Buamdong Revenge Social Club Episode 3

I wish I had the audacity to make a revenge club with a pair of strangers who are actually kind and loving people and who can become like my sisters in almost no-time flat. Unfortunately this only happens in dramaland. In real life I might end up murdered.

We open up with the ending from the last episode where Soo Gyum is trying to convince Jung Hye to let him join the revenge club.

He insists that he really came to get revenge because he’s mad at his birth parents for forgetting him and then turn his life upside down on a whim. He says that he’ll help her get her revenge too and that way she’ll be happy.

Jung Hye tells him that it’s a grown up matter and just when things get a little argumentative between them the philanderer shows up with a gift for each of them. A tablet for Soo Gyum and jewelry for Jung Hye.

It’s obvious that he didn’t get the gifts personally since Jung Hye is able to troll him into believing the necklace is actually a pair of earrings.

Jung Hye goes to her room and leaves the boys behind playing video games. in her room she notices that her things are a little out of place.

She meets up with the other Avengers and tells them about Soo Gyum’s proposal. Do Hee and Mi Sook are against having a child involved in adult matters. Do Hee says it feels like they’d be using the child instead of helping him Mi Sook says she really feels bad for him having to deal with his world turned upside down by the adults in his life.

At school Soo Gyum tries to approach So Yeon and tells her that she’s just as much to blame for not taking action when Hee Soo was sent tumbling down the stairs. She tells him that she doesn’t want to get involved and to leave her alone.

As he’s passing by an open window, Soo Gyum over hears Hee Soo being bullied again and before it turns into a fight, grabs the bucket of dirty water that So Yeon was using and poured it out the window right on top of bullies. Hee Soo sees hearts again.I am loving the bromance between these two kids.

So Yeon covers for Soo Gyum when the bullies run inside and sends them on a wild goose chase.  Soo Gyum tells her that she’s an accomplice now. She tells him that she just didn’t want to get more involved.

Do Hee returns the money that Jung Hye had given Hee Soo as spending money and asks that she not give so much money away like that. She tells her if they’re bound by money then the club won’t be able to go forward well. Jung Hye accepts the money back and dejectedly asks if she really can’t give money to Hee Soo. Do Hee tells her to give him just enough for ramend, but Jung Hye is really bad at calculating costs and names enough money to buy ramen for months XD.

At the end of the school day Hee Soo goes to find Soo Gyum confirming that the dirty waterfall was Soo Gyum saving him again. Soo Gyum invites him to go play arcade games together.

They have a blast playing silly games with Hee Soo beating Soo Gyum’s strength record on the punching bag game. Soo Gyum asks for the ramen he wasn’t able to taste the last time.

The ladies are there having a good time chatting and Jung Hye is back to savouring her favourite instant coffee.

Hee Soo takes him to the market where his mother has her fish stall to get ingredients for the ramen. Hee Soo tells his mom that he’s the hyung that saved him after he fell down the stairs. Do Hee immediately goes to thank him and though she’s reluctant to shake his hands because of the fish smell, Soo Gyum the sweetheart just grabs it and tells her that he doesn’t mind and compliments her.

Do Hee presents  Mi Sook to Hee Soo and tells Soo Gyum that they’re the three fair maidens of fate. XD

Jung Hye gets up right away and hands over some spending money  to Hee Soo who looks back to his mom for permission to accept. She doesn’t acknowledge Soo Gyum’s presence with even a passing hello. Soo Gyum does seem a little sad about it but just says goodbye to her.

Later in the evening Soo Gyum makes ramen as he hums the melody from Jung Hye’s musical box. Soo Gyum makes a bowl for Jung Hye and asks that they become closer instead of making deals. Jung Hye is already a little pissed because he has gone into her room without permission and tells him that she doesn’t want to be closer, they should make a deal and he should leave as soon as he graduates.

Back at Do Hee’s house her dinner with Hee Soo gets interrupted by the entrance of her daughter lugging all of belongings back home. At first it seems serious but then Do Hee and her daughter are jumping up and down because she got a job as a P.E. instructor. Hee Soo’s a little wary since she’ll be teaching at his school.

Misook tries to talk to Soyeon but on finding the room locked, loses her courage. Instead she goes into her son’s unused bedroom where everything seems to be waiting for him and starts cleaning.

