Buamdong Revenge Social Club Episode 4

This episode was one emotionally intense ride. Some things we might have suspected come to the forefront other things might have been unexpected but so informative about the character. This also solidified my interest in the revenge club and I really want them to succeed in all their ventures. The little family has been created and not a moment too soon!

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Buamdong Revenge Social Club Episode 3

I wish I had the audacity to make a revenge club with a pair of strangers who are actually kind and loving people and who can become like my sisters in almost no-time flat. Unfortunately this only happens in dramaland. In real life I might end up murdered. Continue reading

Buamdong Revenge Social Club Episode 2

This episode was pretty awesome at getting the ladies’ revenge story going and bringing them together to form a pretty promising sisterhood. Ra Mi Ran is killing it out of the park and her character is my favourite to date. She is such an every woman who has seen her share of hardship but has kept strong and continued to work hard for her family.
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Recap: Buam-dong Revenge Social Club Episode 1

I’m back, I didn’t die. Let’s dive into the great story that Buamdong Revenge Social Club has to tell us.

The first episode of this drama was all set up and let’s get to know our characters, which is understandable. What is INCREDIBLE is the way it did so that made it so easy to fall into the story and be whole-heartedly on our ahjumma avengers’ side.


We start the day with a chase.  Some poor secretary is chasing a kid he keeps calling young master. Said young master jumps into a fishing boat and sails away from his pursuer with a smile on his face.  Continue reading

49 Days- Summary & Review

49 Days… My eyes have cried

This year has been blessed with a good batch of dramas, writers have their thinking caps on and have come up with new stories to tell us. The most recent of these is 49 Days. I know, everybody is still reeling from the rollercoaster ride that it has taken our feelings on, however it was done wonderfully well.

First to understand some of the beliefs behind this story I researched about Buddhism and their beliefs on death. Oh I had a vague idea of it but now I can see why this story went the way it did. There are many deviations from the traditional views but overall it kept true to it’s spirit. Read More