Fondant Garden: Episode 1 & 2 Recap

Fondant Garden

Episode 1 & 2


I had no idea that Park Jungmin had decided to do a drama in Taiwan, so I gave it a try when I saw information about it, and it has made me giggle so much! I’m glad I decided to watch it. However I’m also worried about where it’s going on the whole “business and inheritance” issue but I’m liking the romantic side of this show. It’s fun and it’s a breezy watch! Continue reading


1983 & 1987

I like hot guys, I confess. I’m sorry but I will definitely continue to drool over handsome men, and so that’s what I was doing when I noticed something interesting. I was looking up info on my favourite actors and singers and I noticed that 1983 & 1987 are the popular years for me… so does that mean that I have this propensity to be attracted to men born in those two years, or are men born in those years are just that great? Judge for yourself Continue reading