In Time With You- Episode 13 *Finale* Recap

In Time With You

Episode 13 *FINALE*

The ending was great, though the journey towards that has been rocky. There were moments when the story lagged, and I wished the director had cut off some of the inecessary angsting moments, sometimes you don’t need more than a minute of a person crying you know? And I wish that there had been a little more conflict besides their own stubbornness and fear. However, I do concede that because it was their feelings and their own weaknesses and not some grand scheme that kept them apart the story did make me feel for them, especially for Da Ren. Da Ren, I’m going to be praying to God that I find someone mostly like you^^ though I hope not as timid! Continue reading


In Time With You- Episode 12 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 12


I wish that we had cut down some of the earlier episodes angsting down, since things didn’t change much between Da Ren and You Qing. Instead of all the angsting think about how fun it would have been had Ping An and Da Ren had seriously plotted together to make their respective BFFs jealous. Ping An would have been actually a better rival against You Qing than Maggie because in a way she’s diametrically You Qing’s opposite.

She would have played the part of Da Ren’s  supporting character, and let him take the spotlight. In fact she already does that by just walking behind Da Ren while he’s thinking and then just standing there and really LISTENING to him. Yeah definitely could have been a character that would have caused You Qing a good bit of jealousy while actually being a person that is quite compatible to Da Ren. Continue reading

In Time With You- Episode 10 Recap

I need to see this face more often!

In time with you

Episode 10


Dramas are a wondrous thing, they make you fall in love and hate some character only to fiddle with those emotions and sometimes make you eat your tongue. In this episode, I began to find someone cute who I completely hated for the fact that she existed, I could find only wrong with her. Now I’m not so sure.

ITWY has become the Moping/Brooding drama of the year, I think that there’s not one episode without Da Ren or You Qing doing one or both of these things. However if they can just get on with it, I’ll forgive them everything… Continue reading

In Time With You- Episode 9 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 9


I hate the distance that’s been growing between our friends because someone ::cough:: Da Ren ::cough:: is too timid to confess and the other one is too obtuse to notice. I think that top picture demonstrates my feelings about how they are right now perfectly: They’re all divided by the black that are the secrets they keep from each other. People, just come clean~

I wonder if the director suddenly became sadistic and wanted me to dislike everything that I loved about Da Ren in the beginning. However that is not to say that I dislike him, it’s just I want him to become more aggressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how many times I’ve said that already, but I really mean it!. Continue reading

In Time With You – Episode 8 Recap

In Time With You

Episode 8


So many missed opportunities for one person are  another person’s golden opportunities and so it is between Da Ren and Ding Li Wei. Da Ren hasn’t been able to make use of his time with You Qing but Li Wei with the little time he’s had since coming back he’s taken each opportunity to try and claim her affection.

If it’s love or not, if it’ll last or not, those are things that are not easy to determine if it’s even possible, there are so many gray areas in life that it becomes hard to determine it’s different shades.

Hoping that we’ll get to choose between black and white is futile, all we’ll get is choices of gray, is it more black than white or more white than black? that’s what we have to determine for ourselves. You Qing has a dilemma like this in this story. Should she choose Ding Li Wei who is open with his feelings though he has a temper to match her own, should she choose Da Ren who thinks about her feelings over his own and is often too lily livered to actually confess? Continue reading