Buamdong Revenge Social Club Episode 4

This episode was one emotionally intense ride. Some things we might have suspected come to the forefront other things might have been unexpected but so informative about the character. This also solidified my interest in the revenge club and I really want them to succeed in all their ventures. The little family has been created and not a moment too soon!

Our avengers meet up after and they can’t stop laughing at what happened at the conference at school. Every time they meet each other’s eyes they start cracking up.

At another cafe Lee Byung Soo meets Soo Gyum’s birth mother and in a ridiculous attempt to not appear to be talking with her he sits in a table behind hers but they are so obvious about talking to each other that it’s pointless. He reprimands her for letting Soo Gyum stay at the police station. And we start getting a sense that they’re working together in stealing Soo Gyum’s grandparents land from under him. The jackasses.

When Mi Sook comes home she notices her daughter talking to Hee Soo’s bully. She tries to talk to her but So Yeon characteristically shuts her out and belligerently tells her that she’s friends with the bully and that Mi Sook has no right to judge her friends.

Soo Gyum is called down to meet his grandfather. Hilariously grandfather tells his son that he only wants to go out with Soo Gyum and leaves him standing on the sidewalk as they dirve away.

Byung Soo turns to Jung Hye saying that he doesn’t know what Soo Gyum’s thinking about half the time but she just scoffs at him for being jealous about being left behind.

And then he says that if she weren’t flawed then they wouldn’t need to bring Soo Gyum in. As it’s a comment regarding her miscarriage it’s a comment that he instantly recognizes as putting his foot in his mouth. She gives him a murderess glare and tells them that it’s because she’s flawed that she met a man like him.

Grandpa takes Soo Gyum to his favourite restaurant which is surprisingly very down to earth and not some 10 star place. He’s pleased to see Soo Gyum place the cutlery for both of them and then ask for what turn’s out to be his own favourite dish and one he has never eaten with his sons because they are picky divas (my words not his).

Grandfather is very frank with Soo Gyum and asks him why he decided to come right after his grandmother’s burial. Soo Gyum answers truthfully that he was curious about the family that came for looking him after such a long time.

Grandfather asks what Soo Gyum thinks of him and Soo Gyum answers that he thinks that grandfather looks like a chairman. Grandfather is a little sad that Soo Gyum doesn’t really see him as a grandfather but he’s impressed that Soo Gyum didn’t lie.

Jung Hye is called by her older sister and she goes to meet her while her sister is working. The whole interaction between them is strained and Jung Hye’s reprimanded for not informing her family about having acquired a grown up son. It’s actually the first time seeing Jung Hye so passive and subservient. She immediately feels like a servile younger sister to a hard and rather cruel and dismissive older sister.

The avengers meet up later that day to de-stress so they join Mi Sook in her flower arrangement class. Mi Sook is still reeling from the fact that her daughter is friends with Hee Soo’s bully and is a tad bit uncomfortable holding on to that secret and not coming clean with Do Hee.

Mi Sook seems a little calmer once they are working with the flowers but but Do Hee and Jung Hye don’t have Mi Sook’s gentleness and delicacy and they are not feeling less stressed than before the start of the flower arranging.

Jung Hye decides enough is enough after peeling off petals, and decides to take them to the shooting range. Once their Do Hee and Jung Hye immediately take to shooting and Mi Sook is a little more wary. However in a surprising turn of events Mi Sook is the one with the best aim having shot several bullet directly on the cardiac region. They joke that she’s a natural specialist. Somebody should get these actresses a spy comedy a la the movie The Heat.

On their way up to eat they run into the husbands who’d come to play screen golf and eat. Do Hee skedaddles out of there when the husbands tell Junhye and MiSook to join them for a meal. The girls feel bad about leaving Do Hee behind but she waves them away.

Do Hee goes out to drink by herself and as she’s leaving she crosses paths with the jerk from episode 1, the one she’d poured water on in the bathroom. He tries to con her out of money citing how much he got hurt from the incidente but when Do Hee answers back that he looks just fine, he raises his hands as if to hit her.

