Recap: Secret love Affair – Episode 1


Episode 1 

We meet our main characters in their separate lifestyles. Oh  Hye Won (40) played by Kim Hee Ae  works as a planning director at Seo Han Arts Foundation and is married to a frustrated pianist.  We also get to meet Yoo Ah In  as 20-year old Lee Sun Jae, a delivery boy.  Continue reading


Arang and the Magistrate: Episodes 1-4

Arang and the Magistrate

Episode 1-4

So I watched the first four episodes of Arang and the Magistrate and I find that I am very impressed with it’s cinematographic beauty not to mention it’s quirky attitude and charming story (so-far). The vividness of the color, the sharpness in detail, the interesting angles, added to the crazy story that has actually managed to get me fully behind Arang, it’s really obvious that the director and the writer have a method to their madness because it all comes together to make it a visual delicacy.  Nom Nom, I’m eating it up with Joon Ki as the main dish! (I luff him ) Continue reading

Can Love Become Money- Episode 1 Recap

Can Love Become Money

Episode 1


Let’s Meet our Cast:

 Yeon Jeong Hoon is Ma In Tak

  • So far, we know that he’s an illegitimate child who was orphaned at a young age.
  • His relatives are gold diggers who want him to marry so that they can inherit half of the value of a premium piece of land his grandmother bought before her death.
  • He is a neurotic mess who doesn’t believe in anybody, doesn’t trust something he hasn’t confirmed for himself and is extremely blunt.
 Uhm Ji Won is Yoon Da Ran

  • Since childhood she learned that those with money had power and lorded it over those who didn’t
  • Her mother died of a usually curable illness because they didn’t have enough money to go to go to the doctor.
  • She puts her trust in people so she ends up a swindler’s victim
 Wang Bit-Na is Hong Mi Mi

  • She is a second rate actress who can’t find a job
  • She’s divorced and in desperate need of money
  • She’s taken on her most challenging role: to pose as Ma In Tak’s sister Hong Mi Sun- it’ll be hard going to convince the distrustful  In Tak
 Jo  Yeon Woo is Kim Sun Woo

  • Probably an old flame of Mi Mi’s
  • He’s the mastermind behind the ‘Let’s trick In Tak into believing your his sister’ plan (Kind of like Dmitri in Anastasia- I wonder if the lie will turn out to be truth)
  • He’s Mysterious with a capital M

Continue reading

Fondant Garden: Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Fondant Garden

Episode 1 & 2


I had no idea that Park Jungmin had decided to do a drama in Taiwan, so I gave it a try when I saw information about it, and it has made me giggle so much! I’m glad I decided to watch it. However I’m also worried about where it’s going on the whole “business and inheritance” issue but I’m liking the romantic side of this show. It’s fun and it’s a breezy watch! Continue reading

In Time with You- Episode 1 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 1

Main Cast: 

Li Yi Chen- You Qing

Chen Bo Lin- Li Da Ren


I’ve started watching a new drama. Before I start this recap I’ve got to confess that I don’t normally watch T-dramas. I’ve at most watched 6 as compared to the over 30 k-dramas and over 20 J-doramas. And out of those relative few T-dramas I’ve watched, 3 of them have been  Li Yi Chen’s (Ariel Lin)-ISWAK, TKA & Love or Bread. This time it’s her new drama titled In Time with You . I have to watch it, especially since they’re saying that she’ll probably retire after this. sigh. And just when I’ve been trying to get into T-dramas. Continue reading