Buamdong Revenge Social Club Episode 4

This episode was one emotionally intense ride. Some things we might have suspected come to the forefront other things might have been unexpected but so informative about the character. This also solidified my interest in the revenge club and I really want them to succeed in all their ventures. The little family has been created and not a moment too soon!

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OST HIGHLIGHT: Henry – It’s You – While You Were Sleeping

This week’s episodes of While You Were Sleeping really hit me in the gut, and makes me fear for the eventual safety of one of my favourite characters: uri batman cop Woo Tak. I want my three flying dragons to stay safe and say goodbye to us in one piece at the end!! But I have developed a real fear of caring for side character from this drama writer – she ends up killing people I fall in love with!

Anywho- I just wanted put a highlight on this week’s standout song from the drama: It’s You sung by SJ-M’s Henry Lau. I’ve got admit that I am a sucker for slow buildup in songs and that it starts with my favourite instrument – the piano- is a bonus.  The melody carried by Henry’s voice and harmonized with the piano is beautiful and then the build up with the drums..gah I start to swoon.

I am loving Henry’s voice. I admit my love for all of my SuJu oppas (only dongsaeng are Kyu and Henry but because they’re handsome they’re oppas) and I love their rather unique voice colours, but I never really paid much attention to Henry’s voice. (sorry!) Henry, while a cutie pie, I loved more for his violin instrumentals in his songs and his rather 4D personality in variety shows but not specifically for his voice. However, this song really made me appreciate that he has a rather nice expressive and warm voice, that is actually  quite good at evoking emotion.

Yay Henry!

Buamdong Revenge Social Club Episode 2

This episode was pretty awesome at getting the ladies’ revenge story going and bringing them together to form a pretty promising sisterhood. Ra Mi Ran is killing it out of the park and her character is my favourite to date. She is such an every woman who has seen her share of hardship but has kept strong and continued to work hard for her family.
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Recap: Buam-dong Revenge Social Club Episode 1

I’m back, I didn’t die. Let’s dive into the great story that Buamdong Revenge Social Club has to tell us.

The first episode of this drama was all set up and let’s get to know our characters, which is understandable. What is INCREDIBLE is the way it did so that made it so easy to fall into the story and be whole-heartedly on our ahjumma avengers’ side.


We start the day with a chase.  Some poor secretary is chasing a kid he keeps calling young master. Said young master jumps into a fishing boat and sails away from his pursuer with a smile on his face.  Continue reading

Discuss: WGM 2- Heechul + Puff <3

WGM Season 2:

Heechul +Puff couple!

I know nobody really cares who my biases are in the K-pop world are but I’ll shout it loud and clear: HEECHUL OPPA!!!

So I’ve been his fan since November 2005 when he debuted with SuJu (though I love SuJu he’s the #1) Therefore I’m soo glad that he gets to have a gf even if it’s make believe, I was getting worried that he’d only go out with his Neon Genesis Evangelion Asuka Pillow Doll. I know he probably has had a few relationships but they most probably didn’t last long because SuJu member’s girlfriends or suspected girlfriends get so much hassle. Continue reading

Super Junior – Black Suit


We’ve been teased about this awesome number through our boy’s vlive and now we’ve got it to watch!

Can I say that I am happy that our boys are out of the usual white box with lights and have actual sets!! And it’s great to see that a song that’s fun and funky actually have a fun and funky MV and that we can see our boys having fun with it 🙂

The idea of an auction is hilarious. I would never have thought of that storyboard for this song. But then again they’ve surprised me by their bizarrely fun MVs like the one for Mamacita, so I should be used to their playful antics, but it’s always a great surprise.

I am definitely looking forward towards all their promotional activity!

I am in love with the MV and song even though I miss the members in the army and the member (my raccoon Kangin) that has made wrong choices in driving under the influence… I understand why they are missing from this album. BUT I am most angry that they decided to leave Sungmin out because he got married and some butt-hurt fans campaigned against him. He doesn’t have to tell us about every single girlfriend, and he’d already said waaaay before that he was the type to keep those things out of the public eye. So butt hurt fans should get over it. Sorry. I had to get that out there.


A note on the Siwon dog-bite scandal.

It’s been hounding (pun intended) Si Won the fact that a french bull dog that his family owned bit a neighbour, and that same neighbour ended up dying several days later.

Dog bites aren’t something you can predict, something triggers a dog that was previously calm into attack mode, sometimes it’s obviously provoked at other times it’s difficult to decipher. I don’t have information on how many dog bites occur in Korea but the WHO reports that in the US there are about 4.5 million incidents of dog bites and only  885 000 seek medical care and about 10-20 fatalities occur every year. Living and working as a general doctor in a rural town in Mexico I can tell you that I see about 4 bites a week and about 7-8 in high mating season and as of yet I’ve had no fatalities in my little town because of communication- we have campaigns on what to do when a dog bites you and they know that my roommate and I are at the clinic basically 24/7 and they can knock on our door at whatever time for medical attention.

What I also want to emphasize is that even with so many bites from random dogs in the town, the townspeople don’t make the owners kill the dog. They accept that something random triggered the bite and move on. What they are most preoccupied is NOT having the dog put down, what they are preoccupied about is getting medical treatment.

Because we do have a lot of animal bite patients in our little towns, we’ve been taught and trained on how to treat avariety of  bites. We’ve been taught about the dangers of sepsis, about the bacteria that colonize the mouths of domestic animals, about the many factors that come into play in fighting off an infection. And most important of all is that all bites are sites of bacterial contamination so we are obligated to give prophylactic antibiotics because we cannot be sure of how competent the patient’s immune system is.

We do try to remember that the patient, as ‘Dr. House” always said: always lie. Maybe not on purpose, but they might forget to mention important conditions like asplenia, among other immune compromising conditions such as diabetes, cirrhosis, thymus disease, autoimmune diseases, HIV/AIDS, if they are using immunosuppresing agents such as systemic corticosteroids, azathioprine, and others also used in preventing transplant rejection, or in various cancer treatments. Then it must be taken into account that factors such as stress levels, age, how well nourished the person is, also have impact on the immune system, so we just never really know how any one person will react to infections.

By how fast everything happened I suspect that the lady might have had the bad luck that the wound was infected with Capnocytophaga canimorsus which has been associated to a variety of clinical conditions such as septicemia, purpura fulminans, peripheral gangrene, endocarditis, and meningitis following dog bites. Although fulminant infections  with Capnocytophaga canimorsus  are more likely  to occur to immunocompromised patients this type of infection and its complications after a dog bite have been reported for immunocompetent patients.

The Choi family did NOT sic their dog on the neighbour. If it was Capnocytophaga canimorsus that caused the tragedy it wasn’t something that they could control either. That bacteria can be present even in the healthiest of dogs.  The only thing they can be held responsible for is not keeping their door shut. They did NOT kill the lady so nobody should point their fingers at them as if they were murderers.

So TL;DR it was a complete accident that unfortunately ended in tragedy because of many possible reasons. Stop hating and start letting the grieving family deal with it in the manner they deem fit.

Drama Rambles: Heaven’s Garden (2011-2012)



This drama that finished airing in march 2012 came as a surprise to me. The basic plot of this story is that Jung Jae In (Yoo Ho Jung) brings her daughters Eun Soo (Kim Sae Ron) and Hyun Soo (Ahn Seo Hyun) to live at her estranged father Boo Sik’s (Choi Bool Am) home in a mountain village in Kangwon Province just as a temporary measure while she tries to sort out her previously succesful husband who’s in jail, and the fact that her marriage is falling apart at the seams. It wasn’t a move that was meant to last.  Continue reading