Super Junior – Black Suit


We’ve been teased about this awesome number through our boy’s vlive and now we’ve got it to watch!

Can I say that I am happy that our boys are out of the usual white box with lights and have actual sets!! And it’s great to see that a song that’s fun and funky actually have a fun and funky MV and that we can see our boys having fun with it 🙂

The idea of an auction is hilarious. I would never have thought of that storyboard for this song. But then again they’ve surprised me by their bizarrely fun MVs like the one for Mamacita, so I should be used to their playful antics, but it’s always a great surprise.

I am definitely looking forward towards all their promotional activity!

I am in love with the MV and song even though I miss the members in the army and the member (my raccoon Kangin) that has made wrong choices in driving under the influence… I understand why they are missing from this album. BUT I am most angry that they decided to leave Sungmin out because he got married and some butt-hurt fans campaigned against him. He doesn’t have to tell us about every single girlfriend, and he’d already said waaaay before that he was the type to keep those things out of the public eye. So butt hurt fans should get over it. Sorry. I had to get that out there.



Extravagant Challenge- Episode 3 Recap

Extravagant Challenge

Episode 3


The Cell Phone Reaction Test was going well at first, the President was impressed by the first half of her reaction. However, the caller had said things too similar to what Sho had told her and she lost it.  among her most impressive retorts “If an apology could change things, then there would be no hell.” Continue reading

Future Project.

Hi guys I’m just going to tell you waaay ahead of time that the next “for Sure” recap project that I’m going to tackle will also be a taiwanese drama^^ I can’t help it, especially since it involves two of my very lovely Super Junior members. It’s Extravagant Challenge!

I am looking forward to SIwon’s acting, though I’m a little wary of Donghae’s acting, because he’s pretty much a newbie to acting with only two acting creds to his name: SJ’s Attack of the Pin-up Boys and this past year’s K-drama It’s Alright Daddy’s girl.

Also how can I not be interested in the first adaptation to one of my most favourite mangas? I want to see it so badly. I hope that the characters aren’t changed too much from the manga though I don’t mind if they change minor details. Skip Beat manga is very fun and there’s a lot that can be mined from it so I hope that it’s done well and we all have a thoroughly enjoyable ride throughout^^

About three years ago it had been rumoured that Ariel Lin took up the project and then it was announced that she’d dropped it. I was so sad since I’d just finished watching TKA at that moment and was looking forward to another Ariel Lin drama. The drama was also taken up and dropped by it’s male lead, and without a cast it floated around for quite awhile.

Then came the very happy news that it was taken up by Siwon and Donghae and that the female lead would be Ivy Chen of who I unsurprisingly know zero about.

Right now we’re looking towards a Mid-December release date so keep it on your calenders!