In Time With You- Episode 6 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 6

Intro Commentary

I think this episode has a lot of misunderstandings. Finally some are faced and fixed and others are still festering waiting to explode.  I want everything to come out in the open, I want them(You Qing mostly in this ep) to really listen to what they’re saying. I want them to use their incredible bond to notice how much more than friends they are. I swear this relationship they have has more love, more devotion and honest to goodness caring than many marriages! They have a lot going for them and I hope they realize it SOON! or I’m going to die… I swear I’m about to self-destruct, implode, or what have you.

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Ok! this week’s episode has been good – great, but I’m still thinking about everything’s that happened and the promise of what will happen… I think I’m beginning to hate spoilers >_< because it makes me so impatient for Sunday and it’s only Tuesday right now~!

In Time With You – Episode 5 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 5


What does it take for a person to understand another person?  For sure knowing what his/her favourite colour, movie or food, won’t help you. You can know all that and still not understand anything at all.  It’s something that we all learn sooner or later, and in this episode, it’s Maggie’s turn to realize it. You Qing and Da Ren know a lot for each other, perhaps they don’t know everything, but they “get” each other. They understand the essence of the person that is underneath the skin.  Continue reading

In Time With You- Episode 4

In Time With You

Episode 4


Today it was all about denial. Denial, You Qing is drowning willfully in that wide river. She knows that she’s jealous but she refuses to analyze the reasons for it. Da Ren on the other hand, knows that he loves You Qing and has started to step out of his denial phase, but doesn’t know what to do with that knowledge.

This episode is all about the relationship between Da Ren and You Qing, how they each perceive each other and how they think the other perceives them in return.  Continue reading

In Time With You- Episode 3

In Time With You

Episode 3


First off before I start the recap I have to say that I love ITWY’s mood, pace, ambiance, and the awesome acting by both Ariel and Chen Bo Lin. They make me feel like YQ and LDR could be my friends too, they’re just that real. I appreciate the little things, quirks that make them so real, like the fact that they too get busy and can’t talk to each other all the time, and one might get miffed about it though forget later when the other calls back. Or how LDR is so used to teasing and being hit by YQ for his smartass answers/ comments that he scoots that half inch away in anticipation before the hit comes. I love their friendship to bits and though I wish that they would realize they love each other and face life together, I don’t mind watching them be great friends to each other.  Continue reading

In Time With You- Episode 2 Recap

In Time with you

Episode 2

Intro Commentary

As I watched this episode I kept reading comments about how slow this story was unfolding, how nothing was going on.  I beg to differ. The drama doesn’t have a very big concept, there’s no evil that needs to be vanquished so that our two heroes can get together. At this point it’s not even guaranteed that they will end up together, because ending up together isn’t really the end all and be all of these two friends. They already are together in the ways that count- they share their dreams, passions, disappointments, heartbreaks and even the difference between pads. They’re already walking life together in parallel lines, and they’re not even sure that they want to intersect, but like two lines that intersect they’re afraid that they’ll end up losing that easy companionship and be forced to move away from each other. Continue reading

In Time with You- Episode 1 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 1

Main Cast: 

Li Yi Chen- You Qing

Chen Bo Lin- Li Da Ren


I’ve started watching a new drama. Before I start this recap I’ve got to confess that I don’t normally watch T-dramas. I’ve at most watched 6 as compared to the over 30 k-dramas and over 20 J-doramas. And out of those relative few T-dramas I’ve watched, 3 of them have been  Li Yi Chen’s (Ariel Lin)-ISWAK, TKA & Love or Bread. This time it’s her new drama titled In Time with You . I have to watch it, especially since they’re saying that she’ll probably retire after this. sigh. And just when I’ve been trying to get into T-dramas. Continue reading