OST HIGHLIGHT: Henry – It’s You – While You Were Sleeping

This week’s episodes of While You Were Sleeping really hit me in the gut, and makes me fear for the eventual safety of one of my favourite characters: uri batman cop Woo Tak. I want my three flying dragons to stay safe and say goodbye to us in one piece at the end!! But I have developed a real fear of caring for side character from this drama writer – she ends up killing people I fall in love with!

Anywho- I just wanted put a highlight on this week’s standout song from the drama: It’s You sung by SJ-M’s Henry Lau. I’ve got admit that I am a sucker for slow buildup in songs and that it starts with my favourite instrument – the piano- is a bonus.  The melody carried by Henry’s voice and harmonized with the piano is beautiful and then the build up with the drums..gah I start to swoon.

I am loving Henry’s voice. I admit my love for all of my SuJu oppas (only dongsaeng are Kyu and Henry but because they’re handsome they’re oppas) and I love their rather unique voice colours, but I never really paid much attention to Henry’s voice. (sorry!) Henry, while a cutie pie, I loved more for his violin instrumentals in his songs and his rather 4D personality in variety shows but not specifically for his voice. However, this song really made me appreciate that he has a rather nice expressive and warm voice, that is actually  quite good at evoking emotion.

Yay Henry!


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