SITH #2: King 2 Hearts

I have a major Lee Seung Gi shaped area in my heart so I usually watch his dramas with  avid interest. I don’t know how it came to be since objectively he’s not the hottest guy in the world but to me he’s definitely the most adorable. My heart melts and is ready to accept his projects with affection and so far he hasn’t disappointed, and King 2 Hearts despite the weird title might just be my favourite… beating out even MGIAG (where he was just sooo cute with SMA).  Continue reading


1983 & 1987

I like hot guys, I confess. I’m sorry but I will definitely continue to drool over handsome men, and so that’s what I was doing when I noticed something interesting. I was looking up info on my favourite actors and singers and I noticed that 1983 & 1987 are the popular years for me… so does that mean that I have this propensity to be attracted to men born in those two years, or are men born in those years are just that great? Judge for yourself Continue reading