Rainbow Romance Episode 3

Rainbow Romance ep 3

And the Bromance between Minki and Kibum continues! And Omo! They even end up in bed together! Read More


Rainbow Romance Ep2

Rainbow Romance Episode 2

Guest Cast

HaHa Park Myung Soo


This episode is all about the Min/Bum Bromance. Seriously. Turns out our Mature boy (Minki) and Youngun’ (Kibum) were school friends. Wow. They have a HIS-STORY… Read More

Rainbow Romance/Non-Stop 6

Rainbow Romance

Cast of Episode 1:

Lim Eun Kyung
Kang Eun Bi

Suh Jae Kyung
Kim Hee Chul
Jung Ui Chul
Kim Ki Bum
Lee Min Ki
Noh Hong Chul
Park Hee Jin
Kim Chang Wan
Guest: Park Soo Jin

This sitcom is sooo long, but I’ve only found seven episodes online . I’ll give it a try just it has three of my favourite boys in it and they look so young! (Can you guess who they are?)   Continue reading