Extravagant Challenge- Episode 11 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 11


An ending is a new beginning, Gong Xi finished her MV with Shang succesfully and is immediately requested for a drama.  Continue reading


Extravagant Challenge- Episode 10 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 10

A lot of Shang-anigans today… fun times. Now he won’t be able to get her off his mind, there’s no way she’ll be “just the friend who’s more like a maid” Gong Xi to him. Continue reading

Extravagant Challenge- Episode 5 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 5


Let there be more Gong Xi/He Lian moments! I’m glad that Siwon is now playing his part more convincingly, he’s been steadily improving so I’m quite pleased. The show isn’t the best, but the whole is better because most of it’s parts are engaging, for example Manager Du has my heart^^ Continue reading

Extravagant Challenge- Episode 3 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 3


The Cell Phone Reaction Test was going well at first, the President was impressed by the first half of her reaction. However, the caller had said things too similar to what Sho had told her and she lost it.  among her most impressive retorts “If an apology could change things, then there would be no hell.” Continue reading

Extravagant Challenge- Episodes 1 & 2 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episodes 1 & 2

Ok folks, 2 episodes have aired for Extravagant Challenge (Skip Beat). So as I announced way back when I will be writing recaps for it,  but because the first two episodes are pretty much set-up episodes, I’ll recap them together.

Warning: I’m a huge fan of the Manga, and a huge fan of the idol actors (Siwon & Donghae), however I’ll try my hardest to be impartial towards their acting. Continue reading