung in stiff silence and with Sun Jae she rides an uncomfortable vehicle and the silence is obligated since the wind would carry the words away but that’s ok because it is a comfortable silence where they can share a quiet moment of skinship and  just be happy in each other’s presence.

Once they arrive at her house she’s back to being the stern Hye Won and when he suggests that he come in the mornings to practice piano she rejects it and tells him that she’ll have someone from the office send him a piano to practice on. She also tells him that any concerns he may have about school he asks Joon Hyung who is his professor, and that he may not call or send texts to her, she’ll be the one to call or text him.

Joon Hyung is inside waiting for her and asks how her reunion with Jisoo when he knows very well that it was a lie. He asks her about what song Sun Jae should play for the audition and suggests Liszt’s Rhapsodie Espagnola, and asks that she suggest it to Sun Jae. Hye Won tells him to take care of his student and not involve her, and she quickly evades his presence by going upstairs.

Joon Hyung very creepily watches her go upstairs, and even more creepily returns to his solitary wine drinking. His face an unreadable mask.

The next morning Hye Won’s is in front of the window watching over the street to see if Sun Jae’s text that told her to look out in the morning because he’ll pass by running wil come true. Sun Jae of course is very punctual and she gets her morning dose of a smiling Sun Jae, right before having to deal with a calm Joon Hyung who asks her what she’s doing in front of the window. Hye Won, for someone who lives and breathes triple treachery at work, stumbles and gives an unbelievable lie and quickly walks away from Joon Hyung. Joon Hyung notices that she left her cell phone, and quickly browses through her chats with Sun Jae, and his face turns darker as he sees that indeed it may be more serious between Sun Jae and Hye Won.

Later Hye Won gives the order that Sun Jae gets his old piano back complete with repair services that ends up costing more than the value of the piano itself. Sun Jae is touched by her action and plays Mozart’s variations  of Ah vous dirai-je maman (which most of us recognize as twinkle twinkle little star)  for her.

Hye Won ends up returning at the salon where Da Mi works at why? I’m not sure, but I’m thinking she has a bit of a masochist streak, and also maybe to assess the competition better, but the more she gets along with Da Mi the worse the reaction will be, especially since Da Mi is spilling her hopes and desires to her.

We also get to see how dangerous and rough Da Mi is with just a hairpin and how after all is said and done she places the pin calmly back in her head while the rich girl she threatened (Joon Hyung’s female student with the rich mother) runs out a frightened and blubbering mess. Hye Won’s eyes about popped out of her skull when she saw Da Mi’s true violent nature that her silly chattering and smiles had hidden.

As Hye Won’s eating with In Soo and Jeong the other ladies start recalling their adventures as young people. Hye Won laments to Jeong that she never did those kinds of things always valueing money and becoming “smarter” over finding love. Jeong tells her that it’s thanks to her hard work that she has what she has today. Hye Won breaks down in tears that today isn’t as great as it seems with her body sagging in different parts and her heart having become like a grain of sand. She blurts out how it’s hard to compete with a pretty twenty year old. Jeong takes it to mean that Hye Won’s husband is cheating on her, which actually makes Hye Won laugh a little, but she manages to let Jeong think that she’s right.

Sun Jae starts to play the piano a bit but jumps to answer his phone as soon as it rings, but it turns out to be Joon Hyung calling him to ask if the piano arrived and takes the credit for having the idea to get the old piano back. Sun Jae tells him that he’s going to bed and they hang up. Joon Hyung meanwhile flashes back to the hug between Sun Jae and Hye Won with absolutely no expression. Dude that’s creepy as all get out.

Hye Won tells Lily about her husband’s affair with the restaurant lady and she takes it all in stride. While these two ladies go over what happened during Lily’s trip to Europe, Young Woo is whining like a kid to her father requesting one of two things. Either he let’s her divorce, but nope not possible since her husband is the head of their legal department, or two, he gives her control over their apparel company, but that’s not going to happen either.