After the failed ramen sharing attempt, Soo Gyum  goes to his room and retrieves the doll that Jung Hye used to look at all the time in the nursery and then stealthily enters Jung Hye’s room to place it on her vanity table.

However Jung Hye walks in just as he’s setting it down and starts in on him. She tells him that he’s not allowed to try to be closer because the cannot and will not become friendly with each other. She tells him not to dare come into her room and touch her things.

His feelings are hurt and he asks if family isn’t allowed to do things for each other. She just tells him to leave.

However as soon as he leaves she sees the doll and notices that it’s been lovingly repaired. She seems a little ashamed for her outburst towards him.

We see in a flashback that Soo Gyum had worked on it meticulously and had even got hurt in the process.

The next day Soo Gyum isn’t present at breakfast, and when the housekeeper tells the couple that he left early in the morning the only one who seems bothered by his empty chair is Jung Hye.

Hee Kyung goes to meet the school principal, and at once we notice that the principle is a dirty sexual harasser  since he keeps his eyes on her legs as soon as she enters the room, and immediately starts groping her arm as he shakes her hand and holds her hands more than is necessary.

That night Hee Kyung is welcomed home with a cake and candles to celebrate the completion of her first day at work. She smiles but as soon as Hee Soo and Do Hee present a new track suit they got her for work she crumbles and starts to cry. She tells them that she might end up fired.

We flashback to earlier that evening when the school staff had gone out to eat samgyupsal together. Hee Kyung was seated next to the sexual predator who kept squeezing her thighs in spite of her continual rebuffs and after one particular squeeze Hee Kyung had pushed his hands off and accidentally ended up pouring a hot bowl of soup on his nether regions.

Mom and little bro are immediately pissed off and want to go deal with the jerk. Hee Kyung tells them to calm down and she reminds mom that she’d told her to edure. Hee Soo tells her that that isn’t something to be endured and Hee Soo yells that she should have used taekwondo.

Do Hee suddenly gets an idea and asks if they trust her. Both children just look at her puzzled.

She actually sends a text to her avengers group calling for an urgent meeting.

Meanwhile the Predator, the Philanderer, and the Abuser are indulging in some drinks and showing a disgusting example of the ‘old boys club’ mentality. Where they talk about their wives, sex and politics in a disgusting manner. ugh. asses the lot of ’em.

Jung Hye isn’t surprised much about the Predator’s actions saying that he was her teacher in high school and was referred to since back then as Pervert Hong.

They try to think of scenarios to get back to him. One of them being Do Hee the seducer heehee but it doesn’t work even in their imagination. Mi Sook talks about doing it all legally and up front organizing parents and everything but Do Hee nixes that because  there is no evidence.

Jung Hye suggests “cutting it off” and they imagine it, Jung Hye holding a butcher knife and Do Hee large scissors, but Police Mi Sook appears in the daydream to say that they can’t do anything that leaves wounds.

Since they can’t come up with a good idea right away the vow to think of a good one becausethey can’t let him get away with more of his nastiness.

As it turns out Soo Gyum has gone back to his grandparent’s land/  It must be a death anniversary because he brings makgeulli and candy to his grandparent’s burial mounds.

As he’s walking around he notices that there are people surveying the land and he gets pissed off and tries to shoo them away. His birth mom comes up and tells him that she’s the one that let them survey the land because she’s the real owner not him since he’s under age.

Soo Gyum gets even more angry and when he sees one of the surveyors step on the crops he goes ballistic and starts pummeling them.  The mom is useless and just flits around like a fly.

Mi sook is startled when her husband goes in for a backhug while she’s washing dishes. He notices that she pulls away but doesn’t comment on it and instead tells her that he’ll wash the dishes. She turns away and starts cleaning the table.

While he’s washing the dishes he asks her about So Yeon and how she’s doing in school, and before you begin to think that he might care about his daughter, he makes it all about him saying that it wouldn’t do if the daughter of the minister of education is a mess. He also asks her to go to school meetings to make friends with school moms since that’ll be a way to promote him too.

Soo Gyum is taken into police custody for assault but he acts like he doesn’t know her. The police officers ask him for the name and number of his guardian, he looks conflicted and stays silent.

