Discuss: WGM 2- Heechul + Puff <3

WGM Season 2:

Heechul +Puff couple!

I know nobody really cares who my biases are in the K-pop world are but I’ll shout it loud and clear: HEECHUL OPPA!!!

So I’ve been his fan since November 2005 when he debuted with SuJu (though I love SuJu he’s the #1) Therefore I’m soo glad that he gets to have a gf even if it’s make believe, I was getting worried that he’d only go out with his Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Pillow Doll. I know he probably has had a few relationships but they most probably didn’t last long because SuJu member’s girlfriends or suspected girlfriends get so much hassle.

So even if it’s make believe, I’ll give my support to the Cherry Oppa-Puff couple! Maybe he’ll be less afraid of his fans noticing he’s in a relationship after this show is over and actually go out and have fun like a normal 30 year old. Please Heechul fans let him have a relationship! I want to see Oppa having kids who’ll be just as good looking as he is!

In this first Date, they are so adorable and awkward. He’s the most awkward out of the two of them… hahaha I laughed when he was practicing how to greet her. He tried several and somehow he came out looking “greasy” in most… hahahah

And then his fail english cracked me up as usual. lol he thought ‘photo’ was ‘ppoppo’ or kiss in Korean.muahahaha. He was all ;’this girl this girl’ for the audacity of asking for a kiss in the first meeting lol. he’s a wierd one.  jejeje

Puff seems like she’s easy going and humorous so I think she’ll take Heenim’s strange 4D style in good humour and enjoy it. In fact I think they both laughed A LOT in this episode of WGM which was great to see.

I was really proud that oppa took off his coat for Puff when she asked him to and didn’t complain and was trying to reassure her that he’d be alright so that she’d take it. He was pretty gentlemanly there.

They don’t speak each other’s language and English is not that great for Heechul so they’re trying hard to communicate with each other  but they’re having fun which is a good thing 🙂



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