She whines that he told her he’d keep her happy. He tells his daughter that  for a businessman money is happiness, so it’s better she build up her own small company and he’ll even assign her somebody to help her.

Lily is appraised of this by Director Min who overheard the discussion between Young Woo and her father. They both believe that the person will be Hye Won so Lily hurriedly gives her a beautiful diamond necklace as “appreciation” for what Hye Won has done for her as her subordinate as well as offering her a job managing a business venture she’s thinking of setting up, Hye Won prevaricarates and says she’s too timid to try something new. Lily doesn’t think so but she also tells Hye Won that to disobey Chairman Seo is also another good strategy.

When they go downstairs Chairman Seo chooses Hye Won as his fourth player in his mahjong table and Lily goes with the other businessmen as their gracious hostess. While playing Chairman Seo tells Hye Won that he’d like her to help out Young Woo build up a company.  Young Woo pipes up that the pay’ll be good and Director Min mutters that money is not always important, to which Young Woo retorts that the ONLY thing Hye Won has ever been interested is money. Hye Won speaks up then to say that she’ll agree IF, they hand over control of what she’ll be overseeing.

Young Woo becomes incensed and accuses Hye Won of wantint to become CEO, Hye Won says that the title doesn’t matter. Young Woo is so angry that like the brat she is she launches the mahjong pieces at Hye Won’s face as Lily tries to “block” any more hits, but the mad woman has already managed to cut Hye Won’s face before her father has people drag her out.

Lily is sooo glad at the occurance because now her husband has seen her daughter’s temper and will comply with Hye Won’s requests as a sort of apology/bribery.  Hye Won looks a little lost and shocked and yet also resigned as she holds an ice pack to her injured head.

Sun Jae is getting ready for bed when he receives a call from Hye Won asking him if he knows how to drive. He tells her that he does, so she requests that he drive her and keep her safe. When he walks out of his apartment she gets out of the driver’s seat and sits down on the passenger side all while hiding the cut from him. She tells him to drive in any direction in silence for two hours. He informs her that he’s good at being silent.


You know, I hadn’t really expected Joon Hyung to burst in and interrupt, but a little bit of me hoped that he would. Somehow if he’d reacted to what he’s just heard, maybe all is not lost, maybe they can part amicably if they can’t love each other. But his decision to be a creeper and leave quietly and then just keep mum while obviously plotting something made me drop any hope for reconciliation between spouses. He’ll probably use her as a tool.

Joon Hyung complains that he doesn’t understand Sun Jae that he’s hard to figure out, but for us the viewers, I think it’s Joon Hyung who is hard to understand. His face is so inscrutable and behind the whining, wining and public jovial face, we don’t know what he’s thinking. It’s scary to me.

I really love how Sun Jae and Hye Won connect more over music and silence than anybody can with hours of speaking. Even they can’t manage to convey their feelings very well with words. Hye Won’s words are often meant to disguise her meanings and discourage Sun Jae from loving her. Sun Jae’s words are too honest, and therefore unable to penetrate Hye Won’s defenses because she has all her wards up against spoken feelings. However she’s incredibly weak towards music and thus she continues to fall  for him inspite of disbelieving his words.

You know, I think I may have gone a bit loca back there in episode three when I felt sorry for Young Woo she’s such a violent person! But I think that’s also part of the reason I pity her, she was never taught how to channel her negative emotions correctly probably due to being raised more as a “business” opportunity than a person by her father. He married her probably to control his legal department and he own’t let her divorce because of the same reasons. It’s like she has no control over what really matters in her life so she must make everyone just as miserable as she is.


2 thoughts on “Secret Love Affair- Episode 6 Recap

  1. Yee Nee says:

    I’m so glad you are still recapping this drama! Thanks a million!

    There’s no way I can catch up on this drama as in my country we don’t have that paid TV Cable so your recap is my way of keeping up to date with this drama while I catch up with this drama on daily motion – if they do upload there.

    I am so suprised that JH got whiff on what is going on between SJ & HW, but somehow I think he will not do anything…yet at least for a few more episodes.

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