That’s when her random knight in shining toolbelt comes to her rescue and pretends to be her man. He scares off the jerk by putting a hand next to his hammer. jajaja. Then as it begins to rain he invited Do Hee to his wood working shop (I’m getting flashbacks of Valid Love’s Lee Soo Hyuk) for some warm tea.

Meanwhile Mi Sook and Jung Hye are in the middle of an uncomfortable meal with their husbands. Byung Soo asks Young Pyo (MiSook’s husband) how the met and Mi Sook’s husband jokes that he’s probably wondering how he’s not up to Mi Sook’s level. Jung Hye follows that up with a pointed comment about him having to chase after her so he must care for her even more. And then closes it off with a comment about a government official that got fired after being exposed as a domestic abuser. Mi Sook is startled and quickly sends Jung Hye a look begging her to stop.

However the calm is quickly destroyed when talk turns towards Mi Sook’s son who’s living abroad. Mi Sook quickly looks sick and begs off of dinner citing her need for the bathroom. Her husband starts drinking faster. Lee Byung Soo in the first rather normal comment he’s made, comments that Jung Hye should look after Mi Sook.

When Jung Hye catches up to Mi Sook she’s already waiting for a taxi to go talk with Do Hee, I presume that she’s going to confess to Do Hee about her daughter being friends with the bully. Jung Hye insists that she also has something to say to Do Hee so they share a taxi to go see her.

This whole time Do Hee has been with mysterious carpenter guy who happens to have a wood shop/ cafe and has prepared Do Hee a cup of Camomile tea to settle her nerves. However Do Hee is anything but settles as she drops her cup when she tries to answer the phone call from her Avenger dongsaengs.

Carpenter guy is gracious and tells her not to worry about the broken cup. As she’s leaving in the rain he runs out with an umbrella and comments that a woman has to be careful and not go out at night. Do Hee gets a case of the giggles once he’s out of earshot, finding it a little funny that someone considers her a woman. ( which she is. and Ra Mi ran is still pretty even in her ahjumma guise)

While on the car ride over to Do Hee , Mi sook texts her daughter and asks her to talk to her and that she trust her to do the right thing.

So yeon, like the right little adolescent brat she is, decides that riding on Bully’s motorcycle is the right way to get back at her mom. (I know there’s a lot of crap going on in her home life but, Hee Soo is also coping with a lot of problems and she’s so much better behaved than she is. and Soo Gyum also for that matter)

But the jerk is a jerk and when he sees Soo Gyum and Hee Soo at a crosswalk ready to start walking, with a sadistic little smirk and laugh decides to drive his motorcycle right next to them to give them a scare. He practically almost ran both boys over. The mom’s who’d already met up and had been about to cross to meet the boys run over to check them over since both boys had fallen back on the asphalt in surprise.

A couple of meters down the bully loses control of his motorcycle and he and So Yeon fall into a pile of trash. So Yeon tells him to run adn she’s the one that’s left behind to meet the mother’s wrath.

MiSook calls out to her in surprise and a little bit of disappointment. Do Hee is completely shocked to find out that the accomplice to the latest act of bullying had been Mi Sook’s daughter.

In the hospital Hee Soo worries over So Yeon’s cut on her arms but all she does is lash out on him that it’s all his fault.

Mi Sook tells Do Hee that she’s sorry about her daughter being part of the bullying group and tries to say that her daugher is not really a bad person just got into the wrong crowd. Which isn’t what Do Hee wants to hear at the moment shouting that everyone thinks their child isn’t a bad person.
Jung Hye tries to be a mediator but she’s out of her depth on this proble.

Mi Sook tries to get So Yeon to apologize for her behaviour but So Yeon ignores it and walks away.

As Do Hee and Hee Soo are walking home, she starts geting emotional about Hee Soo’s problems at school and that there were more people involved in the bullying than just Jong Wook (jerk bully). Hee Soo like the little darling he is tells his mom right away that he hadn’t even known So Yeon’s name before and that she was merely a rider today.

