Random Post Friday: The importance of -hyung..

So we’ve all heard how important it is to keep age-order when guys relate to each other… but sometimes things happen that make for funny stories..

possibly my favourite “disrespectful” maknae occurance, kekeke



Ok! this week’s episode has been good – great, but I’m still thinking about everything’s that happened and the promise of what will happen… I think I’m beginning to hate spoilers >_< because it makes me so impatient for Sunday and it’s only Tuesday right now~!

History is making me go nuts^^

As if I don’t have enough going on in my life what with Med-school,recapping ITWY and trying to have a life besides the one on my computer, I made the mistake (a very good one, mind you) of watching Tree with Deep Roots.

Of course I don’t know much about the historical landscape behind this story. All I know is that Joongki’s character- King Sejong, was the one who established the Hall of Worthies and with the scholars in this group established the Korean writing system that is in use today- Hangul.

So because of this I have gone on a history crazy binge and I’ve started researching more about early Joseon history. It’s a lot to cover, but it’s soooo interesting. I love history and most of all I love learning about the different social customs of the era, it’s always been one of my passions (which is probably why one of my majors was in Anthropology during my undergrad days). So I was thinking that perhaps one of the feature posts in this blog in the future will be related to what I find interesting and want to share on Joseon history.

Also though I will not do full recaps of Tree with Deep Roots, I’ll share parts that I find touching, important or impressive.

Pretty guys vs. Manly Guys

First of all I have to confess that this topic kind of got it’s start as I was reading and of course commenting on a Dramabeans post about Kimi wa Petto‘s K-movie incarnation You’re my pet. There was a commenter that mentioned how Jang Geun Seok appears to have an “inverse manliness” and is more girly than his sister with two kids, so much so that it makes him wonder about the girls  who find him attractive. He seems to be implying that we’re not heterosexual… I agreed with another commenter who responded to him saying that there are plenty of “straight” girls out there that find feminine looking guys attractive.

I tried to put my thoughts to words, but I’m not sure if I made myself clear on a point I tried to get accross, which was that I love a “manly” attitude more than “manly” looks, which I think was  also a misnomer on my part. it’s not necessarily “manly” per se,  because a woman can have those qualities too,  the five basic qualities to my interpretation of “manliness” are:

1) Knows what he/she wants.

2) Goes for it no matter what.

3) Is considerate and loyal to friends.

4) Knows that he/she isn’t perfect and works to improve

5) Are not easily butt hurt over offhand comments that weren’t meant to hurt– (I can’t stand easily offended people and I’ve met “beastly” men who look like they could slay a dragon, and are easily slayed themselves by a comment)

Anyways that was a long intro  just to say that I prefer “beautiful” men and not “rugged men.” and that manliness as I wish to interpret it has nothing to do with those looks. I do appreciate “rugged” men but I’m not attracted to them… I think that’s why my list of crushes includes people like, Heechul, Jang Geun Seok, Song Joong Ki, Hyun Bin, and Jung Ilwoo over, say actors like Cha Seung Won.

however that doesn’t mean  I can’t ever crush on a ‘rugged’ looking man, because if he has the qualities I see as manly, and attractive, why not?

what are your preferences? why?


1983 & 1987

I like hot guys, I confess. I’m sorry but I will definitely continue to drool over handsome men, and so that’s what I was doing when I noticed something interesting. I was looking up info on my favourite actors and singers and I noticed that 1983 & 1987 are the popular years for me… so does that mean that I have this propensity to be attracted to men born in those two years, or are men born in those years are just that great? Judge for yourself Continue reading