Monday Music Madness- Week 12

Week 12

New Discoveries

I love going on a Youtube trip, clicking on side videos that lead you to other videos, that lead you to yet other videos, that are sometimes great, and most time the god-awfullest things you’ll ever see. However on a sort of recent trip I went on I found myself quite a few gems…. And I’d like to share some of them with you! Continue reading


Monday Music Madness- Week 11

Week 11: Medley Night

Today it’s Medley night! this are all the songs that have this past  few weeks helped me through the days^^ 

Not all of them were  K-pop songs surprisingly! hehe… Actually I’ve been on a BOSS (Bruce Springsteen) gorging fest because of my dad’s gifting me his concert tickets!! I’m so excited to be going to his concert in April! I’ve loved him for longer than I can remember, I ruined many of my dad’s cassettes & CDs as a kid with how much I listened to them 😛 God I loved Clarence Clemens, The Big Man ruled the Sax… R.I.P.

I’m choosing my top 7 from my week- the number it’s in doesn’t denote quality!: Continue reading

Poll Time! Help me decide^^

So I’m having a hard time deciding who I want to cover for Monday Music Madness for Week 4. I have Week 2 &3  covered.

For Week 4 I’m thinking Rock! but I want to start whittling down the choices and hopefully with your help I will. so vote away!