Music Highlight- E2RE

E2RE is a rookie group, that recently released an MV starring my favourite oppa/ahjusshi Lee Sun-Kyun A.K.A The Voice and the actress Oh Yeon Seo who I’ve only recently come to know through her ongoing work as MBLAQ Lee Joon’s scary wifey.

the song’s official translation title is Deep Night Sad Song which in English just sounds to me like a whole bunch of words strung together to sound meaningful, but the song is actually quite good.  Continue reading


Music Highlight: UV

Ok so I knew I liked comedian Yoo Se Yun BUT DANG I LOVE him now. He is part of a band called UV together with Muzie who started out as a producer for several hip hop groups and has now released his own album (with an 80s feel – it’s actually very good).  They actually have a few other songs that are hilarious and actually musically solid and fun.  Continue reading

Monday Music Madness- Week 1

Michael Jackson dancing with the living dead.

Because I hate Mondays the most in the world! Seriously why were they created?

In honor of Halloween, let’s go back to an old but awesome song. Of course I’m talking about Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. I’m happy to start this section with such a well made video, it’s something I wish K-pop would start to do. Seriously. I love Suju but their videos are pretty much the same, I wish SM would invest more in them, but that’s not here or there I guess. Continue reading