Hee Soo pulls his mom in and hugs her telling her that the one who worries him the most is the mom who only worries about him. (I swear this boy is the best son ever. it should totally be an award category somewhere)

Domestic abuser is drunk as a fox and reciting the heights of different mountains when MiSook and Soyeon arrive home. He goes up to them and immediately sees the bandage on So Yeon’s arm, and instead of being a worried dad all he say’s is that she better not have gotten into trouble that could ruin his political campaign.

Mi Sook in a small burst of defiance asks if he should really be running for office when they aren’t doing well as a family. He gets pissed off and almost hits Mi Sook, but So Yeon starts screaming in a fit of hysterics and doesn’t calm down even as m om hugs her and apologizes. Abuser actually stops and goes to another room.

The next day is Jung Hye’s mother’s birthday and she tells her husband to not that she’ll be the only one to go to the birthday dinner and that he and SOo Gyum should stay out of it.
Of course he doen’t listen to anything Jung Hye told him and instead proudly takes Soo Gyum to meet his “maternal’ family.

Jung Hye arrives later with flowers for her mom but her sister snidely remarks that her husband bought over a better gift in the form of a grown son. She also makes snide remarks that Jung Hye probably understands Soo Gyum’s position the best seeing as she’s an illegitimate daughter herself.

Jung Hye makes as if to leave the dinner party and her ‘older’ sister tells her to at least stay for the cake. Jung Hye flashbacks to a time when she’d been a cute little girl and had seen her older sister playing with her brother, and she’d tried to join in by stealing a small bite o cake from her sister’s plate only to have the cake thrown onto her own plate and her sister had flounced off and told her not to call her sister.

In response to one particularly meanspirited remark towards Jung Hye, Soo Gyum loyally remarks that “Mother” has actually treats him really well.

Evil Unnie comments that Jung Hye is surprisingly warm hearted after all. Jung Hye seems to come to a decision internally and just replies coolly that it’s not the kid’s fault for having been born after all.

After the rather unpleasant dinner party Jung Hye walks to her car and even though her husband tells Soo Gyum to just leave her alone, Soo gyum follows her to her car. He’s worried for Jung Hye as she seems to be crying over her steering wheel but in fact as he opens the door he realizes that she is laughing very gleefully.

As they drive around in her car he wonders how she held in all her thoughts all this time. She says that she’ll stop doing that now, that’s why she created the avengers club.

To gather the avenger’s together Soo Gyum makes a call sounding very urgent to both Do Hee and Mi Sook. They come running to see him at the local convenience store and he just sends them towards the back as he walks out of the store. Turns out the big emergency is that Jung Hye is shopping but didn’t bring money so she gives Mi Sook and Do Hee each a basket full of snacks and liquor to carry

They go eat it at their usual cafe. Turns out that Jung Hye rented out the cafe so they’re the only ones in there.

At first Mi Sook and Do Hee are awkward, but when Mi Sook apologizes to Do Hee, Do Hee cuts her off and tells her the one that over reacted was her. She tells Mi Sook that Hee Soo told her that So Yeon had never bullied him and that he’d never even talked to her before the motorcycle incident.

However Mi Sook is still uncertain about continuing the club. Jung Hye decides that it’s time that she tell them why she’s been uneasy for the past couple of days and out right tells them that her and Soo Gyum’s situation are the same. She asks them again if they are going to call off the club

Immediately there’s a change in Mi Sook and she fiercely says that of course there’s no way that they’re calling it off. Do Hee is sorry about having judged Jung Hye as a privileged lady, thinking that she’d had it all.

While our favourite ladies are having a heart to heart. Soo Gyum’s birth mom has decided to barge into Jung Hye’s house and starts terrorizing the maid by locking herself in Jung Hye’s room and messing around with Jung Hye’s expensive watches and in general being her trashy self.

Byung Soo arrives in a hurry and can’t control her so he pawns off his responsability to Soo Gyum.

Jung Hye is arriving home and witnesses Soo Gyum dragging his mom out.

