Tree With Deep Roots – Ep 3 Recap

A/N: I almost gave up, this post hasn’t wanted to get written- It got deleted when I was more than two thirds done, but here it is a bajillion years later…

What I like about this episode is that though we get some answers-we get even more questions! yay for not divulging everything right away- though surprisingly this being a sageuk and all – I found myself laughing?! Of course not the Lee Do parts… the parts with Ddol Bok in it…  Continue reading


Tree With Deep Roots – Rambly Recap #2

Tree with deep roots

I guess this has turned into some kind of rambly recap of sorts… oh well, I hope you all don’t mind^^. It’s just so awesome! And I never tire of looking at Song Joongki.

There are so many things to talk about in this second episode, but i think that the most relevant one is the idea of power. What does it mean to be a powerful king? Who will wield it from this momoent on?

Power, who has it and who is willing to go all out to keep it. Continue reading

Tree With Deep Roots – Rambles #1

Tree With Deep Roots


There are so many great scenes in Tree with Deep Roots.  It’s incredibly awesome, and visually it’s a joy to watch. I love the fact that though there’s a lot of close-ups there’s also a lot of background to be seen that helps us ground our characters in an era, what status they are and where they are.

There are many things that I’m dying to know, and hope that they will be satisfactorily explained, exposed throughout the drama’s run.

WARNING: Before going into what I’d like to discuss of the drama, I have to warn you that there will be spoilers if you haven’t seen at the first episode. Though this is not a full recap, or even a sort-of recap at all, I will be mentioning some of the things that happen. Continue reading