Discuss: WGM 2- Heechul + Puff <3

WGM Season 2:

Heechul +Puff couple!

I know nobody really cares who my biases are in the K-pop world are but I’ll shout it loud and clear: HEECHUL OPPA!!!

So I’ve been his fan since November 2005 when he debuted with SuJu (though I love SuJu he’s the #1) Therefore I’m soo glad that he gets to have a gf even if it’s make believe, I was getting worried that he’d only go out with his Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Pillow Doll. I know he probably has had a few relationships but they most probably didn’t last long because SuJu member’s girlfriends or suspected girlfriends get so much hassle. Continue reading


Skip Beat! *longer preview*

Skip Beat Trailer that aired after ITWY’s Finale.


ok now that I got that out of my system, I can now gush! ok. So how great is it that they’re actually including the little demon Kyokos? hehehe… So looking forward to this! This manga has been my crack for a long time so I’m hoping that it’s fun and well-made, and if they’ve made changes I hope that they’re not incongruent with the world created in the Manga. Yay!!!

also OMG I’m so looking forward to Siwon and Donghae’s performance! This doesn’t mean that I’ll watch anything through just because they’re in it. Siwon has since filming Extravagant Challenge come out with Poseidon, which I didn’t like… I quit after the fifth/sixth episode… I hope this one is much more enjoyable. and Donghae, I didn’t watch Daddy’s Girl after the second episode… sorry… it just didn’t pull me.  But I’m definitely looking forward to this. It has a storyline I’m familiar with AND it has the eyecandy… hehehehe…

NEW: 20 Min preview!!