Review: Wonderful Radio

Wonderful Radio Review

Wonderful Radio

a.k.a Love On-Air


Cast:Lee Min-jeong, Lee Jung-jin, Kwang Soo and Kim Jung-tae


Just coming out of a coma after watching the makjang scream fest that was 100 Years Inheritance, I decided I needed to wash my palate and see Jung Jin in something that was  less frustrating. Thus I took up this movie. Continue reading


Movie Review: Architecture 101

Movie Review

Architecture 101

First off, if you’re looking for a romantic comedy, this movie won’t satisfy. However if you’re up for a sweet nostalgic melo romance, this movie definitely delivers.

This movie stars Uhm Tae Woong (Equator Man)  as the mid-30s Seungmin and Lee Je Hoon (Fashion King) as his younger version. The protagonist yang Seo Yeon is played by Han Ga In (The Moon that Embraces the Son) with her younger version played by Miss A’s Bae Suzy (Dream High). Continue reading

The Way Home – Movie Review

The Way Home

Rambling Review

I have a developed a tendency to buy Korean movies that make it all the way to my side of the world as soon as I find them. This is not something that common, In fact the movies we do get here are usually more than 5 years old. Mexico hasn’t developed a strong enough fan base to make this a normal occurence, however slowly but surely my collection grows. And this one has finally made it into my greedy hands.

The Way Home. I hadn’t heard of it. but as soon as I saw the cover:  Continue reading

Taisetsu na Kotowa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta- Movie Review

Taisetsu na Kotowa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta

I learned the Important things from You

Main Cast:

Shuji- Hamura Miura

Natsumi- Toda Erika

Hikari- Emi Takei

The Basic Plot:

A high school biology professor wakes up one day with no memory of the night before and is completely surprised with the presence of a young woman in his bed. He doesn’t remember having done anything with her, but he also doesn’t remember not doing it, so he says he remembers that night and goes to school perplexed by the situation.

At school he sees his pretty fiancée that he loves very much and tries to forget the incident of the morning, except that he can’t for very long. As it turns out the woman was actually a high school girl in his new home room class. When she finds out that he’s happily engaged to another teacher she changes her personality and becomes bent on breaking apart the relationship. However the relationship isn’t the only thing that ends up being broken, also Shuji’s life as a teacher comes to an end. Continue reading

49 Days- Summary & Review

49 Days… My eyes have cried

This year has been blessed with a good batch of dramas, writers have their thinking caps on and have come up with new stories to tell us. The most recent of these is 49 Days. I know, everybody is still reeling from the rollercoaster ride that it has taken our feelings on, however it was done wonderfully well.

First to understand some of the beliefs behind this story I researched about Buddhism and their beliefs on death. Oh I had a vague idea of it but now I can see why this story went the way it did. There are many deviations from the traditional views but overall it kept true to it’s spirit. Read More

Rainbow Romance/Non-Stop 6

Rainbow Romance

Cast of Episode 1:

Lim Eun Kyung
Kang Eun Bi

Suh Jae Kyung
Kim Hee Chul
Jung Ui Chul
Kim Ki Bum
Lee Min Ki
Noh Hong Chul
Park Hee Jin
Kim Chang Wan
Guest: Park Soo Jin

This sitcom is sooo long, but I’ve only found seven episodes online . I’ll give it a try just it has three of my favourite boys in it and they look so young! (Can you guess who they are?)   Continue reading

Finding Mr. Destiny/ Looking for Kim Jong Wook

Finding Mr. Destiny 


Gong Yoo- Gi Joon

Im Soo Jung – Ji Woo

Cheon Ho Jin – Ji Woo’s father-Colonel Seo Joon

Seo Kyeon- Musical actress Seo Kyeon

Ryu Seong Soo –  Gi Joon’s Brother -in- law



This movie was quite an interesting look into that S. Korean ideal that is the epic FIRST LOVE.  
First love is an interesting, idealized subject and it’s a recurring theme in the K-drama universe. There was even a 66 episode drama running from 1996-1997 on KBS2 with that name “First Love”, featuring the much loved Hallyu star Bae Yong Joon (I’m not a great fan of him though, he seems way too stiff to me).
As an American I don’t always get what the importance of the first love is in the dramas I’ve watched, and often I end up thinking it’s silly to pine for a love that has finished and gone (Maybe I’m not romantic enough, despite my hot blooded latino-ness – lol). 
Finding Mr. Destiny redefines the idea of first love and fated love a bit, as you’ll see at the end.
Our characters are as different as night and day to each other at the beginning, one’s a neat freak and the other’s kind of a slob in her appearance. Their jobs can’t be anymore different, and they don’t seem to be people that would ever cross paths with each other under normal circumstances, but be it fate, coincidence or freak accident they do and they certainly do not click right away.  Keep Reading