He must have given them Jung Hye’s number because suddenly the ladies, who’d previously been conducting another brainstorming meeting in the park, are all together in Jung Hye’s car. They’re all going together to pick him up. Just as they start enjoying the breeze in the countryside a stack of hay falls on their  front windshield and they end up in a ditch.

That doesn’t stall our avengers, Do Hee immediately starts trying to hitch a ride but meets failure after failure, when one car does finally stop Jung Hye refuses to get in because it smelled. LOL.

They end up riding on a truck with an flat bed. They immediately perk up as they enjoy the breeze but that too is short lived when it starts to rain. XD The little instrumental piece that almost seems like they use a requinto guitar throughout this moment is hilarious and makes me think of fun mexican movies from their golden era for some reason. 

The avengers finally arrive at the police station and  Misook and Do Hee are taken aback that Jung Hye’s stepson is Soo Gyum. Jung Hye steps up to sign the release form and tells him that the next time he leaves  the house he has to tell her or at least get into a fight near their home. Soo Gyum gives a little smile at that.

He invites the ladies to eat at the place that his grandparent’s had left him. The ladies are  amazed at how well he cooks and thoroughly enjoy the meal.

Junghye reminds the avengers to call their families to tell them that they wouldn’t be home. Mi Sook lies and says she’s at the hospital with her mother in law and Do Hee just tells her kids that she’s out with friends. Soo Gyum asks Jung Hye if she should call her husband, but she says that he probably hadn’t even noticed that she wasn’t home.

While Do Hee is complimenting and saying he’s a good kid, Soo Gyum comes out and asks to to join their club.  They turn him down with different reasons but the one he accepts that is that it’s a woman’s only  club. He laughs that he hadn’t thought of that requirement.

He tells her that he wanted to get revenge even more now because he’d made a deal with his birth mom and she’d broken it by trying to sell it off.

As they drive back to Seoul they make sure that he’s asleep as they plan their next mission. But he’s overheard their plans and smiles with his eyes closed.

At school the Predator finds Hee Kyung and says he has the perfect job for he. The three Avengers walk into the school and spy Hee Kyung and as it turns out he’s put her out in the sun pulling out weeds.  Do Hee immediately gets pissed off by the fact that he’s put her to do things that have nothing to do with her teaching job. But Hee Kyung asks her to not do anything and that she’ll endure.

Next we see our avengers go through a lot of trouble and ultimately failing to complete the mission of apparently putting laxatives in the water the Principal would be drinking.

Bully mom tries to sit up front and next to Do Hee but has to get up to her embarrassment and concede her seat to Jung Hye and Mi Sook.

The meeting starts off with Bully mom doing a lot of brown nosing to the Predator.  Do Hee gets up and makes pointed questions about a principal that abused his position and abused a student however she sits back down in tears as she sees her daughter pleading in the background. The Predator starts to feel a little hot around the collar and drinks the water in the covered cup.

Mi Sook stands up and stutters that she has something that she has to say to him. But right as she starts talking the Predator starts having painful bowel movements and tries to get up but stays stuck to his chair no matter how hard he’s pulled up.

He end up escaping to bathroom with the chair glued to his ass.

As they come out giggling about what happened Soo Gyum walks down the stairs to meet them. Another flashback shows us that right before the ladies had arrived he’d put laxatives in the water and sprayed glue on the chair.

The predator receives a cryptic text message that his past would come back to haunt him and with evidence to.

It’s back to the cafe where the club was born and this time they’re joined by Soo Gyum.


This drama is hitting all the right beats emotionally and I am so happy for the three ladies. They’ve truly found a group that where they can be themselves, a little clueless a little violent, and definitely more assertive than they otherwise are in their daily lives. I think that it’ll be great for Soo Gyum to have these ladies to care for him too, he’s too alone and afloat right now and his birth parents are a couple of idiots, so it’ll be great to see a true mother-son relationship develop between him and Jung Hye.

I teared up to see Soo Gyum repair the doll for Jung Hye and be rebuffed for meddling. However I was gratified to see that Jung Hye started noticing from there that he was a good kid and I was glad that she noticed and was worried a bit when he disappeared. So I definitely have a lot of hope for these two.


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