Review: Wonderful Radio

Wonderful Radio Review

Wonderful Radio

a.k.a Love On-Air


Cast:Lee Min-jeong, Lee Jung-jin, Kwang Soo and Kim Jung-tae


Just coming out of a coma after watching the makjang scream fest that was 100 Years Inheritance, I decided I needed to wash my palate and see Jung Jin in something that was  less frustrating. Thus I took up this movie. Continue reading


1983 & 1987

I like hot guys, I confess. I’m sorry but I will definitely continue to drool over handsome men, and so that’s what I was doing when I noticed something interesting. I was looking up info on my favourite actors and singers and I noticed that 1983 & 1987 are the popular years for me… so does that mean that I have this propensity to be attracted to men born in those two years, or are men born in those years are just that great? Judge for yourself Continue reading


Hee Chul enlists September 1st

aah, I know every male below the age of 30 enlists for the army and it’s something that is instilled with honor so I shouldn’t be wishing that Hee Chul not go. But I can’t help it. I don’t want him to enlist, it’ll be two years without him. I can’t believe it’s already time. I thought we would have him until the end of the year.

But at least he’ll be doing activities that are within his abilities. Because of the metal rods that he had in his legs, and the fact that they’ll never be as strong as they were before the break he’ll be working as  part of the Public Service Personnel.  Since he is a celebrity he’ll have to find ways to hide his identity and go about his duties with out hassle, however I don’t doubt that the fangirls will find ways to post pictures of him as he goes about his duties.