You make this world a better place “ear after ear”

So I think I’ve been called Grinch once or twice this year, mostly because I run away from the christmas songs… Everywhere I go, it’s all I hear! Ever since the first of November. And I swore I wouldn’t listen to any christmas songs voluntarily, however how can SMent do this to me????? yeah, you guessed it, SUJU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok so the english is faily i.e.  year becomes ear, world is now worl, yet I find their engrish cute (it’s the fangirl in me)… aaah… and the song is cute and jingly and oooh so much fluff flying around…

lol oh Hyukie, you’re too cute “ear after ear” indeed… And I’m so happy that they included Zhoumi & Henry this time around. Yay for a mostly united SJ…


New WGM couple- Secret or Not?

According to this teaser, it’s a mystery, who could it be? I don’t think it’s so secret since info tends to be leaked out ahead of time… so unless they’ve decided to change it suddenly I think it’s not a secret.

About a week ago it was said that Lee Teuk will be doing WGM which makes me wonder if he’ll be using an illegal Time Turner to get to do all this work. 

Star King

Strong Heart


Super Junior Promotions which often include interviews, music programs, variety shows, concerts, etc 

Hello Baby! 

– and now- We Got Married! 

Seriously, when does this busy busy man get time to sleep? 


It’s definitely Kang Sora and Eeteuk^^