When she enters her house she sees Byung Soo scolding the housemaid. She immediately and in no uncertain terms tells him that he’s the one responsible not the housemaid, and that as a father he should have taken care of the situation and not pawned it off to Soo Gyum.

Soo Gyum walks into the house and looks ashamed as he sees Jung Hye eating snacks by herself in the garden. He sits down across from her and apologizes for the mess, but she matter of factly tells him to stop apologizing for something that wasn’t his fault to begin with.

Some time later, Mi Sook is at her mother in law’s hospital room and she’s surprised by her friends dropping by with gifts of food and some more bubble wrap to keep the mom active.

She tells thanks them and tells them that her mother in law is very dear to her. She tells them that she’s practically like her mom.

Mom wakes up from her nap and is amazed at seeing all these sisters coming to visit. They laugh together as she says that Jung Hye looks like the much younger little sister of the group.
Mom tells them that she’s happy because she had a dream that her grandson was going to come visit her todaay. Jung Hye and Do Hee agree that that would really be great, but Mi Sook looks sad.

While they’re having a great time Mr. Domestic abuser makes his way towards the hospital room so Soo Gyum who’d gone out quickly texts the group about the intruder.

When Abuser comes into the room Do Hee and Jung Hye have hidden themselves behind curtains.

Mom is NOT happy to see her son and keeps yelling at him to bring back her grandson. She keeps calling him a bad guy and throwing the mandarins at him. He suddenly explodes and starts shouting at her.

We finally find out that Mi Sook’s son is NOT abroad. He’s actually dead. and Abuser shouts at his mom to get over it that he’s never coming back.

Mom has a sudden regression and starts chanting sorry and calling her son husband. OMG. This is horrible. She probably suffered the same way Mi Sook has with her own husband.

Mi Sook tells her husband to leave since he’s only worsening his mom’s condition by being there at the moment.

Once he’s gone the girls step out from behind the bed curtain. Mi Sook starts to cry and all the girls can do is stand in silent solidarity and Do Hee hugs Mi Sook’s shoulders.

When Mi Sook gets home she interrupts her husband who is throwing everything that belonged to their son in a box. When he sees that she won’t let him throw it out he walks out on her to sulk in his room .

the next morning the avengers turn out for a run together. Jung Hye says that from this point on they’re more than just club members they are family.

Just as they’re rallying together, Soo Gyum receives a message that has their photo from their first meeting held with four members.

This episode didn’t have a lot of forward movement in regards to revenge plans BUT we did have a lot of emotional discoveries that were important for this group toi really move forwaard and become their own little scooby gang/family.
It was very revealing that Jung Hye was an illegitamite shild and that she’d once been in Soo Gyum’s position. BUT whereas he has her now on his side, she grew up without any loving people on her side. Her natural cuteness and soft nature got worn down by constant derision from her half sister. But she has her avengers now. I think she’ll be really loved from now on by her new sisters.
As for the big reveal on Mi Sook’s side. It was not unexpected. You kind of got the feeling that the room was more like a shrine than anything else with the way that everything’s been kept the way her son left it and how she always lingered on his school uniform. So that in itself wasn’t so shocking, what intrigued me was Mom’s insistence that her son was at fault for whatever happened to her grandson. I’d like to know how exactly it happened, though I have a strong suspicion that it was suicide.

Also I don’t care about So Yeon so much. Yes I get it she’s tortured because of the violence at home, because her brother died, and she’s shut herself off. However she’s also at fault. She is shutting all routes of communication with her mom and she’s doing it just to spite her mom. That right there is what gets my knickers in a twist. I mean we’ve got two boys who also have their fair share of trouble, but they’ve come out completely different. They are humble, sweet and respectful. SO I’m sorry but I don’t have much pity for rude emo girl.

Do Hee’s matters took a back seat this episode but I’m really excited about how Mr. Sexy Carpenter fits into the story. Or if this is a one time only appearance. I don’t think we necessarily need a romantic interests for any of these ladies since the best emotional thread is the one within the avengers club, BUT I still wouldn’t mind someone crushing on Ra Mi Ran’s awesome Do Hee.


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