Recap: Secret love Affair – Episode 1


Episode 1 

We meet our main characters in their separate lifestyles. Oh  Hye Won (40) played by Kim Hee Ae  works as a planning director at Seo Han Arts Foundation and is married to a frustrated pianist.  We also get to meet Yoo Ah In  as 20-year old Lee Sun Jae, a delivery boy.  Continue reading


Wonderful Mama- Open Discussion eps 1-28

Wonderful Mama

This is a weekend drama being broadcast on SBS and is slated to be around fifty episodes.  The ratings have been middling according to AGB Nielson Nationwide ranging from 6.0 – 9.2. The highest (the 9.2 was reached on their 26th episode) I want everybody who’s watching this drama come and discuss in this post what they think, what they like, dislike or just want to rant about related to the drama to do so in this page. I couldn’t find anywhere to talk about it, so I’m thinking that we’re in need of a small space to do so!

Important Note: If you haven’t seen up till episode 28 be forewarned that Spoilers lie in wait in the murky waters of my post and comment sections. Get thee gone Spoiler Phobes, and come back once you’ve reached the 28th episode. I don’t hate thee, I’m one of you too!! but I don’t wish to incur your wrath by spoiling it for you!! So hie thee to your computer and marathon it and come back to rave in this lunatic’s closet! Continue reading

The Onew Condition

This is an extremely random post that I want to share with you all to lighten up your middle of the week blues.

There are many videos out there of idols being dorks and clumsy, and it just makes me crack up  when I see them, But honestly hardly anybody makes me laugh as much as SHINee’s Onew. He’s the dorkiest, clumsiest most fervently endearing idol boy, I’ve seen in a while. (Also he’s the reason why I gave SHINee a chance way back when I was a SuJu crazed fan who ignored all the other bands out there… I’m still an E.L.F. but I can listen to other’s without feeling like I betrayed my SuJu “oppas” )

So anyways, going back to Onew. He has what the fans endearingly call the Onew Sangtae or “Onew Condition” where whatever he’s doing,  especially when he’s trying to be “Cool” he ends up dorking out, either by falling, making a weird sound, or saying unfunny/corny jokes.

Many fans have compiled quite a bit of footage of his dorkiest moments and it’s hilarious to see how many times he falls prey to his condition.

Here are some clips edited by fans:

However he’s still SHINee’s extremely talented leader-nim

How I hate this Monster-in-Law- one hundred year’s inheritance


So I started watching One Hundred Years Inheritance and though I’m digging Chae Won’s (Eugene) blood related family I totally abhor the in-law’s she lives with. Starting off with her husband who is a total and complete mama’s boy  who probably can’t take a step towards the bathroom for a piss without telling mommy as well as a complete and utter douche, the sis-in-law is a bi-yotch who enjoys someone else’s pain, and the main crazy in that household the Mother in law. Continue reading

SITH #2: King 2 Hearts

I have a major Lee Seung Gi shaped area in my heart so I usually watch his dramas with  avid interest. I don’t know how it came to be since objectively he’s not the hottest guy in the world but to me he’s definitely the most adorable. My heart melts and is ready to accept his projects with affection and so far he hasn’t disappointed, and King 2 Hearts despite the weird title might just be my favourite… beating out even MGIAG (where he was just sooo cute with SMA).  Continue reading